Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tag : Who's my fans....

Got tagged by Woan Jiun again on this fans of my blog.

Although I have been blogging since 2004 (not vy active), I didn't really spread the word out until 2006. That is when I got to know about the scrapbook kits and I would love to post up my hardwork *a-hemm* on scrapbooking *LOL*.

So, I think my first ever reader is Jazzmint, Woan Jiun, Sin Pei (all also my school friends) & not to forget, my darling hubby, Gerald (tat also I forced him to read in the begining, but now, he will just go there & read it coz I updated my blog vy often).

Since I go nose around people's blog recently (mostly are mummys blog) & put some comment, I think some mummy also pay some visit to my site. Although I wish to join their ever fascinating talk on their babies, I yet to have 1. So, as for now, this blog is dedicate to myself & my hubby (coz he is so far away in Doha) & my good pals out there.....

Who to tag, eh?

  • Sin Pei
  • Catriena - long time no update your blog leh... wish to hear from you

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