Sunday, April 29, 2007

A day out with my extended family

It was really a tiring day on Friday coz i had so little sleep. I slept at 4.30am and woke up at 10am. Need to meet my MIL & FIL @ my SIL house @ 11am to bring them out. Turn out that not only my MIL & FIL, SIL going out but the 3 sick brats also going out together.

So, off we went to 1Utama in 2 cars. We had lunch @ Dragon-i coz they never tried the siu loong pau before. Actually my MIL & SIL are more interested in the way they do the pau skin for they stand in front of the viewing glass for quite some time :p Too bad that I didn't took any photos on this day *SIGH* They were happily chatting on how the chef do it.

After having lunch, we went to MPH, coz that's one of my MIL favourite. She loves books & especially cook books (she's a really good cook). We stayed there for quite some time and in the end, left with some cook books & some name magnets that MIL bought for Aunty Susan & Uncle David in Melbourne. She also bought me the confinement cook book & name magnet. He he, now I know the meaning of my name (will blog about it later). We spent whole day in 1U but didn't manage to get any photos coz the kids are sick & in no mood for it.
We got back by 4.30pm & had dinner at SIL house. As for me, I cabut at 10.30pm coz the next day have to wke up early at 5.45am to send them to KLIA. Although it's a short trip, but I really enjoyed it. I hope they will come to KL more often. So, that's my Friday.

A Gift from my Mother in Law

I am still recuperating now, catching up some sleep. Can u believe tat I slept till 10.30am today (tat's because I set my alarm @ 10.30am) and nap from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. Still tired. My brain has given out on me as well. I really welcome some more sleep (^-^)


jazzmint said...

oooh boy.... ur MIL so nice yah hehe...

me oso recuperate my sleep during the weekend LOL.

I like the slide, vy nice

cairo's mommy said...

hehehe, not all mils are wicked bitches... ours r good examples oredi lor :D
hey, i would like to know about the meaning of your name too, blog fast!