Sunday, May 13, 2007

I want to k**l the Project Director of G*muda Doha Project

I m fuming mad and very sad when I am writing this. I thought Jasmine's case is extreme, this is more than I can bear. Here's the story:

The Home Leave as agreed by my hubby's contract is 14days. Then during CNY, the Project Director cut to 10days with 4 HL reimburse with money (who wants money here, we only get to see each other 3 times a year). And the reimbursement is depending on the salary bracket. So, if you are earning 15k a month, it's worth it but he is not. So, wat the heck (by now, I want to take a g*n & sh**t the PD liao *fuming mad*)

Then, now the PD say cut cost, have to take the cheapest flight from Doha to KL which means, transit flight. So, now my hubby travel time has been extended!!!!! The 10 days includes the travel time .... So, is this fair?

That's not the end, they have to come back on their weekend (flying off on Thursday night, arriving Friday 2pm in KLIA)... so, by the time he reached KL, it will be 3pm.... So, tat is 1 day gone *want to sh**t PD again*

Travel back and reach Doha on Friday (their weekend, no work) and cannot travel back n reach Saturday early morning. What is this lar?

I m so furious now.

That's not all. The PD want to move all the male non manager staff to site camp to save budget. So, they have to live in container and risk any danger that will befall to them if anyting happen on site.

I really don't know what the PD is trying to do here.

So, if you're me, are you mad by now or wat!

End of story... That ruin my happy outing that I am trying to scrap n blog *sob sob*

I wonder why the guys that work there just kept quiet. I am dissapointed in the company (G*muda being a listed company that is with good share value now) that say they want to cut budget and came out with all these bizare rules.


jazzmint said...

ayiooo...this is teruk lah...nobody complain back to the HQ?

really like kena mai chu chai!!!

cairo's mommy said...

hahaha, you've really gone and done it :p

hai... wat can i say, in construction, employees are like meat on the chopping board cos the industry hasn't been performing well for a decade now.

companies will have lawyers on the board the scour contracts and do terrible things dat are JUST within the right side of law :(

but it is bad dharma (go read chin-ning chu's book) to go against your employer's wishes. it will also reflect v badly on your hb to bad mouth the pd. if he feels dat it's intolerable, just get another job.

if not, look at the foreign construction workers... they are the jewel in their mothers' eyes too. yet their treatments are far worse AND they're treated like nobodies by the whole country. know wat keeps em going? a family photo and the dream of a better life, soon...

maybe your hb is being strong for u now. he is not stoopid, let him make his own choice...