Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My 1st Pay by PayPerPost

Hoooooray! Today is the BIG day for me. My 1st rewards of my hardwork in blogging are bearing the fruit of life & today, I have received it.

Yup (^-^) my 1st Opps of PPP has been paid to my PayPal account. It feels totally good in seeing the money in my account & that is just my 1st payment. In 2 days time, I am going to receive my 2nd & 3rd post payment....

Slowly but steadily, my money in the PayPal is increasing and I can't wait till the day I see 4 digit figures (USD)*dreaming now*. It's not going to take a long time, hopefully by end of this year.

So, for you guys out there that has not yet join the PayPerPost community, quickly click here => to join. All you need is just a blog site & love in blogging ; ) That's it, as simple & easy as that.

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