Saturday, May 26, 2007

TAG : My favourite flower

After getting tagged by friends, I thought of starting a tag as well. I just happened to saw my favourite flower on the net by chance, so, will do a tag on flowers. Let's talked about our favourite flowers & if possible, attached a photo of it.

Do continue to add ur own name & link and the person that tagged you to The Collections of Flowers at the end of the tag, so that we will have a library of flowers ;)
My favourite flowers would be tulips and I really wish that one day, I would be able to see a field of tulips. So, here's some facts on tulips to share with you all.

Photos from webshot

Origin of the flower:
It was brought to England in the 16th century from Middle East * most of us will think that it was from Holland *.

Origin of the name :
The name Tulips are associated with turbans. The Turkish word for gauze, with which turbans can be wrapped, seems to have been used for the flower because a fully opened tulip was thought to resemble a turban.

Meaning of Tulips :
Perfect lover, Fame, Love, Passion

Where it can be found:
Tulips only grow in cold climates country * that's why we can't see the flower in our tropical climate *

I would love to know your favourite flowers too:

The collection of flowers:

Cheryl - Tulips

*Note: You can check out the meaning of your favourite flower here


jazzmint said...

oo very nice tag haha...but why u tag my fav flower oso kekeke...

cairo's mommy said...

wah... will do it later... skali all my fav also kena written about then gotta do rafflesia oredi hahaha