Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Christmas Story unfold at 1 Utama

Christmas post

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This is my 2nd last post of my Christmas adventure (mall hopping for Christmas deco *LOL*) & it's A Toy Soldier Christmas Story unfolded at 1 Utama Shopping Mall. I have no time to go 1U so, this was taken on the day I came back from Singapore (my bus stopped at 1U & by the time I reached, it's close to 11pm).

The feature for this decoration is the 2 story high Toy Soldier tat can move his hand & head *vy cool eh ;) * but I was too tired to post hence, just 1 quick snap of the center piece....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a FAIRY whisper christmas

Christmas post ...

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Every year I am very eager to go to Mid Valley to see their Chirstmas deco. It has never failed to amaze me with wonders & to bring the magic of Christmas to KL. This year their theme is Fairy Whisper & the moment I walked into the mall, I feel like I am walking right into the fairy kingdom (I'm a huge fan of fairies). How I wish I have my own wings then....

It's really amazing that the creative team that Mid Valley hire does the job so well. They even have the themed gifts for shoppers if they purchased a certain amount with Master Card. I managed to collect 2 plates with Fairies design & the best thing is, their gift wraps are also using specially designed gift wrapers of Fairy Whisper....

Photos (clockwise left to right) : Fairy lights (reminds me of the lantern in XXX Holic), Baubles, white & purple butterfly near Jusco area, Fairy hidden in the fairy lights, Giant Mushroom in front of Jusco (feel like Alice in Wonderland), hidden fairy, Christmas holy, Center Court deco, bronze butterflies, close up butterflies, Fairy performance at Center Court

Lelong... cheap land for sale!!!

Imagine having your home sweet home in a place just like the Kent advertisement or the Hazeline Snow advertisement. Those lush greenaries are the plus side for a perfect home and it's not cheap... but dun give up ur dream home so fast, there's cheap land for sale . If you're looking for a piece of land to build your dream, do drop by Radius Land and have a look at their offer. Although it's not available in Malaysia, but if you're looking to build your dream home in US, best is to get some reliable company do the research.

Hilton Head Island

Have you heard about Hilton Head Island?

Hilton Head Island is one of South Carolina's most beautiful barrier islands that offers breath taking and lush experience and it is the second largest barrier island on the East Coast. This place is renowned as one of the world's most family-friendly vacation destinations as well as a romantic get-away for 2 (will be in my list if I have enuf to travel). To know more about this island and what it can offer you, drop by Hilton Head rental for a visit. They will guide you through this beautiful island before you decide to take on which place to stay.

Wood dash kits for your car

Do you have special preference for your car's dashboard or your taste are very wide? Though I am not a big fans of car dash kit, I do have my own preferences & dislikes. My choice of dash kit must be simple with natural color while the material must not be plastic-ky feel or look. I do not like metal finish as well... so, my idea type of dash kit are those of beige color such as the Volvo S60 dash kit or Honda City (i-dsi) or Civic and last but not least wood dash kits like Toyota Camry. I guess I am not a fan of sporty design *LOL*

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Congratulations to Eva & Thomas

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Congratulations to Eva & Thomas on their wedding today!!! (26.01.2008) This is another long awaited wedding that I am eagerly volunteer to help with. Eva is my baptism class buddy since 2004 & one of the few I interact with at the English congregation at 11th Mile Cheras Lutheran Church (I am a vy shy person, u know). When she say she & Thomas are getting married Jan this year & she dunno wat to prepare, I am so eager to give suggestions & help out on the deco part in the church plus the design for the church pamphlet & lend her my ring pillow. You can see there's lot of violet color coz it's Eva's fav. I even changed the ribbon on the ring pillow to violet ;)

Photos description (top to bottom) : Guest book & pamphlet; wedding cake (baked by Eva's sis); Eva; decos for the seats ; me & Eva; ring pillow & Eva's flower bouquet (Lily is her fav flower) ; Eva with Bishop Philip Lok & Mrs. Lok (our fav pastor).

Main photo : Thomas kissing the beautiful bride, Eva.... background is our Chinese Congregation pastor & also Sr. Pastor of our church, Rev. Lee (another fav pastor)

Friday, January 25, 2008

A whiTe cHristmAs at Pavilion

Christmas post

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I was so busy in December until no time to go into Pavilion to snap up the Christmas decos. Finally, on 29th Dec 07 I managed to drag Gerald down to Pavilion to window shop & also to snap the photos. It is indeed vy beautiful & in fact, the deco is better than those in Singapore (indoor decorations).

Pavilion's theme is a White Christmas coz everywhere is white. They have this huge center piece high white Christmas tree that is made of scaffolding & stair way where the choirs 'entwined' the tree to sing the Christmas Carol (didn't manage to see but it was in the news). Everywhere in the mall is decorated with white chandelier that looks like icicles, icy white trees & white christmas trees.... It is really cool to look at *wink* & you feel the winter in Pavilion

I enjoyed myself totally in snapping photos of the tress in different angles, trying to get some artistic angle with my small T10 & here's some photos from Pavilion :

I love the stairs at the center court. I feel like I am somewhere in Europe when sitting at the stairs (saw the place at Lizzie Mcguire movie).... really a good place to lepak with a book in my hand. Here's some of my favourite photos:

This shows the escalator that brings you from lower ground to the top most floor.

The crystal white tree from the bottom view

A view of Pavilion main entrance from top most floor.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have you read this??

I got to know that the news of the death father converted to Islam which I read few days ago is related to Hsiau Chuen, a blogger friend of Jazz & am writting this as an appeal for her. For those who are not very clear, here's the summary of what has happened to her in laws family:

Her FIL passed away due to old age (bedridden due to stroke & was vy ill) on 20.1.08. As they prepare his funeral & informed all the relatives, they also informed the eldest BIL that has converted to Islam. And to their shock, the eldest BIL told them that their father has converted to Islam since 3.7.07 and what's shocking is that no one in the family know about this. One important fact that I want to stress here is the FIL is BEDRIDDEN DUE TO STROKE (2nd time). How can one do something freely when you're bedridden due to stroke?

How I know? This is coz my beloved grandma is also bedridden due to stroke and she can't talk, can't move freely coz part of her brain got stroke. If it's the right brain, ur left side will be affected , vice versa.

So, this whole converting stuff while the FIL is bedridden at home is unbelievable (X-files). I really want to know how her FIL get to change his MyKad details without the MIL know. . . and his other childrens knowing (bedridden how to walk?)

So, the funeral was halted and the police came to claim the body of her FIL until the Syariah court decide the case which according to Hsiau Chuen's SIL, they lost the case. So unbelievable but it's true.... Dunno what this hoo haa for coz FIL already dead, just let him go in peace. Why dun the eldest son go see his father for the last time & inform the mother & family nicely the whole story instead go report to police?

Weird.... I hope the truth will come out.... Meanwhile, condolences to Hsiau Chuen & her in-laws family.

A GOLDEN Christmas

Christmas continues...

Our little Christmas adventures continues to Bugis Junction on the last day of our Singapore trip.

Since our bus is at 5pm, we have some time in the morning to go for last minute shopping or sight-seeing. We decided to go for Christmas deco hunting since we were tipped that there's this huge Golden Compass at Bugis. Armed with just a few bucks left in our pocket & also in our MRT card, we travel from Sembawang to City Hall, hopped on to green line to Bugis. Once we reached, we started our hunt for the huge Golden Compass.

True to my tipper, the golden compass is indeed vy big and there's even the carriage and all the characters from the show. I was so excited to take photo with Lyra while Gerald just took a photo with Nicole Kidman!!! Look at how excited he was at the photo below :p

(credits & details here)

After all the excitement, we went Mos Burger hunting coz I haven't had the chance to sink my teeth into one Yakiniku - rice burger... I know there's one nearby & I did found it... will talked about it later coz my aim is to finish posting up Christmas Decorations by end this week....

Hence, this ends my Christmas 'themed' post from Singapore. Coming up next will be KL's Christmases which are as beautiful as Singapore's deco.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Christmas Eve Walk

Backdated post

After the Christmas post, I only realised that I missed out the Christmas Eve part. So here's something really backdated :p

Our plan for Christmas Eve is to walk Orchard Road and (hopefully) to shop as well. There's no specific places to go in Orchard but to walk all the shopping malls available *Gerald almost fainted or so I think*. Uncle David dropped us there and the first stop was this very old mall that sells lots of digital gadgets (camera, mp3, pc, hp, ps2 etc). There I managed to get myself a cross pendant with a very small diamond (no grade type) from Taka coz the price is super cheap. As we walked, I saw the Sony camera pouch tat I wanted (sold out in KL), but we only buy on the way back & the price they give is slightly higher (*-*).

After that, we continue walking to Wisma Atria coz am meeting WJ for lunch. As we walked, there's this huge crowd circling the walkway near that area. Being d kepoh me, I went there & 8. Here's what attracts the crowd...

They are real people, not statue! Since it is Christmas, you can find many street performing artist at Orchard Road. What amazed me is their ability to not to move for a few minutes and stand there like a statue. If you dun realise it, you will actually think it is statue!

After kepoh, we continue mall hopping & managed to cover Takashimaya, Paragon & a few of dunno wat mall before stopping for a cup of tea & to rest our tired legs at Bakerzin.

(credits & details here)

My loots of the day -> A pair of GAP jeans & a GAP leather hobo bag *all on 30% discount*, a Sony camera pouch & a cross pendant (almost bought a white gold chain)

Gerald loots of the day -> none but fork out all the money to pay for my stuff :p

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Mark Voo

There's a new addition to the Voo family. Baby Mark Voo was born yesterday to my big BIL & SIL in KK. SIL just mms me to annouce me his arrival, knowing that this lil aunt of his is vy eager to have a look at her nephew *wink*.

(credits & details here)

Ain't he such a darling (^-^). Now I can't wait to see him and baby Veda and of course lil Ariel, Shaun & Ashley in March, our next home trip.

Enchanted Christmas at Orchard

Christmas Day continues ...

Well, after the church service, we head for quick breakfast with Uncle David & Aunty Dinah at some market place which is quite near Orchard. Well, the breakfast is more like a brunch coz they ordered quite alot (maklumlah.... Gerald used to be vy big eater :p ) - oyster omelete, fried carrot cake & some other kuih while I qued up for soya bean milk & taufu fah (long que & this must be vy delicious, another stall pukul lalat).

After breakfast, they dropped us at Ochard so that we can walk & also meet my cousin. Apparently the road was closed to traffic on that day and why? Hmm... the answer came to use in about 30 mins when I caught the view of this ...

Some parade practise for tonight's Christmas street performance and there were quite a number of those beautifully decorated car that tells the birth story of Jesus. After I kepoh for awhile, we continued walking into Wisma Atria and there's where we bumed into my cousin. He were about to call me but Gerald saw him & call him first... what a coincidence eh....

We continue walking, stopping for drinks & light food (thanks Howe for belanja makan) and chit chat till almost evening where we parted to meet back WJ & SP for dinner at this pasta place at Marina Square. Oh.. before we go our own way, we saw this LV shop with people queing to go inside (*-*) and Robinson is filled with people grabbing stuff & the que is sooooooo long..... Gerald sure pengsan if I were to grab something from this Robinson *LOL*

By end of the day, here's what we got for ourselves -> beautiful photos courtesy of Howe for snapping for us *wink*

(credits & details here)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Shade for your car

The weather here is getting hotter by day and I really can't make myself going out when the sun is shining at it's brightest. This is because my car will be cooked by then and it will turn into an oven & eventually, it will cook me as well. I have ben thinking on getting a car cover but then again, I am so lazy in keeping it. But sure it realy protect the car...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas 2007 in Singapore

Backdated post

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This year's Christmas is very special for me because Gerald is back & we're going to Singapore to enjoy the Christmas Holiday & celebrate with his Aunts and my friends. It has always been my wish to celebrate a Christmas in Singapore together, eating, shopping & sightseeing.

We went down to Singapore on the 23rd Dec 2007 and stayed at WJ's place (thanks alot!!!) for most of the day except on Christmas Eve. We went over to Aunty Dinah's (Gerald's aunt) place for a Christmas Eve dinner & over nite there for 1 nite (they welcome us to stay but we scared to kacau them coz we are nite owl).

The dinner was great and I must say, this is the first time I have seen a whole stuff turkey and eaten a proper Christmas meal *blush*. We love the ham, turkey & the lamb. It is really a wonderful dinner (Thank you Uncle David, Aunty Dinah & Dora for the dinner!) .

On Christmas morning, we follow Uncle David & Aunty Dinah to their church (Wesley Methodist Church) for Christmas Service. We were WOWed by the church building (especially the interior design of the main service hall) then by their choir. The service was great & we love the choir best (it's like listening to the cd christmas choir singing the christmas carol). After the service, we went to Orchard to walk & meet up with my cousin

Here's some photo taken during the service showing the choir, the brass band, the church deco & Gerald with his uncle and aunt.

My favorite photo - the arches in the main hall

It's late now and this is only my 1st post for my holiday in Singapore. Another part of Christmas holiday to be continued....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chocolate Tong-Yuen for Mid-Winter Festival

Backdated post

OoooOOooooo, I am so excited on the 22nd Dec 07. It is the day Gerald arriving KL for his home trip & also the Goh Dong festival. I have already planned to make the Chocolate Tong Yuen this year *been pestering my dad to prepare the dough instead of buying it from the market*. I did managed to wake up at 6.30am and thought of making it before picking Gerald so that when he reached home, he can have it. But the sleepy me instead telling my dad just to make the dough, kept it aside & I will make it during noon time *_* coz plenty of time after picking Gerald up (yeah, when I want to sleep, I can make all sort of excuses)

Nevertheless, when Gerald is napping during the noon, I started with making the Tong Yuen & busy snapping photos so that I can scrap it later (vy late coz I only managed to do it last nite *LOL*). I did took alot but I totally forgot to take the look of my hubby when he eat the Tong Yuen.

Click here for credits

Why chocolate instead of the usual black sesame, red bean or the 'Pin Tong' aka Raw Candy? This is because my dad did this for me during my wedding & I just loves it. Another reason is because my house is full of chocolates. Gerald been buying me chocolates every trip he come back & I stocked up alot during my trip to Langkawi *hehehe*. It's easier to get coz the 'Pin Tong' have to search in wet market & it's so hard to cut it into small pieces.

With the festive seasons coming, I must make sure I dun over eat. Else, I will really need to use the treadmills at office to burn some of the excess calories *LOL*

Thinking over my policy

Some years back where I first met Gerald, individual health insurance to me is a no no. But thanks to his persistence, I did took up 1 policy with Prudential. I still think it as unnecessary until certain event around my circle of friends and colik, I realised that the sum assured that I have is not enuf. So, I am pondering whether to increase my policy or to get a new one. It's better be asured than regret when the worst happen to me. To all my fren out there, please do ponder on this...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Creative Team GRAB BAG

A lot of my frens has been asking me on those Scrapbooking Kit that I used and here's a chance to get something that is absolutely GREAT with a very low price. My CT designer, Aimee is currently having a GRAB BAG at her store. Do hope over and grab it before it dissappear. I have a peek into the bag and it's very lovely *WINK*

Glasses over the Internet?

This is a paid post

Do you know that you can order glasses over the internet? I know that in Malaysia, it's not a common practise to buy anything from the net but it's really very convenient to not to step out from the house to buy something.
Great Discovery: is one of those online shops where you can get your glasses at a very cheap price. You can choose the lenses that you prefered and click the frame that you like and placed the order. Simple, right? But of course, you need to know your power first :p

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year, New Beginning

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Finally, our house is open to people for visits. After nearly 3 years of staying, we have sorted out the empty (no cabinets) & messy (full of stuff lying everywhere) KITCHEN and the junk like STORE ROOM that we use to put our baju (clothes) and other stuffs.

We went to get our racks from Ikea on the 1.1.2008 (yup, a new year, a new begining) after Gerald spring clean the house and throwing out unwanted stuffs (he's very good at that! totally opposite of me, whereby I will keep stuff). The room's racks was up before he went back to Doha on 5.1.2008 but he have not enuf time to set up the kitchen.

So, for the 1st time in my life I sorted out the kitchen today and can you believe tat I have lots of expired food *pengsan* that I throwed away. After that, I set up the galvanised rack and partially sorted the food (coz my mum helped with the rest). So, officially, today we have a totally new beginning for 2008 *phew*

Thanks DEAR for giving me a new wardrobe and kitchen. I will try my best to keep it tidy.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mahkota Walk

I am so amazed on how the Mahkota Walk popularity among the taman(ers) within 1 year. It started with just a few coffe shop, laundry mart & mini market. Now, it has mushroomed into a very happening place with lots of shops ranging from clinic , mamak, fusion food cafe, office lot, car workshop & this rehabilitation center (dunno if it is a drug rehabilitation ) sitting at the far end of the corner & occupied 3 units of the shop lots. Oh, not to mentioned, my church even have it's branch there with the name Bandar Mahkota Cheras Lutheran Church Malaysia.....

Updates (22 Jan 08) : Just checked out the rehabilitation center. It's a center for nursing or some research center (^-^)