Tuesday, December 30, 2008

EOE ~ Home-grown Photo service provider

Wow.... so fast the holidays has passed and though not many photos were taken this round but it reminds me of my 2007 Christmas in Singapore.... he he he... those lovely photos taken in Singapore were still in my hard drive, savely tuck in a corner and been reviewed many times by myself.....

Since the introduction of digital camera, I hardly develop any photos.... It's quite sad though, coz I can't share it with my family and I can't have a look at it & admire it whenever I want it.... Why I never print it out? Coz I find it a hassle to send the copies to be develop out.... hardly can find one nearby my area and also when I found 1, I didn't bring the card out.....

But then I found
EOE Online that provide online photo album services. I know, it's quite common to have online service but not one in Malaysia though... now all I need is to upload the photos that I want and wait for them to deliver it to me..... it's that simple.... and their price is quite good, I ccan say that.

Just did my round and now am sitting back for them to deliver the photos to me....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hello...... Just in time to wish everyone a very meRRy chRistmas with a new blog banner.

May all the Joy & Peace befall everyone...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting soooo lucky as lightning strike twice

When I thought everything is going to be ok, then it happened again. If anyone notice, I have been MIA again.... all because I have no internet connection thanks to a char grilled modem on a fine Saturday afternoon 2 weeks ago. Yeap, my modem got strike by lightning (again) and it's the 2nd time this year. And to make it a set lunch I have an almost new 19" Samsung flat screen monitor to go with the modem.

Ain't I lucky? I feel like so lucky that I I think I can go to Vegas vacations and strike the jackpot *LOL*, come home being a billionaire...... *SIGH* I really hope it won't strike the 3rd time this year as I got vy tired of fixing one thing after another ....

Monday, October 20, 2008

* Mini gym in office *

With the weather getting so unpredictable lately (fuming hot in the morning & noon but raining zoo in the evening), it's really hard to go for exercise in the park especially for those who love to jog. Luckily for me and also my coliks, we are still able to exercise coz our office have a small gym equipped with treadmill, stepper & lots of exercise equipments which include the Osim i-gallop.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

*GOLF-ing around*

I am not sure if it is a norm to some company but my company does have a a Special Interest Group for golfer... They will held the annual golf tournament for the BAT staff and also will organize some golfing to far away places.. and thanks to the Diversity program early this year, they even have golf lessons *FOC* for the ladies *too bad I was not one of them* as it's limited to a few lucky one. But some of my coliks joined tat... and one of them even know where to get vy good deals on golf equipment.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bon Appetite...

As promised, here's the appetizer to the following posts that I am going to blog. It is indeed overdue posts since July but the photo below will be the hint of my up coming posts... Hope it keeps you wants more .... Bon Appetite

Fresh Vietnamese Popiah ~ my favorite coz it is so fresh to eat...

Pan seared scallop served with salmon roe on asparagus water ~ something new that I had during a fine dining dinner

Kani Avocado Salad ~ real crab meat japanese salad .. yum yum....

Tapas ~ a kind of fish that is filled with yummy fish roe, a must to try...

A collection of soups... for those who can't make up their mind...

I hope by now you have some clues on wat I am going to blog about .... things and events that happened during my MIA session (^.^)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I am back with some appetizers to reopen my blog ^_^

I am back and yup, my desktop has been fixed and the culprit is my graphic card and as for my laptop, the ram has been fixed as well. Since I have been MIA for such a long time, I shall post up some appetizers (from various occasions from July till Sept 08) for my coming posts....

Talking about food and my favorite are 2 things, appetizers and dessert. Since I am a small eater, the appetizers can be my main course so that I can have my dessert also. Some of my fav. are the tapas, the kerabu mango (mango salad ala thai style), kani avacado salad, fresh vietnamese spring rolls and soups. I do have a lot of those photos to post up but I will need to resize it. So, stay tune to feed your eyes with yummy appetizers

Saturday, September 27, 2008

* no more F.A.T. *

No more F.A.T.

I am sure that is what every girl wishes. Some were lucky to have high metabolism to burn off the excess fat but some were not so lucky, no matter how they exercise or diet, they still struggle to keep the fat at bay or just managed to not to get fat but not to burn off the fat. But what's the best fat burner in town? There's so many in the market but I am sure no matter which brand it is, every cream have it's best formula to burn off fat ....

Monday, September 08, 2008

Still Alive...but barely living

I am still alive incase some of you wonder why so long no post (which I doubt anyone will wonder tat). I think this year my luck is really on the low coz my last resort to connect the world has gone kaput (*_*) -> the laptop.

It happened on last Sunday morning, (3 days after Gerald help me upgrade my RAM to 1GB) the symptom of transplant failure showing on that morning. First, it hang, then cannot start up. Finally, after 3 try, it's alive again. But after I shut down, it cannot start up. My mood was so down that whole day coz my original RAM is in Doha now with Gerald. My only hope is to send it to my local infra to check (which I dun have positive hope).

So, my desktop and laptop suffer the same fate, RAM failure. I must really call up HP to claim my warranty for desktop before it expires in November.

Adios for now.... I will be back soon with my Vietnam trip and KK trip to Kundasang and Kudat (once my pc is running as I am using my office laptop now)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello..... I am back from my vacations but sad to say, still not yet fix my pc but I managed to fix my internet problem. Hopefully I won't be too lazy to fix the pc so I can start blogging (lots to blog on my Vietnam trip & also my team building) & scrapping coz I can say, the 1 month blog + scrap break can makes 1 lazy....

And u must be wondering why suddenly I resurface today (LOL) and not on weekend since I have no pc still. This is coz today is such a nice day -> 20.08.2008, very nice date, right? So, I told myself, must jot down something in my blog. Hence, here I am, posting from my laptop with the latest photo from Sapa, Vietnam (lots to come later on, promise)

Me with a Black H'mong lady and her baby boy at Ta' Van Village

Sunday, August 10, 2008

*A SPA escape in your favourite place*

I am sure everyone loves spa no matter we have it at our home, hotels or go to a SPA center to enjoy the profesional SPA session. No matter where we go, we would wish to have a SPA of our dream especially the location of the SPA. However, to get to the dream location like those we see in the magazine and hotels brochure (eg: Andaman Spa in Langkawi which can cost us over RM 1k just to stay there and enjoy it coz it is a luxury resort), it is super expensive!!. Hence, we can only afford it once in awhile.

For those who really love to enjoy it at their home but would love to have a scene other than the 4 walls or just their neighbourhood scene, you can choose some
spa accessories. It's more affordable than to go all the way to the beach or to the mountain to enjoy the perfect Spa escape or getting a overall hot tub and landscaping project . Just choose the spascenes that you like, add some aromatheraphy oil in the burner and on some natural sound, Voila! Your own bathroom has turned into the perfect relaxing place to enjoy the perfect spa at your own time. It's so easy to install and durable.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

*North Carolina health insurance*

Thinking of getting a health insurance minus all the hassle of analysing the perfect plan and you're located in the states... choose North Carolina health insurance. They are a company of over 70yrs of experience in health insurance industry and provide all the answers to your questions so that they come out with the perfect plan tailor made for yourself. No need to worries in getting one health insurance tat does not fit yourself or it might be too burdend to pay it coz they understand the importance of value and staying within a budget.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going for my vacation

Just a little shout out to the world that I am going for my 1st out of Malaysia holiday (Singapore doesn't count, ok). This is a trip that was planned so long ago with my coliks and finally it is here. We're going to Vietnam and hopefully it won't rained so much (coz I checked the weather & it says scattered thunderstorm).
So, when I am back from my holiday, I will definitely fix my pc and start blogging again. Till then....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

*going HEALTHY*

*posting from my laptop coz PC still kong*

I have been having this acne problem on my right cheek area for a year and it refuses to go away albeit all the facial I went and all the product I tried (
treatments for acne from cheap to vy exp). Yet it still persist and sometimes it flair up and become vy noticeable (though not always). So, I decided it's time to go internal... and now I am popping diligently multivitamins, herbs for liver, EFA, wheatgrass and the latest I tried is the neem that promises purifying the blood and treating skin problem such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. Well, with all the supplements, I do hope it helps coz it's not easy to swallow so many pills (not a pill person).

Sunday, July 13, 2008

N now it's my PC *pengsan*

Call it bad luck or pure technology failure..... to me, it's the same.... I was a bit happy when the modem borrowed from my colik is working fine with my pc last nite (though it got d/c for awhile) but hey, no complains .... until this morning. As usual, with the internet 'back', I turned my pc on in the morning and left it running for 30 mins when the problem starts...

First, it is the modem connection, then my pc hang. I did what I need to do, restart it but it won't work. It totally can't load into window (juz like the previous problem) & I did the system recoverry thingy and it won't work as well. My conclusion? RAM problem.... got to call the HP help line tomolo to report this and hope they will come n diagnos the problem (now I wish I am having a MAC coz the
Mac memory doesn't give much problem).

Thank GOD that I have a laptop (bought it from the technology refresh scheme @ my office) as a backup & this Windows XP is much eaasier to dela with than the Vista.

Hopefully the PC plus internet problem will get solved once and for all when Gerald is back.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Internet still out

It has been more than 2 weeks that my net is down. Logged the case to TM but still, they can't find what's the actual problem that is causing my line down. They came 3 times for my streamyx problem but the diagnosis is more on a try & errro kind. First, they say it might be my phone extension line problem, asked me go change that. So, I went to buy a new one. Then they came 2nd time, coz tarak working the 1st solution. He did more test, and say it's my phone connection box problem, so, I changed that (have to go hunt for it coz they do not sell tat, only sell splitter). Fine, change tat, and the line still down. 3rd time, the same guy came again, this time, he tested with his modem and it's working, so, diagnose my modem got problem (coz the DSL keeps blinking). Fine, no argue, I go to the same shop and asked for a change. But they tested my modem there, and it's working fine. The DSL is so stable.

Ok, this gives me problem, coz now dunno wat's wrong with it. Dun tell me that my line is choosy on the type of modem.... So, my last resort is to get a new modem, this time, will get the Aztech one. The 'notworking' modem is D-Link and the technician say not vy good wor (O_+) u say I pengsan or not....

Oh, and latest thing I tested is with another modem of my taman-mate, and it's working fine at my house and also my D-Link modem is working fine at her place. Why ah..... *double pengsan*

So, now if I really want to go online, my only hope is my laptop computer & a reliable cafe with wifi

Friday, June 27, 2008

*modern furniture*

Clean & Contemporary...aka modern furniture that's what I prefer for the type of furniture for the house. It projects space and clean lines in the home. One feel refresh and relax when living in this ambience created by crisp clean space and comfort that comes with it. I loves white furniture but I do need a cleaner or helper to clean it coz it get stained vy fast but I am sure with this new era, people loves this designs.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

*making d right choice*

It has been quite sometime that my wash basin is not functioning vy well but I juz ignore it till now. The drainage is not working properly for months and the bathroom faucets that we choosed to install is not a vy functionable type as well. It looks nice but when come to water output, it's vy low pressure. This really makes me think twice the next time I want something fixed especially some household items, i must really consider every aspect.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Internet down *sob sob*

My internet is down and has been down since last Saturday coz I didn't off my PC during the thunderstorm. So, my modem gone and I got a new modem on Sun. Was so happy when got the new modem but then.... when I plug it it, the DSL light keeps blinking *_* and refused to stabilise for 1 min. Called TM and they log a case for me. Called them today, and they told me the line has been reset yet this morning, the DSL still like tat....

Habis.. my heart was crushed when knowing I have no internet access. This shows how important internet is in my life. I can live without phone but not the internet ... Hope the line will be up soon....

Meanwhile, I got to take a BLOG BREAK ....

Friday, June 20, 2008

something TAIWANese

backdated post

(credit & details here)

During Gerald's March trip, we went to The Gardens right after we're back from our KK trip (well, not right after but the next day). The outing was quite a late one coz we seldom goes out to the mall in the afternoon (jam & hard to find a parking space would be the reasons). We walked about the whole MidValley and The Gardens & Gerald is quite amazed with the posh'ness' of the new building (his 1st visit) which I must agreed.

The Gardens not only offer expensive goods but a wide choice of food ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Fusion, Nyonya, Western, Healthy & Taiwanese from lower ground floor to the top most floor. And we were quite lucky coz that time, they were having this Food Fair that provide you a booklet with discounts. So, we had our lunch and dinner there (after long hour of window shopping) and we tried 2 restaurants - brunch & dinner (will blog the lunch later).

Here's our dinner place, where we choosed by following the crowd -> Foong Lye, a taiwanese restaurant. The place was quite full until we have to delayed our dinner (coz no big table available & u will know why we need a big table when I show the photo below)

Our drinks where Gerald stick to his pepsi while I tried the Oolong milk tea. I must say, I dun really acquire the taste for it coz it tasted like coffee.

Gerald's dinner which consist of the glass noodle (his favourite) and smoked duck meat (shown in the above scrap)

My set dinner, Spicy Pork Intestines which is quite nice but I dun really fancy the blood jelly (lucky Gerald loves it *he he*, else it is wasted). This set comes with appetiser, soup and a bowl of nice fluffy white rice topped with yummy minced meat.

The appetiser : cold french beans, fried ball & fried seafood tofu

Old cucumber soup that comes with the set.

And here's my expression after such a wonderful and heavy dinner ....

(credits & details here)
The verdict?
I highly recommend this place for good food though the price for the set meal varies from RM 16 ++ to RM 20 ++. My favourite would be the sweet potato balls and Gerald's meal.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a baby's smile ...

(credits & details here)

I know I have shown baby Mark Voo, which is the youngest addition to the Voo family but this is the first time we met him (during the March KK trip). He's such a darling but I must say, he is much smaller in size as compare to his cousin, Veda which is only a few months older than him.

The above photo (scrapped using my CT kit) showed him sleeping in the morning of Easter while we were busy preparing to go for service. So cute....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

baby VEDA

(credits & details here)

During our March home trip back to KK, we finally met with the latest addition to the Voo family trees, baby Veda Voo, our lil niece. She's my 2nd BIL's 2nd daughter, which is lil sister to Ariel Voo. She is juz like her sister, which is such a darling & loves to smile....

Monday, June 16, 2008


Not sure why but this is another song that I FELT 感动 yet I LOVE it at first hear and want to share with the people out there -> 你听见了吗?It's a song to appeal for donation for the Sichuan Earthquake by MY FM and it's sung by many artist which can be found at the site (pardon me for not listing it coz I seriously having difficulty to recognise the chinese words).

It took me forever to understand the MY FM site to get this song title coz I dunno chinese *SIGH*. I have tried vy hard to get the mp3 also but no luckt yet, juz managed to get it in Youtube and not the duet tat I heard.

And here's the lyrics (how i wish there's some han yu pin yin for this) :





Sunday, June 15, 2008

it's DAD's day

Happy Father's day to my dad, my father in law in KK and all the other fathers, grand father & great grand father out there. Me & my brother were planning to go out for lunch but then, the celebration has to be canceled. But juz like wat my bro say, we still can go out makan.... which is quite true. Let's see how today goes by...

Oh, I have put up a special banner for this day if you haven't noticed it yet *he he he*. Got too addicted of making banners for blog *wink*

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Woan Jiun

(credits & details here)

Happy birthday to you, my dear friend. Since I can't make it down to makan with you, here's a card to wish you happy birthday. I know you like blue, hence the theme color (^-^). But your name is very long & I am a bit lazy to spell it out, I used your english name instead. Hope you like it ....

And here's the card presented to you in a scrap layout , which is tied with a string of pearls, your fav too:

(credits & details here)

* Sushi for one? *

No, it's not food .... it's a book tat I come across in a blog and it's highly recommended by Mrs. Miles. She gave me the link of free preview and I got hooked ot it. Sad thing is tat I couldn't find the book here in KL. Been to all the book shops in town, they dun carry the book coz it's a christian chic lite books ..... Sigh... The only hope now is to search in Singapore or ordering it online (hoping it will mail to Malaysia)

Friday, June 13, 2008

*cellular amplifiers*

I am always amazed by Singapore technology. This is simply because they are a well planned country with infrastructure, transportation and also communication. I so loves the later 2 juz because I can get to anywhere I want by taking the public transport and I can continue to talk using my cellphone while I am in the lift or underground. Cool, right? This won't happen here unless you're in one of those high tech company such as my office building. I guess they installed the cell phone amplifiers in the lift coz it's the only place whereby calls are still able to make when people are still in the lift. I do wish this also includes in all the malls.... (I know it will, juz gotta wait)

almost JINXed

I am not sure if it happens to anyone but for me, my day almost ended up JINX coz it's Friday the 13th *yikes* .... There's something bad happen to me almost everytime for this day since the first JINX way back in 2002 if not mistaken. So, I really pray hard this morning before I started my day at work so that I will have a smooth day. It did went smoothly until I reached home & park my car.... I was in the midst of unlocking the grill and the door when the last lock can't be opened *OMG, dun tell me it JINX again* and I tried a few times yet it refused to turned. I started to worry coz it's dark soon. Lucky my neighbour came out and offer me assistance and finally, it opened *phew*. I guess the JINX is on me but not on him.

Well, to make myself feel better, I blamed it on the rusty lock tat need some WD40 to lubraicate it or juz going to change the lock....

Does anyone faces the bad luck of Friday 13th or it is juz me....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Memorial Service & Funeral

*A journal entry for my beloved popo's funeral*

9th June 08 ~ Memorial Service

We had a 1 night service on 9th June 08 at Level 1, Room 13 (Rose) Nirvana Memorial Center @ Sg Besi. Since my family is Taoist believer, we had the ceremony conducted in Taoist (Cantonese) way. We arrived the center at 6pm and the setting for the service are amazingly posh yet serene. The service started from 7.30 pm until 11pm and all my relatives and friends came to pay their last respect to my beloved Popo. We went home at around 12 something because we were assured that there will be people to change the joysticks and also the food plus the continuous of the Amitaba chanting (very convenient & less tiring than my grandpa service which was held at home).

The settings of the memorial service for my Popo. Flowers and all the offerings (red dates, black fungus (木耳), mushroom, lunch, dinner, breakfast) were included for the service.

White chrysanthemum used to replace incense for paying respect to my Popo

Inside view of the room, a very comfortable setting for the people to pay their respect to my popo

Room 13 Rose, where the memorial service was held

10th June 08 ~ Funeral
The funeral started at 8am whereby we gather together to see and say our farewell to my Popo for the last time before they close the casket and send for cremation. It was very systematic and thanks to Nirvana, they prepared the LAST WORD to pay respect to my Popo session. According to the uncle, it's the most important session of the whole ceremony whereby we say our last farewell & wishes to my popo and see her for the last time before it turns into ashes and we won't be able to see her again. After that, we send her to the car and to the PJCCM to cremate.

Our last respect to Popo

Final gratitude farewell from my paternal relatives: Sis, Granduncle (popo's brother), Aunt & Grandaunt

Final gratitude farewell from Nirvana group

Final farewell to send my popo to PJCCM to cremate

Before I end my journal to jot down the service, I would like to thank the following peoples for their heartfelt condolences & 白金:

  • our maternal & paternal relatives
  • our friends
  • my church congregation (EMCLC)

Many thanks for Connie for helping out the whole time.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Good bye to my popo ....

I received the news while I was on my way home from Jazz's place. The nurse called me to inform me that my popo juz passed away. That time was around 11pm, 8th June 08. I stopped my car at the petrol station and informed everyone & make the arrangement. I went to the nursing home, waited for the funeral parlour people and also my uncle. Then we went to choose her funeral service stuff. I feel so weird, coz this is the first time I make the call on choosing the coffin, her clothes & her service.

The service will be held later tonight at the Nirvana Memorial Center at Sg. Besi, Lv 1, Room 13 at 5pm till 11pm. We will have the funeral on Tuesday and on Wednesday, we will send her to her new home, to be together with my granpa at Nirvana Memorial Park.

For the whole time, I was calm. Maybe I am relieved that my popo's suffering ended coz she suffered from stroke or maybe I has prepared for her departure earlier this yr coz she was so sick tat time that everyone thought she can't make it. Anyhow,I thank God for the calmness he gave me and I pray that he bless my popo as well.

Here I bid farewell to my beloved popo who always loves me so much...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

端午节 aka Dragon Boat Festival

It's 五月初五 which means, the Dragon Boat festival or as I call it Chung Chit in cantonese. Here I wish my dear dear, my family & everyone a Happy Duan Wu Festival.

(credits & details here , view the ecard here)
PS: Dun eat too much of the chung and do share some with me.....

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy 3rd Anniversary

So fast, today marks the 3rd year of our wedding (can see the special banner tat I made for this occasion). Happy 3rd Anniversay to my Dear Dear. Dunno wat to say but definately our love has grown so much.

Here's a simple gift for you, my dear... and a poem too ....

(credits and details here)

Perfect Partner

Three years ago, my dear
You made my world complete;
You became my perfect partner in life,
And you've been a world-class treat!

We've loved and worked and made a home
That fills me with pleasure and pride,
And it's all because of the wonderful one
Who has lived through the years by my side.

Thank you my treasured and cherished love;
You've made my dreams come true.
Your loving and caring have made our marriage
A blissful adventure for two!


By Karl Fuchs

Friday, June 06, 2008

here in MY home

After such a commotion on the fuel price, I think we should focus on something better, so, decided to post this up to share with all my frens out there.

A few weeks back, I heard this lovely & unique song sang by the Malaysian Artistes aired tru MY FM. I wanted it badly but it never occured to my mind to search tru the internet for it until today.

Why I say it's UNIQUE? This is coz it the 1st time I heard 4 language -English, Mandarin, Bahasa & Tamil (though only juz the rap part) in 1 song and it juz sounded so right. I dunno why I love it so much but I can say it's a really rare occasion to hear so many artist sang 1 song. I hope you enjoy this as well.

If you love this song, you can download it at the Malaysian Artistes for UNITY

Thursday, June 05, 2008

more on Petrol price hike ...

Yawn.... I am so tired but I cannot resists on reading all the news on the aftermath of the new fuel pricing. And as expected, the internet is flooded with streams of juicy news (both from the gov, Opps and also the people) and also some 'pleads' for the gov to reconsider on the new budget for the fuel (which I really hope but can only dream).

Of all the news clipping on the net, what caught my eyes are the below news clipping in The Stars which I feel that is quite true (especially those highlighted in purple) coz the price of petrol in Doha is at 80sen/liter.


PETALING JAYA: Calling the fuel price hike "disappointing and unacceptable", Opposition leader Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said the effects of the increase would be seen in the increase of consumer goods.
In a statement issued Thursday, she urged the Government to reconsider its decision to increase the price of petrol as
people spend 25% of their income on transportation.

" After paying quite high tax for cars and toll fees, we are now burdened with the high price of petrol, " she said.

She added that the statements on the petrol subsidy issued by several ministers were conflicting.

According to Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad, the subsidy from petrol is RM56bil while Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop said that it was RM28bil and it was RM12bil from the Government Financial report 2007. " Therefore, we estimate that the petrol subsidy could be between RM8bil and RM10bil, " she said.

She said the cost of exploration by the oil companies is US$30 a barrel compared to US$130 of the price of oil.

The Government should impose tax on profits made by the oil production companies rather than increase the price of petrol, she added. She feels that the price of petrol not only could be fixed at RM1.92 but could also be lowered if the Government taxed the profits made by the oil companies.

She also said
as an oil exporting country, the price of petrol must be compared to other countries exporting oil such as United Arab Emirates (UAE) where the price is RM1.19 per litre, Egypt (RM1.03), Kuwait (67sen), Saudi Arabia (38sen), Nigeria (32sen) and Venezuela (16sen).

She said it is "ridiculous" to compare the price of petrol with Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

She also urged the Government to make the Light Rail Transit (LRT) system more comprehensive so that the people could rely less on petrol.

"Instead of spending RM40bil for the double tracking railway between Padang Besar-Johor Baru, the Government should spend it on improving the public transportation like a network of LRT, " she added.

There're still alot of news on the petrol hike and I do really hope tat our beloved gov will really reconsider the price hike and also extending the help on people like us (the 'rat' race).

Ok, enuf of the petrol... now I shall go look for a home insurance coz need to get the best deal since everything also increase price.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Petrol at RM 2.70, what will happen to our life?

The news just came at 5pm today, which is a bit late for me to act (pump petrol) coz I am rushing for my yoga class and the sky juz decided to throw a downpour....
But with refilling my car today, it is just to stretch my mileage of the one full tank... too bad I didn't got the chance of doing so....

Sometimes I think why this is happening to us... we are living in a petrol production country, yet we are paying a hefty sum ..... with the new petrol price of RM2.70 /L ( will increase to more than RM4 by Aug coz follow market price), everything will increase the price... the food, the amenities & the electric will increase by 18% (read in The Star news & NST) but not the quality of our life....

How am I going to live with paying such a high price for petrol?

Most of u might suggest to commute with public transport but no thanks. My area is so outskirt , the bus is only at an interval of 30 mins if I am lucky... then I got to change bus to get to bukit jalil or if I am lucky, I will got to LRT station and hop onto 1 and stop at the bukit jalil station. Then, will need to catch a bus to TPM. If I were to do that, I will need to go out at 6.30am ... coz by driving, it took me almost an hour to got to work and if I were to take the bus, it will be 2 hrs ..... ain't this crazy?

I cannot see myself to do tat every day... if I do, I think by the end of the day, I will be depress and darn tired ...life is no meaning to live like this... and I will write more of my rambling on the blog ... which is not a good thing to read.... sigh....

Now I do wish we live like the Startrek, whereby we can just beam our self to places we want....tat will save the petrol crisis... meanwhile, I have to be extra cost savvy (eat more at Chillz, spend less on clothing) ...

*Just to note down on how bad is today in history *:
  1. My bank did a big mistake but luckily managed to resolve tat problem
  2. Not so good news in office
  3. Extremely bad news on the petrol & electricity
  4. Ah dear also got bad news

To read more on the latest news on the new government subsidy scheme, click here

Thursday, May 29, 2008


yeah... tat's wat I am this whole day.

I had the worst nite sleep ever in my life due to some 'fung sap' (I think that esplains my sudden & sever upper backache) and I toss & turned whole nite until 3am. Tat's when I decided to juz move to the living room to sleep on the sofa & on the aircond. It works coz no fan to blow the wind into my body (so I pressume coz tat's wat my popo told me when I am still young), but I have cool ambient in the room. Too bad that I got to wake up at 7am to go work (coz scared jam & should have taken MC) and with clocking not enuf sleep... I really look like a zombie & feel like a zombie...

When I reached home, I just on the computer & drop dead at the sofa, ZZZZZ until 10pm. Now I feel more like a human after the nap. I hope I will never ever have this zombie like day .... really terrible, man... and lesson learned :

  1. Remember to eat painkiller when feel the body aching. Dun juz tahan & wish the pain to go away
  2. Do not on the fan to sleep with the thought of saving electric bill. In the end, will juz suffer on my body
  3. Must 'boh' my body and let it rest & sleep early

a LUXURY gift



partially from Gerald (^-^)

Well, I was so bored one day and my fren told me about her fren going to USA and she's so into Coach.... so, I tot why not.. go surf the net and see wat is available and I saw 2 things I love... The one tat caught my eyes was this Coach Hampton Signature Optic... vy nice, yet quite girly (not to aunty)

So, that night, I just show to Gerald and he also say nice and asked if I really want it *he he he* of course ler I want ... and he's so genourous that nite... he sponser half the price ...

Hence, I got my 1st Coach bag in March 08

(credits & details here)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my wiShes 2 U

Happy Birthday DEAR DEAR ......

This year didn't buy anything for you (thought of getting 1 vy playful card for u but then..... no use if mail to u also), just make 2 cards for you. It's almost the same, just that the colors are a bit different. Can't decide which one is nicer, hence, u get 2 CARDS + virtual kissess *muak muak muak*

Card 1 is something very neutral with ur name in it (^-^)

(credits & details here)
Card 2 is something bright and more details but it's more personal (^-^)

So, here I wish my dear dear a very Happy Birthday. May all your wishes comes true and by next year onwards, we can celebrate all the important dates together...... & last but not least, a birthday poems for you.
Happily Ever After

On your birthday, my dear Gerald,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.

On your day I wish for you
Favorite people to embrace,
Loving smiles and caring looks
That earthly gifts cannot replace.

I wish you fine and simple pleasures.
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life’s best treasures.
I wish you happily ever after!

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

juz an OrdiNary day...


I woke up as usual to prepare to go work and then I got this message from my taman-mate. The road is super jam, stuck at Sg Long for 20 mins. The BMC road has closed. Hmm.... the main toll free road is closed again 'unexpectedly' so, there's no traffic polices to divert the traffic at our trunk road... With these news, I have to delay my journey to work unless I want to join in the jam & burn away my petrol....

Ok, off to work now... hope the issue will be resolved soon, if not, petrol is going to be expensive to me again.... and with this, I do wish I can work from home
coz really, I dun see the point of wasting time, stuck in the jam...

PS: Got to clean my house after work... lots of dust (dunno where it came from). Wish I got those Sebo vacuums where it definately suck in all the dust.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a special day ...

As you notice that my blog banner has changed to something special .....

Today is the day where we had our KL wedding, though not officially wedded but it's a day to remember. I think I am the only lucky bride that had 2 'weddings' with the same groom.... 2 wedding gowns .... and 2 different ceremony (traditional chinese 'chut moon' in KL and 'church ceremony in KK' for 1 lifetime journey.

Happy Anniversary, Dear .... Love you always ....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a BIRTHDAY celebration

KK March 08 trip

(credits & details here)

We were quite lucky this time coz we got to celebrate Mom & Dad 'in-laws' (finally) brithday. Though it's a bit early but this was the best timing we had in the 4 years...

After we got down from KK park, we rested for awhile and when everyone came home from work, we drove down to city center for this very good dteamboat dinner. They have all you can eat or ala carte. Since we are not a big eater, we choosed ala carte, which is a wise choice when the bill arrived.

The food there is very nice and my favourite (Arial's too) is the special fish noodles and the scallop 'siew mai'. It's quite different from KL because here, you can enjoy it in a/c place and yet, you got the freedom to choose wat you want from the serving trolley. And how to know the price? He he, here's how they used the sushi system... color coded tray... smart eh ... And not to forget there's 1 long table where the customer get to choose the sauces, the toppings & oils to have it with the steamboat.

At the end of the dinner, we took out the green tea cake which was bought by my 2nd SIL, Natalie. It's so delicious (Arial finished 1 pc by herself) and just nice for everyone. I wish we have that cake here in KL now... so refreshing.... So, that ends the celebration and our 2nd last day in KK.

PS: More photos & scraps of the event will be show later.. having some artistic block for the scrap :p

Friday, May 16, 2008

our KK Park photos

(credits & details here)

Finally, I have finished resizing the KK Park photos and uploaded into slides... phew.. it's really not an easy task to resize and choose the 'better' photos to upload. There's really alot that I loves but then, not all are presentable coz some is quite blur especially those shots where we attempt to capture the sky and the green grass (us jumping up) at the Golf Club at Mat Silau. My favourite will be those captured in the 'meadow field' as shown at the above scrap. It really reminds me those places in fairytale books (^-^)

And here's our short trip up to the park :

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my very own CAMEL

Was supposed to post this up after the HOT post but there's always some other things to post ... hence, the delayed in showing my very own camel.....

(credits & details here)

Sometimes back, I asked Gerald for a very unique and local souvenier from Doha. I never expect that I will have my vy own camel (figurine made out of REAL camel skin) and it does really look like the camel photo that was shown in the previous post.

These unique gifts (camel & aladin lamp) are my Christmas presents of 2007 which is yet to be displayed in the house.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The chronicles of Bandar Mahkota Cheras

Recently there have been a lot of news to BMC and it really has become well-known area not because of it's location ( really a good place to stay) but because of the closing of the main access road by the Grand Saga.

For those who has been spared by the tragedy of the residents in BMC, let me tell the battles that each of the residents are facing each day.

It has been years since the main road that lead the Cheras Highway into the BMC been built. It should be a happy things for the residents but then again, we did not get to enjoy the main access road. Why?

This is because the residents has been denied the usage of the road which is very near to the Cheras Highway and instead, have to pay toll to use the trunk road that will lead into Sg. Long and then to BMC. If it is a shorter road, I am sure the residents dun mind paying, but it's not. Can u imagine that u need to pay toll and yet u got to drive additional 4 ++ km to reached ur own place? I bet u can't believe it but it's TRUE!!!

Not only that, but each morning, the residents of the BMC got to battle with the heavy traffics (jam) to exit their trunk road to the Sg. Long trunk road and then to the Cheras Highway!!! On a normal hour, one only need 5 - 10 mins to get in or out from the 2nd toll into BMC trunk road. But because of the heavy traffics, it took 20 - 30 mins to just get out from the BMC trunk road to Sg. Long trunk road & do you believe that we need at least 3 traffic police to direct the traffic?

I must say, the traffic police did a very good job ( double thumbs up) coz without them, it is impossible to get out (can really patah balik and go home have breakfast & try the luck at a later time around 9.30am). This also happens during the peak hour of getting home from work. It's really a battle to get in and out from BMC during peak hours.

When the BMC main access road was 'open' for use, the traffic at the trunk road has been reduced to none (but I'm sure it damages the pocket of the 'toll' people coz they can't earn BMC money oledi). The 'opening' of the main access road is another battle between BMC residents & the 'toll' people. They really got to stand in vigile (salute to them), so tat the road remains open though the road has been damaged due to many 'poking' & meddling (which is a sad thing to see).

There's constant battle going on now (can see in youtube) & the latest news on these (read in NST) was that the barrier built by the toll people is legal... hmmm.... why leh? That you got to ask the judge lar.... or u can let ur imagination run wild *LOL*

Oh, the best part is, the address registered in the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (can seefrom IC) set by default that BMC falls under Bt 9 1/2 Cheras, Selangor & also Cheras Perdana, Tmn Megah falls under Bt 11 & Bt 9 Selangor. So, u think BMC main access road is belong to the federal? I for sure dun think so but I'm no land surveyor.... only they can tell....

That ends the story of BMC... wheter the BMC main access road will be open to the residents to use or not, it's another part which will comes later.... it's not available yet coz the movie has not been made, still in casting *ke ke ke ke*

I do hope there's a good ending with this chronicles.... coz we do pay taxes and also road tax (to use the road, kan?)...

P/S : Oh, does anyone know the procedure to get the traffic to sync with a new flow? Coz if the road is closed due to safety, I think with the adjustment of the traffic lights, I'm sure this will be solved....

Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother's day

Mother's day is nearing *this Sunday* and I did a simple banner to wish my MOM and all the mummies out there a Happy Mother's Day. You can see the credits & details here.

Our plan for this weekend is to go Puchong to have 'Yim Gok Hai' - Salted Crab (special request by my mum). The perfect day to eat is Saturday but my school fren, Li Li is getting married this Saturday. So, looks like Sunday got to rebut table with the rest of the world and searching for best buy gifts (I am sure all the daughters & sons are doing tat for their mummy)....

Thursday, May 08, 2008

RAK for my cousin

(credits & details here)

I just know that my dear little cousin (still little to me) just loves my blog coz lots of scrap *paiseh coz mine not really good lar as compare to others*..... so, I did this for her blog, which is a great blog coz she just blog on what she believes -> Appreciate, Respect & Love. Hope she likes it ... It's just a small RAK for my dear cousin (^-^)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

*St Martin Vacation*

Having a relaxing vacation is a dream to me. This is because with so little time and so much to pay for a vacation, it is always a dash n rush kind of holiday that we had. If one day, I have more than enough time and money, I would really love to go to this St. Martin Island for a vacation. St. Martin has influence by the French and the Dutch cultures which makse it a place full of flavor discover tantalizing cuisine and also beautiful architecture for those photography lovers.
If you're interested in this little island, u cna go to St. Martin villa rentals to book yourself in.

* Knowing Foreclosure*

FORECLOSURE - such a big word to me. When it came to big word, best is to look it up and learn it. It might came in handy in times to come.

So, what is foreclosure? Well, according to wiki, Foreclosure is the legal proceeding in which a mortgagee, or other lienholder, usually a lender, obtains a court ordered termination of a mortgagor's equitable right of redemption. Normally it happens when we are not able to pay back the house loan due to some financial difficulty. Luckily, there's
foreclosure help that's provided by a certain company to help out those who need to save their home.

it's so hot !!!

OMG... it's so HOT !!! It has been so hot for the past 1 week and I dun think I can tahan any longer if the sky does not open up soon.... My house used to be a cool place but now, it's like oven. What makes it worse is my study room is without aircond and there's no proper ventilation as well. I even took cold shower and while I am doing that, I can feel my sweat coming out from my skin ( I dun sweat easily, so, this is something unusual for me )...

Weather so hot, it reminds me of the below photo, taken so long ago by my Dear Dear.

It's the camel in Doha and I really wonder how they survive there. And look at how the natives dressed there... it's all white and with head gear to protect from the harh sun. If the rain dun come soon, I think I will definately opt to dress white and avoid going out during lunch time.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Lately, I have been obsessed in getting my hands on the digital scrapkits and challenges. Maybe it's NSD or maybe all the kits are too nice to resists *LOL*. Hence, I have abandoned my photo resizing of my KK trip & did the below scraps while downloading the kits I bought earlier (which I added 1 more kit to my purchase at Oscrap & stumble upon this challenge by Paislee -> create a LO using cropped photos and her freebie).

I have chosen this photo, taken way back in Sept during my KK hometrip with Gerald. I love going for a date to the Coffee Beans at Damai during the nights coz we really have nothing to do beside sleep :p

My favourite drink is the Morrocan Mint Latte whereby for Gerald, he prefers Sunrise. And the little Mango Cheese cake caught my eyes coz the colors are so bright !!! It's like calling me "eat ME, eat ME" and I couldn't resists the temptation (which ended up Gerald finishing the cake for me *he he he*)

(credits & details here)

Pstt: I have another temptation that I can't resists (which I am sure lots of people also the same as me)-> bedding sets. I'm a big fans of luxurious beddings especially those from Aussino in particular. Their sateen cotton is really so smooth and soft to the touch and the designs is vy pretty as well.... There's another brand that is of vy high quality but the price range is really out of my budget (*_*).

Saturday, May 03, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day + my aDDiction ...

Finally, the big day has arrived. I have been waiting for this day for so long until my neck is long *LOL*. Today is NSD and in the Scrapbooking World, most of the shops are giving discounts on their beautiful kits. There's some kits that I have been eyeing on at Weeds & Wildflowers *have gone crazy over their stuff for the past few months* and it's really a good day to shop online (exercise my virtual $$) to get more of their stuff. Here's what I bought today to add to my existing collection of WW kits *GRIN*

There's another grab bag that I got from two little pixels shop (shown above). Stumble upon it and just decided to grab it. No preview though coz it's a grab bag, can't wait to open it ans see what's inside the bag (how I love NSD, ke ke ke).

Here's another kits that I have been eyeing on that is selling at Catscrap. It's such an Enchanted kit to use for scrapping. Shall check it out tomorrow with Jazz to see if she got it or not, if not, I will grab it *ke ke ke ke*

PS: Not to forget to SHOUT that my CT designer, Marianne's kit is now having 50% off at Elemental Scrap . Do check it out.

After my shopping spree, it's time for me to search for some information search on drug rehab.

Friday, May 02, 2008

~Sweet tReat~

My holiday turns out quite good except some little turning around like a maze when trying to find a parking at Mid Valley. This will tell me never ever go out to the mall at such a late time (after 11.30am) coz getting urself a parking is crazy ....

People in MV also alot, it's like sales everywhere but I didn't se any good one though except this.... I tried the Fish Spa with my mum. A treat for her and on I forgot the most important thing.... my CAMERA... *slap head*. All I have is my old K700i hp to take and I am having a hard time extracting it to my pc *arrrghhhh*

Anyhow, the experience is quite good. At first, it's kind of ticklish and scary to see so many fish nibbling at our feet but after awhile, we sort of get used to the ticklish feeling and enjoying ourselves. My mum even enjoy it.... she dun mind coming for a 2nd time though the price is too exp wor -> RM 38 for 30 mins.

So, tat's my 1st treat (^-^).

My 2nd treat is Cupcakes from Jazzmint. I left alot of my stuff at her place after the little trip we went coz by the time we came back, it's near to midnite (*-*). So, Fayhte keep reminding Jazz to bring back my stuff or ask me go collect (so cute of her)... So, they came to my place last nite with a box of my fav cupcakes (Faythe fav also) & of course, my stuff.

Here's the cupcakes that I got (thanks alot, Jazz) and featuring the Chai Cheeze that I had that night.

(credits and details here)

PS: With all the sweet treats, I must make sure I dun over eat and over weight (got people comment I gained weight liao). So, I think my exercise regime must quickly kick in and also to get healthy eating or go on a diet .... hmmm, I wonder if this generic Phentermine is good and safe?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

labour day, holiday , MY day ....

It's May 1st and it's holiday .... yippie.... This is the only day I managed to sleep till 9.30am and am so glad to find myself waking up feeling refreshed. I guess the 'pai suen' treatment that I went yesterday evening helps my aching body and also detoxing it and not to forget to mentioned that I slept early around 11pm....

On normal May 1st, I would have stay home but today, I might go out to see what's on offer in the mall. I heard from my coliks tat usually on May 1st, they will be having special sales.... hmmm, hope it's true..

Anyhow, I think this LO fits for today. I did it using mt CT kit, Chasing Rainbow

(credits & details here)
Got to go now... Happy Holiday everyone and Happy Holiday to you, my dear Gerald. Dun overeat today yah ;)

Updates on my little outing :
1. Got myself & mum some treats (details on the next post)
2. Went to the HSBC promo fair. Lots of goodies but not enuf points to redeem though it has been slashed to vy low. Oh, mum did a cataract instant check-up & she's free from cataract and they also promotion for HSBC card if I were to do Lasik.