Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tag on 10 things I hate my hubby

Gosh, I was tagged by Woan Jiun on this. Hate is quite a harsh word. I think it’s more to 10 things that pissed me off is a better judgment to him How can I married someone I hate, right?

First: Not Romantic
It’s not that he is totally unromantic (no roses or flowers till now). There’s only 1 time that he actually did something romantic for me. He surprised me with a gift and I actually love the way he planned it. So, I am hoping for more of that planning of a surprise (nice surprises, I don’t want bad surprises)

Second: Too calculative
He really calculates to every single penny that he spends. It’s not that it’s bad, but sometime, it really pisses me off. How can you calculate so much on something? (Maybe this is why he is a Quantity Surveyor).

Third: Don’t listen to my Financial Ideas
Ok, I am not very good in financial advises but I am really pissed when I told him something and he don’t listen. Then, when he heard it from his brothers or friends, he will agree to it. (What happen to the verse “Listen to wife will make a man richer” ? )

E.g.: There’s this Pyramid MLM out there & I got 2nd hand news during an earlier stage. Told him how great it is & ask for his opinion & also get 1 lot to try. He turned down & told me off. Then, his big brother, Alan called him a few weeks later & told him the same thing. He buy the idea from him *Grrrrrr*

Fourth: Phobia of hospital & don't see doctor when sick
Yup, he is scared of being in the hospital & also don't like to go see doctor when he is sick. He will delay it until he is near the death bed *Slap Head* So, you can imiagine how hard it is for me with this attitude *Grrrr*

Fifth: Doesn’t go to pub & social drink with ME
He doesn’t like the bitter taste of alcohol & the loud & smoky places like pub. Yes, the ME as in only with me. No matter how I plead him, he won’t go with me or even drink wine or any sorts of alcohol with me. If it’s his friends or colleague, he will do it for the sake of entertaining them.

Sixth: Not sensitive
My hubby will not know how I feel most of the time especially when I am mad at him. And when I am mad, & he apologies, I must accept, if not, he will be depress again *Slap Head*

Seventh: Doesn’t like to go movies
His excuses will always be not enough room leg for him, people walk here & there during the best part of the movies, hand phone ringing & so the list goes …..
What I did was to make him promised to go watch a few movies with me & I must make sure that I get the good seats.

Eighth: Always put wife last
He he, this is his input for this tag since I run out of hate now. He always help friends & family members to fixed things first. My priority is always last. I wonder why?

Ninth : Always talk, no action
My hubby input on this also coz he remembers well on the things that he did that pissed me off. He will always talk on something great or some action to do but in the end, just plain talk. Just like the idea of getting a new car (been talking for so long, so, I will see when will he buy a new car)

Tenth: Should be all the work related stuff in Gamuda.
You can read it on & off in my blog on that matter.

Phewwww…. Finíto…. That’s really 1 real hard tag to write about for now *LOL*

Dear, sorry lar if you read this….. but your good points are much more better than all the bad points here. If not, I would not have marry you ; )


cairo's mommy said...

i like no 9, same! same! hahahaha

jazzmint said...

aiya, he's still an angel...don't go clubbing somemore

gerald said...

Not romantic…. Strike out big time…