Saturday, March 29, 2008

* Golf Clubs *

When you play golf, you will need to get yourself a set of good golf clubs. Since G is on it, so, I knew that there are 2 types -> ladies golf club and men's golf club and what the material is made of -> graphite , stainless steel (heavy) and brands. The more famouse the brand, the more expensive it is. One of the brands are the Callaway golf clubs and another is this Titlis brand. They are not so cheap but they do make good clubs. But if you're still begginer, just get a reasonable set to practise before going on for the real deal ;)

Friday, March 28, 2008

going GREEN, Earth Hour 2008

Just got an email in office to notify us that 29th March 2008 is EARTH Hour. Since it's on Saturday, what we can do in office is to switch off the unnecessary machines and lights, no stand by mode for this weekend. As for my ownself, am going to asked my family to switch off the lights and juz use the kinetic torchlight if needed (I couldn't take part coz m attending wedding dinner *sob sob*). Won't it be cool to have 1 hr of united hearts to go green, cut down the CO level and let the earth take a break.

So, what's Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is an international event that asks households and businesses to turn off their lights and non-essential electrical appliances for one hour on the evening of March 29th 2008 at 8PM local time to promote electricity conservation and thus lower carbon emissions. It is promoted by World Wide Fund for Nature Australia (WWF), an environmental lobby group, and the Sydney Morning Herald. The first Earth Hour was held in Sydney, Australia between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on 31 March 2007. The 2007 Earth Hour is estimated to have cut Sydney's mains electricity consumption by between 2.1% and 10.2% for that hour, with as many as 2.2 million people taking part. This time a second Earth Hour, in 2008, is planned to be an international event held in Sydney, many partner cities, and individuals around the world participating. For more information, click
Earth Hour.

Please do take part , all we need to do is just a small sacrifice of modern luxury and back to basic for juz 1 hour. Maybe we can use that time to meditate or juz chat with family member or you can go out and look how beautiful the night sky is. Without surounding lights, the sky will shine with all the bright stars.....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

a GIRLY brunch

Backdated post

(credits & details here)

More backdated post thanks to my laziness but hopefully, I can really back on track soon. I had a yearly reunion kind of thing with one of my BBGS gang plus a college fren juz before CNY. Since it's so hard to gather everyone, really a big thanks to Chew Ping to take the initiaves to get us together this time for dim sum brunch at Imbi Palace. As usual, when a bunch of girls meet up, there's alot of talk...... & we really can talk and eat at the same time *GIRLS mah :p *

Here's some of the food we ordered :

After the brunch, Ee Laine wanted to have a boost of coffee & so we cramped into Laine's car & head to Pavilion (cost savvy here coz parking is soooo expensive there).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gerald is back .....

Time does flies coz it's already another home trip for my darling hubby. His last trip was in Dec 2007 and now he's back. This time, the gap is so short (so it seems lar) thanks to some festive months and lots of friends ajak me out. Else, I would have not survive the 3 months...

This home trip, we're going back KK (flying off 22.03.08) for 5 days and then come back KL just in time for his good fren's wedding (really alot of wedding to attend this year). I did not take a long holiday this round coz am saving my AL for overseas trip and also to bring forward to next year for a long overdue holiday to a far far far away place..... (fingers crossing).

Ok, enough jotting down the date of his arrival....back to some US time now :p

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Chinese Valentine Dinner

*Chor 15*

I know CNY is over for almost 1 month but being the 'busy' me, I only managed to scrap the Chor 15 LO today. Hence, the lateness of my CNY blog *pai seh*

(credits & details here)

Since it is the last day of CNY, we had another reunion dinner. This time, everyone managed to attend (only 6 people including my bro's gf & not forgetting lil Cheng Cheng). My dad managed to cooked us a delicious dinner even though he's working tat day & Wen Jye managed to buy the Salmon Yee Sang for us.

Since I'm working as well, I didn't do much on that night but to makan & watch movies while my dad, mum & lil bro have their usual 'games' at the new house (yeah, I overnite at the new house coz lazy to drive back to my place & I must say, the traffic is not tat bad in the morning ).

So, this ends the CNY activities except for the CNY decos in shopping malls that I have yet to scrap. I really hope I can finish it by March.

Vrooom......2008 F1 begins!

Today is race day and it keeps to tradiotion or more like F1 preference that the frts stop will be in Australia.... I can't wait to see the race but frankly speaking, I am loosing a lil touch of F1. Few factors such as no Astro and less time to update myself with F1 news.... (I used to surf the Interact in office for updates, but now, hardly touch it....)

Worse is, this year, RTM 1 is going to host it and my area reception for RTM1 is worst... all I see is snow... sigh.....

Ok, enuf rambling about it..... I will watch it, and read the news from the Formula1 official site.

Updates on pole position: Kimi not doing good , Hamilton first and Alonso.. ke ke ke... 11 but he's back with Renault... Heard tat BMW is doing vy well... so, this yr is going to be another exciting yr to see who wins the championship....

Oh, Shell has the Ferari model car to be purchased and I can't wait to get the entire collection of it (hopefully)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

*Exercise Equipment*

I think I have blog about my office gym but then, can't remember when. Anyhow, just want to share to everyone that my office do really build a gym for us to use. It's small but enough to fit in all the exercise equipment into that place. They even have the Osim i-gallop in there *wink*, which I used for a few times only. I must really make use of this gym, since now got kaki to go exercise again.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My dabble into wedding card

Some people like to have an elaborate wedding while some prefer to have a simple wedding. My colik prefered to have the 'Wedding on Holiday' just like those HK series .... no frill wedding, just a simple ROM at Thean Hou Temple and follow by a Hi Tea for her family & close friends.

So, where do I come in the picture *ke ke ke* well.... I am honored to help her to design a Wedding e-card for her ROM. Here's the 2 design that I made for her using the digital scrap kit that I have:-

(credits & details here)

(credits & details here)

It's really nothing fancy, just a simple ecard that send the message for her guests & I am really happy to be able to help coz I am so into wedding planning (^-^)

Tomolo are their big day, so.... Congratulations to Emily & Alfred.

* Palm Bay *

Do you want to own your dream house in a very nice & posh area? Do you have a house to rent out or a house to sell? If you decide to get a house or to sell one in Corpus Christi, do look for North Padre Island rentals. They are one of the real estate agency that use the latest marketing technology to help you Buy, Sell or Lease the perfect property with YOU in mind.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Malaysians decide - 12th election

So fast it's the election day and by now, it has ended. I woke up around 8.45am just to do my part as a Malaysian. I expect the casting of vote will take at least 1 hr coz the 1st time it took me almost 2 hrs to que n vote under the hot sun *pengsan*. To my surprise, it just takes 5 - 10 mins for me & my bro (his 1st) to cast our vote. Ain't we lucky (coz the other class room number are full with people queing). Now wat we do is wait for the result...

daRLing Cheng Cheng

(credits & details here)

My darling niece, my daRLing Cheng Cheng. You're turning 1 year old today and it seems just like yesterday you were born.

I have all the pleasures seeing you grow from day to day....

from a baby to a toddler....

from crawling to walking few steps....

from loving to sleep to loving music, you can even dance when you hear the songs you loves....

from goo goo gaa gaa to saying 'mum mum' when you saw food ....

You have really grown into such a cutie pie that melt everyone's heart when you want to.

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, my darling little niece ....

I am sure you will shake your little bootie when your mummy, daddy & jie jie sing you a bithday song, follows by clapping you little hand....

Friday, March 07, 2008


I am going for my first ever backpack style holiday with my coliks in end July. The main problem with this holiday is ..... I dun have one that can fit 7 days of holiday clothing (mine is just 20L tat I bought ages ago for light travel purposes). This is also because I am a person that love to travel in style & comfort with my hubby. So, shall I get a new backpack? Maybe I shall check it out at this great luggage place before I decide if I can just borrow 1....

Then you see, now you dont ....

If you see the current new cars on the road, you will notice something missing. I am not sure why now it's not the 'IN' thing to have it on the car but to me, it is something which is quite imporatnat or shall I say, useful. Some say it is because for aerodynamic purposes that they do away with it. Some say the car looks nicer without it.

Can you guess what I am talking about?




Well, it is
ventshades, of course.... Don't you think tat without it, you cannot open your window during raining time?

* Do you need one? *

Do you need someone to represent you on making a claim due to car accidents, medical malpractise or exposure to toxics substance (like wat happened in the Erin Brokervich show) ? Maybe in my place, this is un heard of but if you're in The States, this practise of hiring an injury lawyer is common. Scranton personal injury lawyer are one of the option you can consider if you do need one coz they are quite experience in these 'business'.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

On travelling & more ...

When mention holidays or travels, the first thing that come into my mind (well, after getting the air tickets & lodging done) is my travel supplies. I am never a light traveller, be it short or long trip. Hence, it's neccessary to get myself a suitable size bag to pack all my neccessity so that I can enjoy my holidays, which is often back to Kota Kinabalu or the not so often trip down South to Singapore. Coming mid year, I will need to do some light packing for my Vietnam trip and it really gives me a challenge coz I never did 'backpacking' style ....

Everyone's Birthday

*chor 7, Yan Yat*

Oops, I missed Chor 7's post & uploaded the chor 8. Here's what happened on Chor 7 (^-^)

(credits & details here)

Well, on this day, it's everybody's birthday acording to the Chinese custom but I still go to work though my dad n bro took leave.

We had a simple dinner of roast pig's bone porridge *Yumm...* and a very basic Yee Sang. Didn't go to town to get the fancy type but since it's chor 7 whereby the actual day to 'Lou Sang', we (me & lil bro) can't resist getting 1 'mai' of it. This 'Rainbow' Yee Sang is just from the usual stall in Taman Megah which cost us only RM 23 or so....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A lunch date with Valentine

*chor 8, Valentine day*

(credits & details here)

Since it is Valentine day, me & my colik (Emily) decided to go on a lunch date and asked San to tag along. It's such a special coz we are celebrating 'alone' , we want to have a 'special' lunch. So, instead of hawker centre, we went to this japanese restaurant, Xenri (recommended by Emily) at Old Klang road. It's quite easy to find coz it's just next to the Elken building. I just love the atmosphere in there, vy cozy yet classy. What I loved most is their bento set which is quite cheap & hugh, not ot mentioned vy Yummylicious... really a must to go if you have not been to.

I ordered a Bento set that consist of salmon sashimi, chicken teriyaki, cold soba, salmon salad, chawan mushi, miso soup & fruits. All these for RM 25 (cheap, right...) Showing below is what my colik ordered, which are also RM 25 per set.

Sushi tempura bento set ordered by Emily

Salmon with soft shell crab bento set ordered by San

And here's my lunch date ~ Emily. She is going to be my taman-mate soon *wink*

My other lunch date, San with Emily.

You can see the restaurant is vy nice from the background of the above photos. Too bad my concentration is at the food & forgot to snap some of the resturant photo. They even have a special room that can fit quite a number of people for small function.

Later that evening, I had a date with Jazzmint at Sweet Deli to celebrate her b'day and also Valentine day.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Sue

(Credits & Details here)

Today is Gerald's ex-boss in Doha birthday and I've made this card for her. Well, it's just a simple card because it's a last minute request from him. Come to think of it, not really a request but merely just ME volunteering to conjuer up a card.... He was just asking me if there's any site that provide nice e-card. I'm quite lazy to search the www & it's much easier to do one using those fabulous digital scrapbooking kits.

Happy Birthday , Sue!! May you have many happy returns ..