Friday, May 18, 2007

A new family mamber

Nope, it's not my baby girl but it's my cousin sis's baby girl. Why I say a new family member is because my mum is babysitting her for my cousin sis. The moment I saw her when she is just a few days old, I have fallen in love with her.

This makes me realise how much I love babies but faith is not that kind to me (coz I haven't have any mah :p). So, baby Ariel & Summer (cantonese pronounce as Cheng ) has become my victim of pampering for now *giggle*.

Every now & then where I saw those cute little clothes for them especially baby Ariel, I will just grab without givng a 2nd thought (Ok it's more to when I have the $$$).

Baby Summer is just 3 months & 10 days old now. She love to chat with people & I love to play with her. She always say 'ang ku' & that's so cute *heart melted*

Can't wait for tomolo to play with her ....

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