Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Leisure & Sick Monday

Yup, from the title, my monday is indeed vy leisure. Since alot of my colleagues took leave for the long weekend (Tues & Wed are public holiday here), work in office is really leisure.

What more is that Monday is the last day to submit income tax & I can see alot of people doing last minute filing. The fun part is, we became the consultant for them :p So, u know lar, the whole morning ,we dun really work but enjoying & chit chat on the Tax thingy.

As for me, all turns well until 2.30pm. My body decided to give up on me & starts the war with the viral fever. Yeah, I was sick yesterday. After much complaining tat the kids getting sick, now it's my turn. Aiyo, I was so tired yesterday & body aching like mad. So, went homeat 3pm, had medicine & sleep.

Lucky was feeling better after that. So, that's my Monday..... Tuesday is more interesting, will blog about it 2molo. My brain now want to go holiday *LOL*

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