Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Brunch @ Renaissance

Looks delicious? Bet it is. Had buffet lunch with Gerald @ Vogue cafe, Ranaissance. Belated b'day celebration coz forgotten to make reservation earlier, hence, today. The food day was excellent. It suits my appetite and m came out a satisfied lady. Had oysters, prawns, sashimi, sushi, cold soba, smoked salmon as a start. Then, I attacked the dessert table and Wall of Chocolate. I had a bowl of strawberries w icing sugar, green tea mousse, strawberry tarts, rasberry mousse cake, green tea chocolate, chocolate mouse, strawberry dip in choc and many more. Too bad I do not have a camera with me. These is really wat I want to eat man... all the desserts are superb and dainty. And lastly, I had a cup of tea to end my lunch. Burp!!!

As for Gerald, he attacked the clams, sashimi, prawns, salads, meats, meats and more meats. He went for 6 rounds and finnaly settle for desserts. M not having dinner tonight. Too full and sastified.

Oh, I also had a call from Singapore inviting me for an interview at Westin this friday for the position of Customer Srvice officer with DBS bank. Min pay is 2k S$. Tempting but really neeed to consider...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Makan makan

Yesterday was my birthday, no suprise or present from hubby... Sigh, he not romantic at all. Ended up eat at Madam Kwan coz didn't make reservation @ Renaissance. Well, at least it's better than nothing. We drove all the way to Midvalley to have dinner :D and we postponed it to 31/8/05 for my buffet lunch at Vogue.

Today had a lunch date with Bee Li, Shu Kuan, Sheau Fwu, Hong Eng and Fai Mei @ Grappa, Bangsar to celebrate Shu Kuan & my b'day in Aug. The food is superb but the dessert is not up to our standard. Alexis tiramisu cake is still the best.

Nite time, went out dinner with family, Gerald's treat to my family coz he found a job and also coz my father's b'day la. Wanted to eat Korean food but the shop didn't open. Ended up eating Japanese food @ Ozeki. I m still too full to order my meal, so I just nibble and hijack other people's food.

After that, rush home watch Jewel In the Palace last episode.

What a weekend!! Just dedicated to satisfy my stomach.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Exams @ SJI

Today went back to St. John for SPA exams (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam). The exams starts at 9am ends at 4pm, whew!! so long... whole day in the school. Morning had breakfast in Petaling Street, had fish poridge with Gerald. Then only go to school. Had a walk around the school compound, went to see my old class, the Lower 6Sc3 and Upper 6Sc3. Seems tat they changed the ground floor for the Vision Impaired student. Other than tat, nothing much changed. They are giving it a new coat of paint and for once, I went into the boys' toilet!! (Well, tat day, they changed it to girls' toilet)

Had to sit 5 papers. The first 2 papers are easy. The 3rd is a bit hard. If u sit the Pengetahuan Am paper, u will know wat I'm talking about. It's the same, politics, general knowledge, world news thingy. A lot I m not sure coz didn't pay attention much to local authority and courts.

4th paper is Maths, 45 questions in 40 mins, no calculator allowed. Didn't finsihed it, i think I manage to answer more than 20. Last paper is easy, Eng & BM. Finished it before time and cabut lari.

Took a bus home. Been ages since the last ride and it sucks. The smell of CO and the bus vibrate like going to drop any moment. Sigh, dun they service their busses? I rather take the KTM or LRT and wait for my hubby or bro to fetch me than take the bus. And they incresed the fare from RM2 to RM 2.50.

That's my day, wish it's a school day so I can meet up some teacher and have a peek in the library.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Red bed

This few photos was choosen by me and arranged by the creative Jasmine... Loved her own wedding photos tat features the boy jumping on her red bed during her wedding, therefore, ask her to do one for me also since my wedding in KL is in gold & ivory bedsheet while in Sabah, 'unexpectedly' suprising that the hotel arranged the red bedsheet for us. Way to go Sutera Harbour!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

On the surgical table

Australia Hicom called on Fri, failed the interview ... sob sob... Was hoping to get the job so bad ler. Coz the pay is high, and the environment is good plus got leng chai mat salleh to see.

Anyway, today went to Pantai Hospital to check my eye. The recommended dr. not in, so ask around for a good one. Opposite Pantai opened a new eye specialist, price quite reasonable, place is good, doc also ok. So, went in and show the doc my eye infection. "Hmm, better use microscopic surgery coz the thing inside my eye too big wor... Can do it now at 2.30 pm " doc said. Wah, scarry ler... me kena bedah in the eye, with local anesthetic only. I can see and hear throughout the whole procedure.
So, doc use something to 'clamp' my eye so to stop bleeding while he operate. It's just like the Chinese drama 'Healing Hands', me wear the operation baju, put on cap and the doc cover half of my face with the green color paper clothe. When he take out the thing, they really chit chat re the thingy in my eye. Lucky it's only chalazion/ internal hordeolum not some other thingy. So. after I think 15 mins, it's finished. Me come out with one eye patched ... He he, one eye monster till night. And the whole procedure cost RM 200.

Internal hordeolum involving one of the meibomian glands is more severe and very rare. Pain, redness, and edema are more localized. Inspection of the conjunctival side of the lid shows a small elevation or yellow area at the site of the affected gland. Later, an abscess forms, pointing on the conjunctival side of the lid; it sometimes points through the skin. Spontaneous rupture is rare, and recurrence is common.An internal hordeolum is deeper and can be seen through the conjunctiva

So, I watched Jewel in the Palace with one eye. After that, fetch Gerald's niece to overnite at our place coz school holiday started. Sunday bring them to Leisure Mall to shop. Their own $$ to buy their 'collections' of cartoons

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Haze is back...

After 3 days of fine weather with blue sky, the haze is back, slowly. Hope it continues to rain and windy condition, so that it will be blown away from KL.

And finally, I went to see doc re my eye irritation. It's been nearly a week. And it's scary, man. The doc say the bumps in my right eye need to be removed surgically. Some growth and pus thingy, didn't manage to get the name of it. So, have to make appoinment with an eye doc.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

All wells, ends wells?

Finally, it rained in KL. Was heading to Jusco Maluri to do some grocery shopping after Hi-Tea at The MINES Beach Resort. The Hi-Tea was a dissapointment. How can it be Hi-Tea when there's no dessert served and their cheese cake and ice kacang tasted sour ... YUKE!!

On d way to Jusco, wow, big, dark clouds hanging above Cheras n KL. Sure it will rain cat & dogs. Anyway, me & Gerald was doing some grocery shopping and I asked him if he needs to buy Ramli beef patties. He answered no coz I m going to work soon. I replied him "What if I got the Australia Hicom job? I'll start in Sept" After I said this, he gave me the cold shrug all the way back till now.

I felt it, coz I asked him a lot of things and he's not in a good mood.Confronted him and he told me that if I dun start work now, I m not going to work forever...
did he really hear what I say? How can he say that? I told him I m going to work in Sept coz the job start in Sept.And if I got the Aus Hicom job, i m not taking the offer from Pearly's aunt which start on Thurs.

He's not listening to wat I say. And I found tat most of the time I talk to him, he did not listen all but bit & pieces.

And that's a Sunday for me, started well, ends bad.

And I m staying over at my mom's place coz I dun want to ask him send me home early morning when he goes to work. I know he dun like it. I dunno wat's wrong with it.

And one more thing, everytime I say I wanted to drink soup and want to buy the ingredients, ie: A1 chicken soup $4.40, he gave me the face = why tat expensive. Without it can die? Why must I always cook things that he like ie: meats all the time

Why can't he adapt a bit to my likings of food? I already undur so many steps and he dun feel it.... I m so fed up with this... Always he gave me the down mood, angry mood & short temper.

Sigh.... am I to blame for not working? I m just looking for the right job. It's me... why must he be like tat? All I m hoping is to get the Aus Hicom job & the interview is on Wed (He knows it & wanted me to get it. He knows tat it starts in Sept) & yet he say i dun want to work.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Fog? Nope, it's HAZE

Wah... it's been days since the haze envelope Klang Valley. My place is like Genting, the only different is, the white blanket I see is HAZE instead of mist or fog. Really can smell the burnt smell in the air. Port Klang & Kuala Selangor already reached API 500, and PM already declare haze emergency at those 2 places. Wonder what it's like if it's that high. Moreover, the sun is bright orangy red with white backdrop.... Sigh... where's d blue sky?

Today lagi worse, my nose starting to feel the burning sensation when I go back to my mom's place. Hopefully, by this weekend, it will rain cats & dogs.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Went to watch The Island with my lil bro, Ah Wai at Leisure Mall while my parents watch 7 Swords. This is really a good movie compare to War of the World... Must buy and let Gerald watch it. Me & my bro get to choose the couple seat... ke ke ke... that's the privilege of going to a weekday movie ;)

As for my parents, he he, regreted to watch it, vy kelam-kabut with the scene.

Oooo.... Australia Hicom called me for interview on 17/8 at 2pm... Wah... Pray must get that job...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Final day before new beginnings

Time flies .... It's been 2 months after our wedding on 7/6/05 in KK and finally Gerald found a job. It's in Kajang, so it's near our house, about 15 mins drive if no jam. Happy for him but that means no more weekday window shopping ..... and less time to see him.

It also means that he will not be going back to his sis house to eat. Well, initially we plan to cook at home but since I'll be going back to my mon's place when he goes to work, so, it's a little bit hard. (Our housing area not safe yet to stay, lot's of thieves)

As for me, I've applied the job that Vi recomend, praying hard to get that job. Meanwhile, I've got a job also. Working as account clerk plus admin for my Perh Li's aunts. in Pnadan Indah. The work time is quite good. Mon - Fri is 9am to 5pm, Sat is 9am to 1pm, 1st & 3rd Sat off.

Will start work on the 15/8/05. So, I am Njoying the last few freedom .....

Nothing much to do today except watch Jewel in the palace after coming back from church. Talking about church, well, my pastor might be voted as the next Bishop of Lutheran Church in Malaysia. A bit sad coz he's really good and his preaching is vy interesting also.....

Anyway, tomolo is a new start of life for Gerald. As for me, i'll be hanging with Sin Pei & Eugene. Need to pass them my wedding CD to bring to singapore.