Friday, February 29, 2008

Lunch break = Bai Lin

*Chor 5 lunch break*

Since I didn't take any additional leave for these CNY, I started work on Chor 5 , 15th Feb 08. The office was quite empty with a few MEOW around & my usual gang is still on holiday. Hence, I went to my aunt's place for lunch reunion. Too bad that the area has water cut, I'm a bit dissapointed for not having some really good food cooked by my Yee Ma. Instead, my cousin sis tapau KFC for all the relatives (not my fav. though, so I ate 1 small pc).

The attention of the day of course was the arrival of the youngest great grand daughter , my niece, Cheng Cheng. She's so adorable and everyone just want to get hold of her. I did manage to snap 1 photo of my grandma with my niece before I make a move back to work. That makes them Great Grand relationship -> Great grandma, Great grand daughter ....

(credits & details here)

29th Feb - today in hIsTory

It started with a normal day for me, go to work in the morning, went to Danau Desa to have fish head noodles and then back to work.... read Jazz blog on how she saja to blog on 29th Feb .... an it came to me that I shall jot down something as well...

So, I began to search 29th Feb, today in history to see what's interesting to include in this post and then ... something or more to someone near me is going to make today in my life in history...

I got a sms from Bee Li telling me tat she's in hospital now, going into labor... WoW!!! It's great to hear she giving birth today but then, it croses my mind that today is 29th Feb, you dun have this day every year... it only happen once in 4 years.... Oh my... so, I call back & try to tell her to tahan till 1st March so tat the baby can celebrate b'day every year but too late.. she's in a vy painful stage ( I think near to give birth) ... So, I guess the baby decided to be special ...

And so, today in history in my circle of frens... Bee Li giving birth .... a new life joined the world... & as for myself, I drove my new car to work...

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Are you someone that is constant on medication or always need prescriptive drugs for treatment of some illness? If you are, then medicare part d is very suitable for you *provided that you're of matured age*. This is a health plan provided by US health government for people that is above 65 yrs old or some people with disabilities under age 65 or people with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant). If you want to know more, do hop over to the site and discover the benefit of the medicare.
P/S: I do hope our government will come up with something similar for our people in this part of the world...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chinese New Year *Chor 3*

*chor 3 @ our place*

CNY to me always means visiting relatives & Chor 3 is no difference. We open our house (the new one @ Kajang) for our relatives to visit us and to make our house a bit merrier (^-^) during CNY. This also means that we need to prepare some food and my mum had not really prepared the menu *Aik!! Lucky my place is near Jusco Cheras Selatan & we went there on the nite before to stock up for the simple lunch.*

I woke up super early on Chor 3 to see & make sure my mum cook wat we bought last nite & also just to supervised a bit on the vege since it's a new dish to her but ended up preparing for the vege coz my mum dunno wat I want. I dun cook coz my taste bud is a bit blend, so, if I cook, it either end up bland or too salty *LOL*. My big contribution to the lunch was to use the broiler to oven cooked the Vegetarian Pandan Chicken. Here's what we managed to prepare :

(credits & details here)

We have pandan chicken, stir fry mix vege (lotus root, celery, carrot & sweet peas) & steam chicken which is my dad's best dish. Not to forget a big pot of Abalone Ginseng Chicken soup that will satisfy everyone stomach.

After the lunch, we have some light entertainment (you know wat I mean lar, those we usually play during CNY *wink*) for the relatives and the session lasted till almost 5pm. As for me, I got bored by 2pm and started to fall asleep *pai seh*... and I did slept for awhile .... yawn....

That ends the event for 3rd day of CNY...

PS: Just incase all of you were wondering why suddenly there's alot of Chinese Word in my scrap --> I found out that my windows can choose the language, so I use the Chinese PRC to type the Han Yu Pin Yin and click on the word that I want. No, I dunno Chinese but I can recognise some vy basic word & used it to the max :p

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

*TV mount*

Plasma tv or LCD tv is becoming a hit and the price is getting more affordable by month. The price range is between 2k to 5k for a decent one (Samsung, LG, Sony ....). I do wish to own one of those coz it really save alot of space coz can opt for a tv wall mount instead putting the tv on a table or a tv cabinet, just like those in the 5 stars hotel. Hmm, maybe in 2 yrs time, I can have one.. who knows, the price will drop to like few hundreds bucks *ke ke ke*

Monday, February 25, 2008

Planning to go Vegas?

Oh, a few months back, I have a colik tat went on a business trip to the State. She managed to extend her trip and travel to the land of entertainment ---> Las Vegas. I really envy her coz she get to travel abroad and the flight is even business class *eye popping*. It's really a nice place to go & explore. As for me, if I ever have the chance of going to the State, I sure will search for my Vegas rooms via internet for some cheap deal.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reunion lunch on Chor 2

*chor 2 @ popoyi place*

Every year on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, we will go over to my mum's side to 'bai lin' and usually, it will be at my youngest uncle's place. This is because his place is the largest that can house all 8 siblings' family. My youngest 'kaumo' will cook a simple feast for us to eat while all of us gather to enjoy and chit chat since it's really rare for all of us to get together.

Here's some really memorable photos taken during that day coz it's hard to see all together especially my mum with her sisters as shown below:

(credits & details here)

Me and my 2 younger brothers taken on that day and I really look like their little sister since I look so short when standing between those 2 fellas :

(credits details here)

Since I started snapping photos, nearly everyone who's free came up to me to request to be taken with those beautiful decorations. I have too many photos and decided to do a 2 page layout and will definately print it out for them:

(credits & details here)

This year is really a fruitful session in view of capturing the event of the day but then, it's quite boring for me after chor 2 coz no place for me to go....

PS: All my dear cousins who saw these LO, do drop me a note if you want to have it on ur blog. I will email you the copy so you can share it as well (^-^)

*Online baju shopping*

Lately I have been browsing tru alot of the online ladies fashion and most of the link were introduced by Jazz. I must say that it's really vy convenient to shop and also to update my fashion senses. I even bought a top from one of her fren's online store. However, most of the link I have is for girls and I wish there's some for guys. Today I just got this link to a men's fashion site. Vy mice leh the baju there. Can show to my lil bro coz he's quite lazy to go out to shop.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

*More insurance offer*

He he... you must be wondering why I keep on writing about insurance. Well, this is because I got some good offer to share with you all and second, just want to let you all know tat if we can afford one, do get one for yourself because we never know our luck is down and we got ill. At least get a term life insurance quote, coz you'll at least know how much you need to pay to get a min sum insured of your life. People around me is really making me feel like to top up my insurance or get another one....

Monday, February 18, 2008

My fortune of the day

*Thought of posting this later but then, it's fortune of today, hence, it cut the ques of my CNY post*

I am sure alot of people knows about the fortune cookies. I am not sure who invented it but it does really gives you some fun to discover what the little piece of paper that predicts our fortune of the day (or maybe gives us some magic just like Disney movie, Freaky Friday).

I had 1 cookie today (thanks to my colleague) and what it tells me of my fortune?

I am sure everyone will agrees that our home is where we draw happiness from. Oh well, it's not really a predict the future type but it tasted very nice... had fun biting into it (^-^)

FGS Dong Zhen on Chor 1 evening

*Chor 1 evening*

I have heard about this FGS Dong Zhen from alot of people especially those avid photographer. Every year during Chinese New Year, this place will be decorated with lanterns and flowers and it has become a must visit place during CNY. I must say, it really perk ups any KL people's day coz CNY in KL is pretty much the same (which is getting quiet'er' every year).

So, since Chor 1 I got nothing to do, I bring my parents & my lil bro to visit this place. We met up with Jazzmint and hopped into her MPV to go to FGS. Lucky by the time we reached there, there's still sunlight to capture the beautiful scenary (lots of flowers which can't be seen if it's night time) and also to walk to the stalls set up along side the garden.

There's this stall that sells dolls made from coloured dough. It's really rare to find this type of stall coz it's sort of like a forgotten art. You can pay RM2 to have a spin on the wheel to see how lucky you are. If very lucky, can walk away with a big dough doll that cost RM 6 or RM8. If not, dun be despair coz you still get a small fish caught with the rod.

Give a spin and see what you can get from the dough toys stall...

RM 6 dough toys that's so cute...

Below shows some day time spots that I love at FGS. You can see there's a Wishing Tree (just like those TVB series) at the entrance to this place....

(credits & details here)

Beautiful walkways decorate with red lanterns

Once the sun has set, the place is transformed into a land that's brightly lit by red lanterns everywhere. It's really a must to see those spectacular lighted up decorations.

Brightly lit red lanterns hanging at the arch entrance

(credits & details here)

To see more photos, you can visit Jazzmint's site. I am still trying to find my way to skim down the photos to be uploaded to my webshot (^-^)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chinese New Year *Chor 1 morning*

*Chor 1 morning*

My 1st day of CNy this year is very different from the year before coz Gerald is not around, I am celebrating it in KL with my family. So, early that morning, I went for Chinese New Year Service at my church. I am all set with my cheungsam (glad that I can fit into it this year but still it's a bit loose at top *sob sob* ) to go 'bai lin' with Jesus this year *LOL*.... Just incase you're wondering why got church on CNY -> It's a custom for my church to have a CNY service coz it's in a kampung whereby lots of people will come back for CNY.... The service is really amazing coz Rev. Lee really relate the talk with RAT year (will share the story later)

Me with Eva in cheongsam. I just love the photo... Dun you think we both look so lovely in cheungsam *perasan liao*

After the service, I went home to chill (before going out in the evening to the FGS Dong Zhen festival with my family & Jazzmint) & open up all my CNY tit-bits.. I really bought alot of food, especially the 'Yuk Gon' coz I bought from Weng Heong & Bee Cheng Hiang... As for the other tit-bits, you can see from the below scrap :

(credits & details here)

That's not all the tit-bits coz there's still some I haven't open yet. I really hope I won't put on weight by month end (^-^).

Saturday, February 16, 2008

*Burial Insurance*

We have heard of life insurance, accidental & death insurance, 36 disease insurance, medical card insurance, lady's insurance and the list goes on & on & on..... That's the most common stuff we heard now days and it's definately a must to get one, at least (if we can afford it). Have you ever heard of burial policy ? It's something new that is offered by Globe Life that will cover the usual plus the funeral expenses (which I think is so smart of them to go into this)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine

Valentine is here and Happy Valentine Day to my dear hubby & all the people out there. You can see that I have changed my banner to a very romantic banner....

This year, I will not be celebrating it with my dear dear physically but we will have cyber dating & candlelight chatting session at night. I found that knewing each other via internet really does help in maintaining our relationship.... (many still awed by this fact*LOL* & how we can chat non stop thtoughout the day & nite).... & our love for each other grew each Home Trip as you can see from the photo below (^-^) which was taken way back in Sept 07 in KK....

(credits & details here)

So, wat did I give to Gerald since he's so far away? he he he... I have sent him a SpeCial Card & am I glad that it didn't lost in transporting :p

Besides that, I did a very last minute wallpaper for his laptop last nite..... something cheap but it the thoughts count, right?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reunion Dinner cum Birthday Celebration

It's Chor 7 but I shall start my CNY post with the Reunion Dinner (^-^)

CNY Eve falls on 6th Feb 08 and it's my mum's birthday. Hence, we have 2 celebration in 1 night but we had a very simple celebration. This year the reunion dinner is just among the 5 of us coz my uncle went back to his wife's side while Gerald is in Doha. hence, just home cook meal which consist of fish, vege, chicken, roast pork & the most expensive chicken soup coz got bird nest :p

(credits & details here)

After the dinner, we had a birthday celebration for my mum. Got a cake from Secret recipe (thanks to Tina) but the big head prawn me left the candle at my house..... we gotta make do without the candle with just song & wishes plus lots of photos. Since I look vy messy, I refused to be in the photo which I regrated when I did this LO....

Happy Birthday MUM!!!!

(credits & details here)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

*fiber cable*

I still can remember how I was awed by how fiber cable works back in my Physics class during my secondary schools. Back then, the fiber cable is really a revolution thingy and was not widely used in Malaysia. Now, I just got to know tat my phone line at my area are all runned by fiber cable hidden beneath the ground *no wonder can't see the black pole*. There're more use for fiber cable than just phone lines... try google it and you will know how useful it is...

Friday, February 08, 2008

*Wise decision*

Since our house loan has gone over the 5 years bond with the bank, we were thinking on swapping to a better deal with other bank. But doing so will need alot of time and time is one thing tat we dun have right now. Anyway, if you're interested in getting a house, do go choose a good mortgage lenders aka bankers. Because a good deal really saves alot on the interest and the tenure of paying it back.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

As you can see that my blog is all ready to greet the Chinese New Year with my early CNY banner. Here I (we) wish my(our) family, friends & colleagues a very Prosperous RAT Year. These coming few days will be very busy for me coz visiting relatives and friends while for Gerald, it's business as usual (poor Dear Dear). He got to work in Doha but then again, he is all set for the CNY. He has bought yuk gon & prawn rolls to have it tonight & tomorrow.

GONG XI FA CAI & HONG BAO NA LAI to my Dear Dear (^-^)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Choon Lai & Eelaine's Wedding

(credits & details here)

Today I attended another wedding at my church and it's Choon Lai & Eelaine's wedding (Congratulations!!!) . Their wedding is really beautiful... beautiful flower decorations, beautiful flower girls, beautiful cake & also beautiful couple. I really love the main flower arrangement

I didn't manage to get many close up photos this time because they have hired many profesional photographer to capture their special moment. Here's a few that will show how elaborate their wedding was ;)

Beautiful hand bouquet for the bride

Beautiful flower arrangement done by a church sister

Cute flower girls & the ring bearer

Note : This wedding is at 11th Miles Cheras Lutheran Church & solemnized by Bishop Philip Lok

Friday, February 01, 2008

* Succession Plan *

Some of you might have heard of the BTA programme from British American Tobacco GSD, some of you might not have heard about it. It's a management trainee programme for the 'creame of the crop' of that year and they are part of a succession plan from our head. The BTAs are given all the training and exposure to the leadership team. Really a good way to start work with. So, if you saw the BTA programme in newspaper, do apply for it. You'll never regret...

Winter Wonderland at the Curve

final Christmas post

(credits & details here)

Finally, I have come to the last of my Christmas post.

I went to the Curve on 16th Dec 07 with my parents to get my orchid & some stuff from Ikea. I knew that it will be decorated with Christmas deco, hence, I had my camera all ready *LOL* & had my mum post for the camera. Their theme this year is a Winter Wonderland. I love the little house at the center of the entrance surrounded by snow capped trees & reindeers. You really feel the winter in there.

So, this ends my Christmas adventures in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur. I just love to hunt down the decorations & captured as many beautiful photos to share with my hubby & friends. Now I can't wait for Chinese New Year decorations (^-^)