Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going for my vacation

Just a little shout out to the world that I am going for my 1st out of Malaysia holiday (Singapore doesn't count, ok). This is a trip that was planned so long ago with my coliks and finally it is here. We're going to Vietnam and hopefully it won't rained so much (coz I checked the weather & it says scattered thunderstorm).
So, when I am back from my holiday, I will definitely fix my pc and start blogging again. Till then....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

*going HEALTHY*

*posting from my laptop coz PC still kong*

I have been having this acne problem on my right cheek area for a year and it refuses to go away albeit all the facial I went and all the product I tried (
treatments for acne from cheap to vy exp). Yet it still persist and sometimes it flair up and become vy noticeable (though not always). So, I decided it's time to go internal... and now I am popping diligently multivitamins, herbs for liver, EFA, wheatgrass and the latest I tried is the neem that promises purifying the blood and treating skin problem such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. Well, with all the supplements, I do hope it helps coz it's not easy to swallow so many pills (not a pill person).

Sunday, July 13, 2008

N now it's my PC *pengsan*

Call it bad luck or pure technology failure..... to me, it's the same.... I was a bit happy when the modem borrowed from my colik is working fine with my pc last nite (though it got d/c for awhile) but hey, no complains .... until this morning. As usual, with the internet 'back', I turned my pc on in the morning and left it running for 30 mins when the problem starts...

First, it is the modem connection, then my pc hang. I did what I need to do, restart it but it won't work. It totally can't load into window (juz like the previous problem) & I did the system recoverry thingy and it won't work as well. My conclusion? RAM problem.... got to call the HP help line tomolo to report this and hope they will come n diagnos the problem (now I wish I am having a MAC coz the
Mac memory doesn't give much problem).

Thank GOD that I have a laptop (bought it from the technology refresh scheme @ my office) as a backup & this Windows XP is much eaasier to dela with than the Vista.

Hopefully the PC plus internet problem will get solved once and for all when Gerald is back.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Internet still out

It has been more than 2 weeks that my net is down. Logged the case to TM but still, they can't find what's the actual problem that is causing my line down. They came 3 times for my streamyx problem but the diagnosis is more on a try & errro kind. First, they say it might be my phone extension line problem, asked me go change that. So, I went to buy a new one. Then they came 2nd time, coz tarak working the 1st solution. He did more test, and say it's my phone connection box problem, so, I changed that (have to go hunt for it coz they do not sell tat, only sell splitter). Fine, change tat, and the line still down. 3rd time, the same guy came again, this time, he tested with his modem and it's working, so, diagnose my modem got problem (coz the DSL keeps blinking). Fine, no argue, I go to the same shop and asked for a change. But they tested my modem there, and it's working fine. The DSL is so stable.

Ok, this gives me problem, coz now dunno wat's wrong with it. Dun tell me that my line is choosy on the type of modem.... So, my last resort is to get a new modem, this time, will get the Aztech one. The 'notworking' modem is D-Link and the technician say not vy good wor (O_+) u say I pengsan or not....

Oh, and latest thing I tested is with another modem of my taman-mate, and it's working fine at my house and also my D-Link modem is working fine at her place. Why ah..... *double pengsan*

So, now if I really want to go online, my only hope is my laptop computer & a reliable cafe with wifi