Thursday, May 31, 2007

Farewell to Mary-Joe

Farewell to Joe, for he's leaving my team to be based in Hamburg for a short period of time. He will be flying off now and I must say, his presence in the team is really great.....

We had a farewell dinner last night at Pizza Uno, Bdr Puteri Puchong. It's really a nice place for dining. Their food is great & they served alot of imporeted beers & juices. We had pizzas (thin crust), pastas, garlic bread, meat, fish & desserts (not the typical type). Not to be left out were the drinks. I had Alfagato, Sangria & in the orders were also Victoria Bitter, Hoegarden & Alfagato with liquoer.

And this is the 3rd time I didn't bring my camera out *Slap head* but managed to capture some with Jaspreet's camera. Will get from here and will post some shots of last nite scenes.

Oh, not to forget to mentioned, I thought that the nite is still young coz the sky still bright. But I was tricked coz wat I thought was natural day light was the lighting from all the shops. By the time Manpreet told me it's already 9pm, I was so shocked *LOL*.

PPP : Planning a holiday

This is a sponsered post

I have been planning on holidays way ahead of time just to get cheap air tickets and also because we can schedule Gerald's home trip back from Doha. It's not easy to plan a future trip and it involces alot of checkings and comparing for prices and availabilty of a date (especially if it's during festive seasons like Christmas & Chinese New Years).
For instance, I planned for our Christmas trip to Singapore and just 2 months before that, we got to know that Gerald is going to be based in Doha till the end of the airport terminal project. So, all the efforts of booking & calling up friends in Singapore went down the drains. So, imagine if I were to plan a further destination, my face & mood will be all black by then.

Anyway, I found this site that will makes any holiday planning easier especially in getting Cheap Hotels because that's the main concern for every traveller, right? We do not want to waste all our money in staying in an over rated hotels and not be able to get around for sight seeing due to poor planning as well.

Hotel Reservations provide a 1 stop web click and you can choose you favourite tour anywhere in the world, such as London, Asia countries, New York and you name it, they got it (not those small countryside, ok... ). This site is so easy to use, just a click here and there (where you provide your dates of travel & destinations) , wait for a few seconds (yeah, it's that fast.... I tried it just now) and voila.... a few choices are shown in front of your eyes with the rates as well. Gone are the trip to travel agency and time consuming for the old days. The best part for the site is, it's available for any people in any part of the world (as long as you got internet access *LOL*)

1 day to go & 1 week to countdown

Wah... I can't wait for tomolo. Gerald will be back and we will celebrate our Anniversary in 1 week time as show on the ticker above.

I have no more mood to work but must stop dreaming now and go abck to work..... Earth calling to Cheryl...... you're wanted here....... *LOL*

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

British American Tobacco Diversity Cookout Session

How stupid can I be? Of all days, I forgot to bring my camera to work today & this is the day that I am waiting for to snap off all the lovely foods from different countries that were prepared by chef non others than BAT colleagues....

This is the Diversity Cookout day.... & I forgot to bring the camera *Slap head*

Basically, BAT launched the Diversity programme where by, they promote hanging around with different people in the office or during our lunch time. What's better to kick out this event than luring all the great chef in BAT to show us their countries cuisine *Drooling* and I must say, I love all those foods very much until I tapau Adam's (Poland) soups - 3 different kind of soups that taste fantastic. Not to forget to mentioned is the lovely finger foods from Ailton (Latin America) and many more...

I must hunt down the photos and blog a more detail post later .......

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday My Dearest Hubby

I dedicate this day to my dearest hubby, Gerald for it is his Birthday today.

For my hubby:

Here's a little birthday card that I created for you, a card that you can keep in your laptop & your Palm..... on this special day, you still got wishes from me inKL... Just a few more days, we can be together again (^-^)

Please click here for layouts & credits

Getting you a present that is not too expensive is really hard since all the stuff on your wish list are too expensive for me to get. In the end, I bought you this birthday gift, a gift that is very practical for you & you sure will use it.

So..... here's your birthday gift, my dear hubby .... a gift that you can open now but only get it when you're back in KL *LOL*....

Please click here for layouts & credits

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you again .... Love you always

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tiring Saturday

I had an all girls day out again.... as usual coz Gerald not here & what's better to do than go find friends and shop.... But today's event is not shopping but more to eating & also buy the tickets for our holiday in Singapore....

Yup.. me, Jazzmint & Faythe are going to singapore to visit Woan Jiun in June... can't wait for that to come... It's been a long time since we get together like this....

So, I went to meet her at 11am and then we head off to 1U for our lunch @ TGIF. Lucky we order 1 set meal plus 1 main course, the dishes are too generous until we can't finish... Click here to see the scrumptious lunch we had that was written & scrapped nicely by Jazzmint. I did manage to capture some photos but quality is not very good due to poor lighting and pixel set wrongly ....

After the lunch, we set off to shop. I need to get the Buds lotion for baby 'Summer' & some window shopping. And we had a little fashion show by Faythe at the XOXO shop... she really is so cute & very 'playfull' with the mirror.... Jazz manage to captured the mini model and posted up at her site....

By then, I totally forgotten the whole mission of the day until Jazz mentioned it just in time before we head back around 3 something.... So, we made our way to the Aeroline counter to purchase our ticket to Singapore.... Mission accomplished !!!

I was so tired after that and slept for 1 hour plus after I got home *LOL* It's really an eventful day.... and Sunday will be a day for me to scrapbook & digitally wrap my hubby's present *giggle* can't wait till tomolo to show Gerald....

And here's a little scrap for Faythe & Jazz

Click here for layout & credits

Saturday, May 26, 2007

TAG : My favourite flower

After getting tagged by friends, I thought of starting a tag as well. I just happened to saw my favourite flower on the net by chance, so, will do a tag on flowers. Let's talked about our favourite flowers & if possible, attached a photo of it.

Do continue to add ur own name & link and the person that tagged you to The Collections of Flowers at the end of the tag, so that we will have a library of flowers ;)
My favourite flowers would be tulips and I really wish that one day, I would be able to see a field of tulips. So, here's some facts on tulips to share with you all.

Photos from webshot

Origin of the flower:
It was brought to England in the 16th century from Middle East * most of us will think that it was from Holland *.

Origin of the name :
The name Tulips are associated with turbans. The Turkish word for gauze, with which turbans can be wrapped, seems to have been used for the flower because a fully opened tulip was thought to resemble a turban.

Meaning of Tulips :
Perfect lover, Fame, Love, Passion

Where it can be found:
Tulips only grow in cold climates country * that's why we can't see the flower in our tropical climate *

I would love to know your favourite flowers too:

The collection of flowers:

Cheryl - Tulips

*Note: You can check out the meaning of your favourite flower here

PPP : Black Diamond

This is a sponsered post

Diamonds are girls best friends and it's definately my very best friends as well ;) Diamonds are also the most precious stones on earth thanks to its rarerity and also it's the hardest stones as well. That's what makes diamonds the most precious stones. Diamonds comes in alot of color besides white and now, there's this new addition to the diamond families, the
black diamond.

Diamonds are very common in jewellery and especially in wedding. Every bride would have at least 1 piece of jewellery that have diamonds setting & especially
wedding rings. The reason why diamonds are so common in weddings because diamonds are forever and diamonds will glitter & shine. Diamonds also complement the wedding gown colors. Do check out this site that offers a variety of choices for wedding rings, pendants, studs and their newest collections of black diamond rings.

Black Diamonds are hot. Recently worn by many celebrities, Black Diamond Jewelry should be part of everyone's wardrobe. MySolitaire carries black diamond studs, black diamond earrings, black diamond engagement rings, and even black diamond rose cut jewelry. After visiting the site, I must say, the black diamonds are very unique and the prices or black diamonds are cheaper than diamonds. Hence, it makes a very good choice as accesories.

Secret on staying up

Since I got hooked up to PPP, I have been sleeping very late. And I found out recently that I really got very tired around 8.30pm. So, the best thing I did was, to sleep it off for now and wake up around 11pm when my hubby is back from work & also around that time, there're new Opps posted in PPP. So, that's my secret on staying up late to chat, scrap, blog & PPP hunting. Since I am not working on weekends, I will sleep until I got up naturally (^-^)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Busy like a bee

I thought today is going to be a relax day for me since it's Friday. But my work seems to pile up after lunch, thanks to meeting after meeting.

The 1st meeting is about recylcling and my team is going to initiate it for BAT. Since my team is mainly guys, we were expecting the turn up of guys to be quite alot ( only 4 girls )..... and we guess wrongly.... all girls turned up and none of the guys *slap head* . Since all girls, we chat like girls lar... & came out with lots of good ideas and I am going to help out on the designing part... Hope I can do it lar... so far, I only do for my own scrap :p

So, after that meeting, got anohter session for handover task and I just sit in to 8 only *LOL* ... Pheww.... a busy day & I ended up going back at 6.45pm to catch the last shuttle to get my car...

Can't wait for weekend now... Now set to grab PPP post & scrap.... & chat with Gerald *LOL*

Scrapping, blogging & PPP

I have been so busy yesterday & I think I have used my brain to the max. So, when I got home, I quickly shower so that I can go to dreamland at 8.30pm..... So that I can chat with my hubby at night.... but when I woke up at 11.30pm, saw his mail & he can't make it....

He went shopping with a colleague of his & they found a shop that sells antiques with reasonable price in Doha. If you are into old radio, telephones, cards & bottle from the 50s, you can let me know. Maybe can ask him help you buy (^-^)

I was supposed to scrap last night, but slept back at 1am *slap head*... So, I have to schedule Sunday for scrapping & also blogging & tonight, I must grab 3 PPP post for my soon to be holiday in June's allowance *LOL*.... Must rajin do PPP now ....

PPP : Way to go Direct!

This is a sponsered post

PPP is a cool & reliable blog marketing site for bloggers around the world to earn some serious money. And yesterday, they added this new feature called PPP Direct where you put in a value & advertisers can offers you an Opps to blog and there's no need to wait 30 days for it to be paid. Once they approved the blog, they will pay you directly (that's why it's called PPP Direct *LOL* )

Here is how it works:
First, go to the PPP site, and grab a badge. Then, you put in your minimum value for you Opps. Lastly, Put the badge into your site so that Advertisers can see the badge & if they like what you blog, they will offer you the Opps. Here, you can negotiate with the Advertisers & once all is agreed upon, you can start to blog about it. It's that simple & easy.

The difference between PPP Direct and other PPP Competitors are as below:
PPP Direct cuts out the massive overhead. Where competitors like ReviewMe charge 50-100% markup and keep up to half of our money, PPP Direct only charges a 10% fee, 5% of which goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing.

So, don't wait, qucikly go to register 1 if you haven't grab the Direct in your site. And you are not on PPP yet, quickly join PPP now.

Scrapbooking for families & friends

Hmmmm.... when come to scrapping photos for friends & families, I loves to do it... especially for my darling dear dear & also my vy close pals... But I must say, it's not easy to satisfied everyone...

So, I just want to let you all know this :
All the scraps I did is the best for every photo and no 2 scrap are alike due to inspirations at that moment and in my eyes, all the scrap also I love .... If I dun like, wat for I waste my energy scrapping and admiring it for such a long time *LOL*

Yah, I got this crazy self-work admiration .... I can sit there and admire my master piece and brag to people about it & most of the time, the victim is my youngest brother, Wen Wai (coz he is graphic designer mah *LOL*).

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Diamonds 'R' 4ever, so does Friendship

Although we are in the same school but never in the same class, yet we met through Woan Jiun. I am greatful & very happy that GOD has bestowed me with so many good friends that can share my good & bad times, giving me support when I needed. I hope our friendship will be forever, just like diamonds.

I would like to introduce another great pal in my life, Kwai Fun a.k.a Jasmine / Jazzmint.

Please click here for credits

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gerald's Parents, My In-Laws

Backdated post

I have wanted to scrap on this but mental block until today. Gerald's parents were in KL for just 2 nights before flying to Australia for some holidays & reunion. Mummy & Daddy * that's how I call them ;) * reached KL on 26.04.07 night and after they arrived @ LCCT, me & Tina (SIL) went over to KLIA to meet Alan (big BIL) that just came back from Australia & was transiting to KK.

So, we had a reunion @ Burger Kings till 1.30am before we head back to KL with Mummy & Daddy while Alan waited for his flight at 4.3oam.

On the 2nd day ( 27.04.07 ), we went to 1U for some shopping and on 28th, they have to leave for Melbourne.
Something funny happened on the 27th night to my Daddy. He nap for awhile and woke up at 7.30pm. He saw the sky so bright and with my Mummy asking him some questions, he got mixed up with the date. He thought that it was already the next day, 28th and he got so worried on missing the flight. This is because in Kota Kinabalu, by 6pm, the sky is already dark and 7.30am, the sky is as bright as our 7.30pm sky. So, that was the laugh of the day *LOL*

The photo belows were taken @ KLIA during their check in to Melbourne flight on 28.04.07.

Please click here for credits.

Note: Their trip ended today (22. May. 07) and now they are back in KK.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Winning the battle but losing the war

I think this is the most suitable quote for my hubby's working situation in Doha. I think this will be his ever long war with the PD of the project and will only ends if the PD 'KO' or the project finished or better, the PD abducted by alien *LOL*

After some encouragement from his Contract Manager & a colleague and constant eruption from me, he manage to write an email to relevant department to sort out his Home Leave flight. Now he is back to Qatar Airways (winning the battle point) but he has to travel to KL on 31/5 (Thursday night) and go back on 11/6 which is on a Monday midnite flight (losing the war point).

Why I say it's losing a war because we were supposed to go on a family trip on that 9/6 and come back KL on 10/6. With his flight on that Sunday night (have to check in 3 hours before flight), this is impossible. I don't like to rush a journey & it's not safe as well. You know how people will drive fast when they are in a rush...

So, all I can say is, change the plan and make sure his Sept & Dec HL are 14 days with no negotiation. And now I hope for the best for the June HL... only 2 weeks to go...

Just like his Contract Manager said, " If all the people take action, things will not get to the worst. If not, you will be bullied by the PD " ( I put it in my own words not so canggih to remember her words)

Updated @ ( 23.05.07 ; 1.41 am)

For my Hubby : Dear, I am proud on what you have done and although we loose something, at least you fight for it. Love you always ...

Tag : Who's my fans....

Got tagged by Woan Jiun again on this fans of my blog.

Although I have been blogging since 2004 (not vy active), I didn't really spread the word out until 2006. That is when I got to know about the scrapbook kits and I would love to post up my hardwork *a-hemm* on scrapbooking *LOL*.

So, I think my first ever reader is Jazzmint, Woan Jiun, Sin Pei (all also my school friends) & not to forget, my darling hubby, Gerald (tat also I forced him to read in the begining, but now, he will just go there & read it coz I updated my blog vy often).

Since I go nose around people's blog recently (mostly are mummys blog) & put some comment, I think some mummy also pay some visit to my site. Although I wish to join their ever fascinating talk on their babies, I yet to have 1. So, as for now, this blog is dedicate to myself & my hubby (coz he is so far away in Doha) & my good pals out there.....

Who to tag, eh?

  • Sin Pei
  • Catriena - long time no update your blog leh... wish to hear from you

My hubby celebrity look-alikes

After I did 1 for myself, of course I cannot wait to check out who my hubby look like... And the results.... He looks like Zhang Yimou and also my fav idol, Lee Hom & my fav Japanese comic author (Sailormoon), Naoko Takeuchi....

I wonder which part of his face looks like Lee Hom the most....

Click here if you want some fun

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

I saw this at Woan Jiun's blog & thought it is fun to know who I look like. If you would like to try it out, click here. It's so fun to know, I think will do one later for my darling hubby .....

2nd Anniversary of ....

Today marks the 2nd year of my wedding in KL. Two years ago, 21st May is a Saturday & is the happiest moment in my life. It is the day of our Chinese Wedding Ceremony, taken place in KL and the dinner was at The Mines Spa & Beach Resort (now known as Palace Spa & Beach Resort).

Why I said in KL? This is because our actual Church Wedding is not today but in 2 weeks time. So, we actually have 2 anniversary since both wedding ceremony is full fledge......

I dedicate the below photos to my hubby & myself & wish that we will live as happily as ever, full of love to each other & may our life be together forever.

Please click here for credits

Saturday, May 19, 2007

PPP : Favourite movie of all time

This is a sponsered post

The other day, during my team building session with EUS team, my big boss from London, Darren asked each of us what's our favourite movie of all time.

I can say that each of us has different favourite movies but there're a few that all of us agreed that it is a good movie and worth watching it. Among the movies that mentioned & agreed by all of us are Butterfly Effect, Bicentenial Man & Fifth Element. I love all the 3 movies mentioned and I have all three of it *LOL*

As for my favourite movies (beside the above list), I love A Little Princess, Constantine, My Best Friend's Wedding, Meet Joe Black, Mr. Beans On Holiday, Devil Wears Prada & Princess Diary.

So, which one is the best among all? Definately Fifth Element (^-^) for me & my hubby also love that movie.

A little bit about the movie:
The Fifth Element was screened in 1997. It is a sci-fi, action, comedy & love movie that was written and directed by Luc Besson, starring Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich ( with bright orange hair ), Chris Tucker, Gary Oldman & Ian Holm. The costume design was created by French fashion designer
Jean-Paul Gaultier, who produced 954 costumes for use in the film (I love the McDonald costume & Milla's costume).

The movie's central plot involves the survival of humanity, which becomes the duty of a taxi driver named Korben Dallas (Willis) when an extraterrestrial beautiful young woman that clad in almost bare clothing named Leeloo (Jovovich) falls into his taxicab. She is the Fifth Element ( regenerated in a laboratory on Earth from just a small fraction of a hand of the Perfect Being), whose appearance was prophesied by the Father Vito Cornelius (Holm) to the US president.

Korben's mission is to gather the other four elements (Earth, Fire, Water & Wind) from Diva Plavalaguna at Fhloston Paradise before a black planet that represents pure evil (appears every 5000 years) collides with Earth. The mission was made hard thanks to Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zord (Oldman) obsesion in thwarting Korben's effort by sending the Mangalors warrior aliens (quite stupid for warrior) after him.

To know more about this movie, you can
rent the movies and watched it with your favourite snacks together with your loved one or when you feel like lazing at home on weekend. I can guarantee it's a nice movie to watch & also for collection.

Bowling Time!

Backdated post

On 16.05.07, my team went for a Bowling Session - Team Building @ Midvalley with our leaders from EUS team that came down to KL for a meeting.

This is my 1st time bowling since school days (tat time also just 1 or 2 times only). I am not a sports fan, I'm more to shopping exercise *LOL*.

Had a great time not only in the games but also the drinks (not me, but most of them).

As for my score, he he... quite satisfied with what I scored. First game is 46 & second game is 68 .... & I am more to dumping the ball on the lane than throwing it *ke ke ke ke*

Birthday gifts

Working in BAT is definately a good choice. In BAT, the people work hard & play hard. Why I say that? This is because my team (EUS KL) have come out with this birthday bash that we celebrate every month on the day of the last person's birthday of the month.

This started in March with simple celebration in Chillz @ 8 (our company lifestyle center) with cakes, pizza & drinks.

Then, on Friday, the idea of giving a gift to each birthday babies of the month arrives to us. Since our team have more than 30 members, we thought of getting something around RM 50 per gift.

I am having some trouble on getting gift for the guys (girls, very easy lar). So, I need some suggestion on this area. So far, the suggestion is letter opener (they rarely wear ties).

Any ideas, anyone? I am going to grab the presents later today or Sunday.

Friday, May 18, 2007

A new family mamber

Nope, it's not my baby girl but it's my cousin sis's baby girl. Why I say a new family member is because my mum is babysitting her for my cousin sis. The moment I saw her when she is just a few days old, I have fallen in love with her.

This makes me realise how much I love babies but faith is not that kind to me (coz I haven't have any mah :p). So, baby Ariel & Summer (cantonese pronounce as Cheng ) has become my victim of pampering for now *giggle*.

Every now & then where I saw those cute little clothes for them especially baby Ariel, I will just grab without givng a 2nd thought (Ok it's more to when I have the $$$).

Baby Summer is just 3 months & 10 days old now. She love to chat with people & I love to play with her. She always say 'ang ku' & that's so cute *heart melted*

Can't wait for tomolo to play with her ....

PPP : Last Gem in the Mediterranean

This is a sponsered post

When talk about Europe tour, we will always go to UK, Germany, Paris & other more commonly know destination for tourist in the East. Why not try to go to North Cyprus, the Last Gem in the Mediterranean.

North Cyprus is the last idyllic region of the Mediterranean that enjoys over 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine, clear blue seas & the beauty of an untouched landscape. Northern Cyprus has always been a British favourite becuase it offers relaxation, water sports & exciting esploration along its beautiful coastline (medieval castles & archeological sites). *I shall make it my destination when I am going to Europe for holidays... *

With these irrisistable surrounding, why not have your own place to stay when you are there? North Cyprus Property offers you affordable real estate choices such as apartments cost from £30,000 and detached villas with pools can be bought for less than £100,000.

Double Boil Mutton Soup

My mum cooked for me this soup the other day & I thought to share with all the ladies out there. This is especially good for confinement or after your menses to 'boh' your body. Mutton is good to keep our body warm. This soup is super easy to boil.


  • RM 9 Mutton
  • 10 cm Sugar Cane (to counter the smell)
  • 5 slices Dong Guai
  • 5 pieces Red Dates
  • 2 liter Hot Water
  • salt to taste


  1. Clean the mutton and put into the double boil pot.
  2. Add in sugar cane, dong guai, red dates & hot water.
  3. Boil for 4 hours. Please check the water level of the boiler constantly & add in water when the level is low.
  4. Add salt to taste. (Should not put too much salt coz it's not good during confinement.)

*Note: My mum used coal stove to cook because it will bring out the taste & also no need to look after the level of water that frequent as compare to gas.

Another tired day

Wow, today is one of those day that is drop dead tired type. I fell asleep at 8.30pm and luckily I asked my brother to wake me up at 10.30pm so that I can chat with my hubby. But, I ened waking up at 12 something am....

This must be the after effect of yesterday "team building" session @ Mid Valley MegaBowl. We had 2 rounds of bowling session yesterday & a dinner after that. Being the 1st time ever bowling session since dunno when ( I am not a sports fan) , it really tires me out.

I am supposed to do a scrapbook for yesterday event, but I shall postponed it to this weekend. There're really alot of post dated events that I need to blog.

Do check it out later ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is something to share with all the ladies (& guys) out there. I got it in my email today and I really never gave a thought on it at all. Who would have thought about it?


Have you ever noticed gals who sit their handbags on public toilet floors
- then go directly to their dining tables and set it on the table? Happens a lot!

It's not always the 'restaurant food' that causes stomach distress.
Sometimes "what you don't know 'will' hurt you"!

Read on...

Mum got so upset when guests came in the door and plopped their handbags down on the counter where she was cooking or setting up food. She always said that handbags are really dirty, because of where they have been. Smart Mum!!!

It's something just about every woman carries with them. While we may know what's inside our handbags, do you have any idea what's on the outside? Shauna Lake put handbags to the test - for bacteria - with surprising results. You may think twice about where you put your handbag.

Women carry handbags everywhere; from the office to public toilets to the floor of the car. Most women won't be caught without their handbags, but did you ever stop to think about where your handbag goes during the day?

"I drive a school bus, so my handbag has been on the floor of the bus a lot," says one woman. "On the floor of my car, and in toilets."

"I put my handbag in grocery shopping carts, on the floor of the toilet while changing a nappy," says another woman "and of course in my home which should be clean."

We decided to find out if handbags harbor a lot of bacteria. We learned how to test them at Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake, and then we set out to test the average woman's handbag.

Most women told us they didn't stop to think about what was on the bottom of their handbag. Most said at home they usually set their handbags on top of kitchen tables and counters where food is prepared.

Most of the ladies we talked to told us they wouldn't be surprised if their handbags were at least a little bit dirty. It turns out handbags are so surprisingly dirty, even the microbiologist who tested them was

Microbiologist Amy Karen of Nelson Labs says nearly all of the handbags tested were not only high in bacteria, but high in harmful kinds of bacteria. Pseudomonas can cause eye infections, staphylococcus aurous can cause serious skin infections, and salmonella and e-coli found on the handbags could make people very sick.

In one sampling, four of five handbags tested positive for salmonella, and that's not the worst of it. "There is fecal contamination on the handbags," says Amy.

Leather or vinyl handbags tended to be cleaner than cloth handbags, and lifestyle seemed to play a role.

People with kids tended to have dirtier handbags than those without, with one exception. The handbag of one single woman who frequented nightclubs had one of the worst contaminations of all.

"Some type of faeces, or possibly vomit" says Amy.

So the moral of this story - your handbag won't kill you, but it does have the potential to make you very sick if you keep it on places where you eat.

Use hooks to hang your handbag at home and in toilets, and don't put it on your desk, a restaurant table, or on your kitchen countertop.

Experts say you should think of your handbag the same way you would a pair of shoes. "If you think about putting a pair of shoes onto your countertops, that's the same thing you're doing when you put your handbag
on the countertops" - your handbag has gone where individuals before you have sneezed, coughed, spat, urinated, emptied bowels, etc!

Do you really want to bring that home with you? The microbiologists at Nelson also said cleaning a handbag will help.

Wash cloth handbags and use leather cleaner to clean the bottom of leather handbags.

Tag on 10 things I hate my hubby

Gosh, I was tagged by Woan Jiun on this. Hate is quite a harsh word. I think it’s more to 10 things that pissed me off is a better judgment to him How can I married someone I hate, right?

First: Not Romantic
It’s not that he is totally unromantic (no roses or flowers till now). There’s only 1 time that he actually did something romantic for me. He surprised me with a gift and I actually love the way he planned it. So, I am hoping for more of that planning of a surprise (nice surprises, I don’t want bad surprises)

Second: Too calculative
He really calculates to every single penny that he spends. It’s not that it’s bad, but sometime, it really pisses me off. How can you calculate so much on something? (Maybe this is why he is a Quantity Surveyor).

Third: Don’t listen to my Financial Ideas
Ok, I am not very good in financial advises but I am really pissed when I told him something and he don’t listen. Then, when he heard it from his brothers or friends, he will agree to it. (What happen to the verse “Listen to wife will make a man richer” ? )

E.g.: There’s this Pyramid MLM out there & I got 2nd hand news during an earlier stage. Told him how great it is & ask for his opinion & also get 1 lot to try. He turned down & told me off. Then, his big brother, Alan called him a few weeks later & told him the same thing. He buy the idea from him *Grrrrrr*

Fourth: Phobia of hospital & don't see doctor when sick
Yup, he is scared of being in the hospital & also don't like to go see doctor when he is sick. He will delay it until he is near the death bed *Slap Head* So, you can imiagine how hard it is for me with this attitude *Grrrr*

Fifth: Doesn’t go to pub & social drink with ME
He doesn’t like the bitter taste of alcohol & the loud & smoky places like pub. Yes, the ME as in only with me. No matter how I plead him, he won’t go with me or even drink wine or any sorts of alcohol with me. If it’s his friends or colleague, he will do it for the sake of entertaining them.

Sixth: Not sensitive
My hubby will not know how I feel most of the time especially when I am mad at him. And when I am mad, & he apologies, I must accept, if not, he will be depress again *Slap Head*

Seventh: Doesn’t like to go movies
His excuses will always be not enough room leg for him, people walk here & there during the best part of the movies, hand phone ringing & so the list goes …..
What I did was to make him promised to go watch a few movies with me & I must make sure that I get the good seats.

Eighth: Always put wife last
He he, this is his input for this tag since I run out of hate now. He always help friends & family members to fixed things first. My priority is always last. I wonder why?

Ninth : Always talk, no action
My hubby input on this also coz he remembers well on the things that he did that pissed me off. He will always talk on something great or some action to do but in the end, just plain talk. Just like the idea of getting a new car (been talking for so long, so, I will see when will he buy a new car)

Tenth: Should be all the work related stuff in Gamuda.
You can read it on & off in my blog on that matter.

Phewwww…. Finíto…. That’s really 1 real hard tag to write about for now *LOL*

Dear, sorry lar if you read this….. but your good points are much more better than all the bad points here. If not, I would not have marry you ; )

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My 1st Pay by PayPerPost

Hoooooray! Today is the BIG day for me. My 1st rewards of my hardwork in blogging are bearing the fruit of life & today, I have received it.

Yup (^-^) my 1st Opps of PPP has been paid to my PayPal account. It feels totally good in seeing the money in my account & that is just my 1st payment. In 2 days time, I am going to receive my 2nd & 3rd post payment....

Slowly but steadily, my money in the PayPal is increasing and I can't wait till the day I see 4 digit figures (USD)*dreaming now*. It's not going to take a long time, hopefully by end of this year.

So, for you guys out there that has not yet join the PayPerPost community, quickly click here => to join. All you need is just a blog site & love in blogging ; ) That's it, as simple & easy as that.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Therapeutic Shopping

Well, after last night stress session, this morning I went to do some calming shopping. Since I have Metrojaya voucher to spend and was thinking of getting something to reward myself *Shopping is de-stressing*

Besides getting the monitor, I got some aromatherapy products from Culpeper ( Metrojaya , Time Square ) to help me destress myself. I must say, their price is not cheap but I love the smell of it. It's more natural & you dun get headache after smelling those essential oil ( tat's wat I called naturale ).

Oh, for those people with backache or just gave birth, you can try getting Comforting Wheat & Lavender Pillow to help ease the backache. I got 1 to share with my mum since she got backache.

And to relieve winds especially if you got digetive problem, try their Culpeper Ginger Juice. These 2 products are on sale now, so, it's worth to buy.

On top of that, I got a free massage from the sales manager, Jenny coz I complain shoulder vy stiff (tat is before I purchase their stuff). I must say, I fell so relax & my mood have been lifted up since then ... (^-^)

That's why I called it therapeutic shopping *LOL*

My new monitor

Finally, I took the initiative to get a replacement to my old & battled monitor of 7 years. Yup, my monitor is 7 yrs old now.

It has been working very good till end of last year. The screen suddenly became small (no problem to me) but then, around Feb 07, it became big (that's the problem). The start buttons & the time setting side was not viewable. And just recent;y in Apr, it decided to play 'Now U See, Now U Dun' game.

So, it's time to retired the old & get the new. I have been thinking t0 get the HP monitor (thanks to Jasmine) but then, I have to wait at least 2 weeks to have it delivered. In the end, I got myself a Samsung 19" Wide screen LCD monitor (cost share by me & lil' bro).

I thought I can used it tonight but...... the power socket is not meant for Malaysia *Sigh*

Anyway, here's the photos of my new monitor. I hope it can last me at least 7 years as well *Finger cross*

Photos coutesy of samsung website

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all Mummy out there!!

We went out to celebrate it earlier with my mum on Saturday evening since she wanted to follow me & my brother to Sg. Wang Plaza. So, the 4 of us, Dad, Mom, Me & Ivan (youngest bro) went to have a simple yet delicious dinner @ Nandos.

I didn't know that I haven't bring them to try before *slap head* until my dad ask what type of chicken they serves.....

As usual, I snap, snap & snap photos of hte food and also the happy moment & the below scrap is the happy moment of my Mom, captured forever with my camera (^-^)

Please click here for credits

I want to k**l the Project Director of G*muda Doha Project

I m fuming mad and very sad when I am writing this. I thought Jasmine's case is extreme, this is more than I can bear. Here's the story:

The Home Leave as agreed by my hubby's contract is 14days. Then during CNY, the Project Director cut to 10days with 4 HL reimburse with money (who wants money here, we only get to see each other 3 times a year). And the reimbursement is depending on the salary bracket. So, if you are earning 15k a month, it's worth it but he is not. So, wat the heck (by now, I want to take a g*n & sh**t the PD liao *fuming mad*)

Then, now the PD say cut cost, have to take the cheapest flight from Doha to KL which means, transit flight. So, now my hubby travel time has been extended!!!!! The 10 days includes the travel time .... So, is this fair?

That's not the end, they have to come back on their weekend (flying off on Thursday night, arriving Friday 2pm in KLIA)... so, by the time he reached KL, it will be 3pm.... So, tat is 1 day gone *want to sh**t PD again*

Travel back and reach Doha on Friday (their weekend, no work) and cannot travel back n reach Saturday early morning. What is this lar?

I m so furious now.

That's not all. The PD want to move all the male non manager staff to site camp to save budget. So, they have to live in container and risk any danger that will befall to them if anyting happen on site.

I really don't know what the PD is trying to do here.

So, if you're me, are you mad by now or wat!

End of story... That ruin my happy outing that I am trying to scrap n blog *sob sob*

I wonder why the guys that work there just kept quiet. I am dissapointed in the company (G*muda being a listed company that is with good share value now) that say they want to cut budget and came out with all these bizare rules.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

PPP : How you got to know my blog?

This is a sponsered post

I have been wondering how people got to my blog site beside me telling my friends on my site and posting a shout out on my friendster. Since my blog is relatively new to the world (coz before April 2007, my only goal is to put all my nice scrapbooking up to let my friends & families have a look & also for my hubby to know about my life ), I must thank Jazzmint to promote my site in her blog. I think since then, my blog has been extended to her web friends & especially all those fanstastic mummy bloggers.

And most recently, I was tagged by Karen on technorati link exchange. So, that should be another way how my blog is made known to the world of bloggers (^-^).

So, beside all the above, how do we actually promote our blog & increase more traffic? I found this Website promotion where we can do website promotion, search engine optimization, link building & SEO consulting for just a little fee. Hmm, maybe that's how some blogsite have high Page Rank *LOL*

Friday, May 11, 2007

Safety on rubber shoes for children

I've got this news through Jazzmint and it's really too shocking. Who will know that these little favorable shoes posses dangers to our beloved kids. The news was about children's toes being trapped in the lift while wearing these rubber clogs and the children ended up with serious injuries and there's 1 toddler lost her big toe due to this.

I think every parents should made known to this.

Please click here to know more.

Staying Up Late

Some of you must be thinking why most of my post timing is during midnight. Well, this is because I am on 2 time zone (GMT +8 & GMT +3).

Why on 2 time zone? *Giggle* Coz my darling hubby is not working in KL, that's why. In order for me to catch up with him, I have to tune my time to his, which is 5 hours behind KL time.

So, the best way to stay up late is to blog. That is why after so many months, my blog is suddenly so active with lots of scrapbooking & post on my life....

Some might think that my blog is way too mushy which I dun think so :p but this is how I keep everyone inform on my life back in KL ... all thanks to internet ;)


Copycat - A copycat (also copy-cat or copy cat) is a person (or animal, or computer program) that mimics or repeats the behavior of another. The expression may derive from kittens that learned by imitating the behaviors of their mothers. It has been in use since at least 1896, in Sarah Orne Jewett's "The Country of the Pointed Firs". The term is often derogatory, suggesting a lack of originality *thanks to Wilkipedia*

Some of you must be wondering why suddenly I blog about this. I just found out these past few days that there's blogger out there that copies people blog or should I put it in her term - take the post, change some words & voila .... a new post.

This is very unethical behavior & I hope that blogger will really repent and stop from being a copycat.

A blog is unique to each & everyone of us, it's as similar as our finger print as to our identity. No 2 person have the same finger print & same personality unless you are being cloned.

If you love that person's idea or layout, just give them the credits they deserve ;)

I m not going to link it to *tat blogger* coz it will give tat blogger huge traffic which is underserved by her.

So, please BE ORIGINAL from now on, yeah ;)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dead Tired

Can you believe that I slept at 8pm tonight and if my hubby didn't call me (I didn't hear the call, my bro pss me the phone), I think I will just sleep through till morning. Yup, I am that tired. Have not been able to sleep well for these pass few days thanks to the weather being so hot & humid. Always slept around 3am to 4am when my room cool down.

With the lack of sleep, I can really skip lunch time & sleep at the Osim massage chair at Chillz@8 (my office leisure center). So nice to have 1 massage chair.

Jazz buzz me to let me know PPP got some new post, but all grabbed once it was thrown out. Sigh..... No luck, now shall just wait for Gerald to online to chat. If not, I will just go back to sleep *LOL*

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Let's join the Internet party!

I've got invited by Karen to join the big party in Technorati by the way of tagged :). I personally think this tag is quite good since it helps to boost one's site rank.


Here are the Rules:
1) Write a short introduction paragraph about what how you found the list and include a link to the blog that referred you to the list.
2) COPY the Rules and ENTIRE list below and post it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for, go ahead and change the title of the blog. Just don’t change the links of the blog.
3) Take “My New Faves” and move them into the “The Original Faves” list.
4) Add 5 Blogs that you’ve just added to your Technorati Favorites to the “My New Faves” section. Remember to also add the “Fave Me” link next to your new blogs(i.e.
5) Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on “Fave the Site.” Those who want good kharma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

The New faves :
MomOfCairo - Fave the site
On Money & Love - Fave this site
Mom2Ashley - Fave this site
Catriena - Fave this site

The original faves:
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For the above scrapbook, I used paper background, staples, flowers, ribbons and paper clip by FafBr's Ouhlala Cherry Freebie.

Since I can't sleep last night, the best things to kill time is scrapbooking. I manage to dig out this photo which has been taken on my trip to Singapore in 2005 just days before I got married. I met up with Woan Jiun & Sin Pei for a Marche session. This time, we manage to have dessert which is long over due*LOL*. It was sooooo nice untill I forgot to take the photos of it.

*Note : Out of request from Woan Jiun, I will just mention that she is heavily pregnant that time, but I think she looks so lovely & not like a beach whale at all *LOL*