Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gerald's Parents, My In-Laws

Backdated post

I have wanted to scrap on this but mental block until today. Gerald's parents were in KL for just 2 nights before flying to Australia for some holidays & reunion. Mummy & Daddy * that's how I call them ;) * reached KL on 26.04.07 night and after they arrived @ LCCT, me & Tina (SIL) went over to KLIA to meet Alan (big BIL) that just came back from Australia & was transiting to KK.

So, we had a reunion @ Burger Kings till 1.30am before we head back to KL with Mummy & Daddy while Alan waited for his flight at 4.3oam.

On the 2nd day ( 27.04.07 ), we went to 1U for some shopping and on 28th, they have to leave for Melbourne.
Something funny happened on the 27th night to my Daddy. He nap for awhile and woke up at 7.30pm. He saw the sky so bright and with my Mummy asking him some questions, he got mixed up with the date. He thought that it was already the next day, 28th and he got so worried on missing the flight. This is because in Kota Kinabalu, by 6pm, the sky is already dark and 7.30am, the sky is as bright as our 7.30pm sky. So, that was the laugh of the day *LOL*

The photo belows were taken @ KLIA during their check in to Melbourne flight on 28.04.07.

Please click here for credits.

Note: Their trip ended today (22. May. 07) and now they are back in KK.


gerald said...

they look so happy... tried to call today, but no one was home to pick up. will try tomorrow...

mom2ashley said...

they look very young too!