Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Suprise

Guess what will happen to the baby in the womb who love exercisng too much?

The answer is, broke her waterbag and need to come out to this world..... He he he he!

This is what happened to Bee Li's baby girl. Her due date is 28/11/05 and she gave Mommy a shock on Sunday morning. Very naughty indeed, that little monkey girl coz Daddy just went to China for business trip with her Grandad.

So, I received Bee Li's sms that she is in labour now at 8am. Wah, I really shock and quickly call her up to 8. Found out that she her water gushing out bit by bit and have to wait for few more hours coz bot big enuf to deliver. But ended up, another shock to her, kena Caesarean coz water left bag vy little and still need to wait for a long time.So, Mommy vy scared ler, Daddy not there.

Went to visit her at 4.30pm and manage to be the first few people to look at her baby girl. Very small coz only 8 months old, only 2.15kg. Looks more like daddy with dark skin, and lot's of hair also. As for Bee Li, she really no energy liao but Baby and mother both very healthy. As for Daddy, vy kang cheong in China.