Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pai Suen therapy?

Some updates on my neck & upper shoulder pain.

It's sort of cured for the time being. Nope, I didn't went for the x-ray coz it's really mah fan to get a guarantee letter from my co's insurance provider and 2nd is, I hate to eat medicine and it only works when I pop those pills and after the medication worn off, the pain is back (*~*)

Instead, I went for my long overdue Pai Suen at my beauty saloon. I tried it once in a long time & signed up a package coz the boss told me it's very good for me and it will help me nurture back my body. It's kind of gua sa plus massage and they use this tailor made tool to do it. The whole ordeal is good & bad. Good is when the therapist do it on my back, all my pain melts away. Bad is when it reaches those fat area, it hurts like h*ll coz that area is vy blocked and she assured me, after a few times, I won't feel the pain (hopefully coz she's the one who graduated from
massage therapy schools).

So far, I have gone for 2 session and the next one will be next week. Fingers crossed tat after a few months of this, I will regain my health and also nurture my body. Oh, I thing I noticed is, now I started to feel hot coz previously, my body dun really sweat.

Digital scrapbook kit giveaway

I joined a CT team recently and for the first time, my designer Marianne is allowing the Creative Team to give away her For Real kit to 1 lucky person. For all my frens that would like to grab this fabulous kit, just click here and answer the question. It's really a giveaway questions coz you already know the answers if you read my blog.

Here's a preview of the lovely kit made by Marianne available at Elemental Scrap & Scrapping Garden :

Here's my layout using the kit :

(credits & details here)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Up to the Kinabalu highland ...

March 08 KK trip post

The March trip I insisted on going up to the KK park again. It has been ages since we go up (ok lar, not ages but it's been a long time since 2005). I just want to have a day trip to the KK park and also the Mat Silau & Desa Dairy Farm to snap some photos. Though the Dairy Farm was closed for expansion, we detour to the Golf Club and the view is breath taking. One can mistake it for New Zealand or any European country from the photos (will upload soon). I just fall in love with that place and just continue to snap till it drizzle whereby we just stop at the rest area at the golf course and snacks our Pringles and 'You Chi' kuih.

After that, we head down to the KK Park and have our lunch in the coffee house ( a planned lunch) before going home. They serve buffet at RM 35 per person and we just got in at the right time. The sky decided to throw a heavy downpour the moment we sit ourselves in the cafe *phew*. Since it's cold, we really whack alot from the buffet especially the beef and the banana fritters which is fresh from the pan.

Here's some of my favourite photos that I scrapped and will definately print it out & frame it.

(credits & details here)

Here's a closer look of the 2 page layout (^-^)

Some words from Gerald :

{ It was a planned trip that was almost scrapped. lucky cheryl was persistant, enough to say "go lah"timing was perfect, but mt kinabalu is a mountain with an only showed her face once, and that was it. i stopped the truck and took as much pictures as we can. as soon as we got on the road, a thick blanket of clouds covered her only showed her face once, and that was it.....}

Now I need to get a reading magnifiers to look tru all the photos and upload it into the gallery

Monday, April 21, 2008


My upper back still hurts after 2 weeks of medication, hence the lack of post and also the sober me turning up in the blogging world. Just went to the doc again and this time, he prescribed a stronger dose of medicine and a request for x-ray done on the cervical spine. Still pending on the x-ray coz am waiting for the letter from ING. Hopefully can sort it out tomolo and get it over with to the root cause.... and I feel better after I took a power nap after coming back from work. I just can't resist the snoozing call & just drop dead till 9pm but I must say, the rest does helps my back. I guess the medicine will work well if I really rested my back.

Meanwhile, I am trying to sort out my KK photos and hopefully, it will be done by this week. Need to take a break from the monitor to rest my upper back but still can't resist whenever I can to scrap (^-^)

(credits & details here)

I must relly plan my work schedule and put in the massage chair session as well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What is the color....

What is the color of this world? I have been asking myself tonight. Dunno for watever reason, I have been very emotional for the past few days, from being happy, scared and sad. And tonite is when I feel sad suddenly, after my cook out session (dinner).

I just start to remember the scene of the old man, bare footed pushing the cart filled with scrap metals at the main road in front of Phoenix. It causes trafic coz all the cars are trying to avoid running into him. As for myself, I have a good glance at him & right at that moment, my heart cried. Juz by looking at him, what he's doing at tat time, even right now, the scene in my memory is enuf to make my eyes teary. Is the world becoming so grey, so hard to survive. Has the standard of living gone up until the money that the retired age group saved is not enuf to live in these very days?( which is vy true, coz it happens to someone close) Or has the human kind become so cruel that they started to neglect their parents? Or is it merely their choice to live the way of scavenging?

For whatever the reason, we can see that the world is not so kind to old folks. If you start to look around you, you can see alot of old people searching the rubbish bins for scrap metals, empty cans and even papers to sell just to survive, making ends meet.

Yeah, I am one sensitive person when comes to these kind of things, so I do avoid seeing those sad scenario. Before I end this ponder, lets have some HOPE... Hope that the world will be kinder to us, Hope that human kind will be kinder to mother nature....

(credits and details here)
* The photo was taken by Gerald on 24th Feb 2007 at Sutera Harbour Hotel Room in the morning *

Thou art my Lord, my golden dream,
Thou art my life in death.
O bless me with Thy Hope Supreme,
Lord of the Eternal Breath!

Agelong the vision of Thy Sun
For darkness have I sought.
I know the evils I should shun
And quickly bring to nought.

The earth is deaf and blind, my Lord;
Its true goal it denies.
It hears no voice, no heavenly word
From those who seek the skies.

O yet I feel Thy kingly Grace
With my feeble mortality.
I shall win at last the Noonward Race,
Plunge in the Nectar-Sea.

by Sir Chinmoy

After pondering all the things I saw, we really need to do a budgeting and planning to ensure we will have enuf to survive.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

You light up my days

(credits and details here)

I was sick and my mood is way down south today. My neck pain, shoulder pain and headache seems to gloom my weekends and thanks to you, my dear hubby, I am a bit heading north now. Thank you so much for hearing my complaints even though you're so far away. You really light up my days.
Here's a poem for you (^-^)

When you smile,
You create a language of intimate interaction,
When you smile,
You send an instant message of heart to heart communication.
When you smile,
You create a dream world of happiness,
When you smile,
The despair and troubles seem so far away,
When you smile,
The hope and cheers seem only a stone’s throw away.
When you smile,
My heart gets the will to survive in distress,
When you smile,
My mind gets the power to overcome all the hurdles.
~Jay P Narain~

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

aLwayz our granpa

(credits & details here)

Always in our heart,
Always in our memories,
Always our loving granpa....

I dedicate today to remember & to cherish all the loving memories that you bring to me & the family. It's been 2 years since the day & I choose to remember all the good memories .....
In loving memory of OUR GRANPA....

* Small Gadgets *

Today I just knew that guys does spend on something that they like. I was shocked to hear that one of my colik bought a headphone for over RM 1000. My reaction to it was like huh... are you sure it is RM 1000 or it is RM 100? Coz it's just a headphone. Then he explained that it can cut off the noise outside and the sound is superb... hmm, maybe to them but to me, I can't differentiate what sounds best. Maybe I just can't believe such a small electronics thingy can worth that much. Or maybe I am tone deaf, hence, dun see the value to it.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Easter in Kota Kinabalu

I had a real long break from scrapping & blogging, hence, more backdated post. Since Gerald is back for his home leave from 19th March - 2th April, my daily actvities has been packed from morning till evening ( work + going out after work) except during our 5 days trip back to Kota Kinabalu. During these 5 days (22nd - 26th March), I slept the most (morning, noon, evening, night, you give me any chance of sitting still, I can sleep *LOL*, so I am mostly pigging out in KK).

It so happened that on the 2nd day in KK, it is the Easter Sunday. Nothing special but it's my first time celebrate Easter in Inanam Basel Church and the service is mostly in Hakka *not a language that I can understand well*, so, it's truely eye opening ... coz they sang mostly from the hymns and they got this big choir and practically everyone know his family.

They even have this special service after the main service, whereby the church members with the childrens will go out to housing area to spread the news of Jesus resurrection by giving out Easter Egg. I didn't join coz I need to go to the Gaya Street in town to get some pearls for my colik but my darling niece, Ashley and my MIL took part in the Easter Egg.

(credits & details here)

Night time, we have pot luck dinner with Gerald's fren and we (actually MIL) cook oven baked chicken wing, which is delicious... I did took some photos, but no time to process it yet :p, will upload in the future if I got time lar.....

PS: Gerald's fren house is soooooo big... if u ask me to use a floor mops to mop the floor, I think I will pengsan or maybe it will take me 1 whole day just to mop the whole bungalow.

Let's talk about....


We do not have wrinkles when we are young. This is because our skin is healthy and have alot of collagen that provide the support / elasticity. However, as we grow wiser and older, we will loose the collagen easily. And f it is not replaced fast, the skin will loose it's elasticity and hence, our first wrinkle will appear. Some will get it at a younger age but for some, they will have it when they're quite old. However, it's best to prevent it from happening so soon with a good skin care routine but do not despair when you found out late. There's still thousands of products available to fight it but to search for the best wrinkle cream , you will need to look hard enough for it.

However, having some wrinkles does not mean the end of the world too..... As long as we are young at heart, we will always look younger than our age.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Wood shutters

If you're planning to renovate your house, do consider getting the wood shutters. Why? This is because it's oh so country feel and no, it's not old fashion or 'kuno' coz now there's a lot of choice to be choosed from. I have listed some info just incase you would like to know more ;)
  • Louver Shutters
  • Raised Panels
  • Board and Batten Shutters
  • Bahama / Bermuda Style Shutters

Best part is you can choose your choice of wood -> Pine, Red Cedar, Red Wood or Cypress. As for myself, I prefer Pine coz I love the color of the wood which is more light.


My bro just got his health insurance policy today and 1 thing less to worry coz he is now protected from hospitalisation, accidental & death. Though the amount is little, at least he got one now. With the medical treatment getting expensive by day, it is really wise to get one policy and it is cheaper if you get it at an early age. But one thing caution is, make sure the amount that you pay is only 10% of your salary, else, it will be a burden for you later on (an advise from my FIL).

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Golf, Luxury Homes and Woodland Retreats

Imagine having your dream house in a woodland retreats that is complete with a golf course with 18 holes standard. For golfer, it is pure luxury and for non golfer, the woodland itself will take your breath away. What I mentioned is not just dream but it is what StoneBridge Village can offer every one that desires to have their retreats or set up their home and Branson lots can help you to choose the right type of home you need. Be it Condo, Villa, Patio Homes, Lodges or Single Family Homes.