Saturday, May 12, 2007

PPP : How you got to know my blog?

This is a sponsered post

I have been wondering how people got to my blog site beside me telling my friends on my site and posting a shout out on my friendster. Since my blog is relatively new to the world (coz before April 2007, my only goal is to put all my nice scrapbooking up to let my friends & families have a look & also for my hubby to know about my life ), I must thank Jazzmint to promote my site in her blog. I think since then, my blog has been extended to her web friends & especially all those fanstastic mummy bloggers.

And most recently, I was tagged by Karen on technorati link exchange. So, that should be another way how my blog is made known to the world of bloggers (^-^).

So, beside all the above, how do we actually promote our blog & increase more traffic? I found this Website promotion where we can do website promotion, search engine optimization, link building & SEO consulting for just a little fee. Hmm, maybe that's how some blogsite have high Page Rank *LOL*