Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello..... I am back from my vacations but sad to say, still not yet fix my pc but I managed to fix my internet problem. Hopefully I won't be too lazy to fix the pc so I can start blogging (lots to blog on my Vietnam trip & also my team building) & scrapping coz I can say, the 1 month blog + scrap break can makes 1 lazy....

And u must be wondering why suddenly I resurface today (LOL) and not on weekend since I have no pc still. This is coz today is such a nice day -> 20.08.2008, very nice date, right? So, I told myself, must jot down something in my blog. Hence, here I am, posting from my laptop with the latest photo from Sapa, Vietnam (lots to come later on, promise)

Me with a Black H'mong lady and her baby boy at Ta' Van Village

Sunday, August 10, 2008

*A SPA escape in your favourite place*

I am sure everyone loves spa no matter we have it at our home, hotels or go to a SPA center to enjoy the profesional SPA session. No matter where we go, we would wish to have a SPA of our dream especially the location of the SPA. However, to get to the dream location like those we see in the magazine and hotels brochure (eg: Andaman Spa in Langkawi which can cost us over RM 1k just to stay there and enjoy it coz it is a luxury resort), it is super expensive!!. Hence, we can only afford it once in awhile.

For those who really love to enjoy it at their home but would love to have a scene other than the 4 walls or just their neighbourhood scene, you can choose some
spa accessories. It's more affordable than to go all the way to the beach or to the mountain to enjoy the perfect Spa escape or getting a overall hot tub and landscaping project . Just choose the spascenes that you like, add some aromatheraphy oil in the burner and on some natural sound, Voila! Your own bathroom has turned into the perfect relaxing place to enjoy the perfect spa at your own time. It's so easy to install and durable.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

*North Carolina health insurance*

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