Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love and Marriage

I've got these from hubby's e-mail today and it seems funny enough that not all of these are true on our marriage. So, I've decided to blog about it where you can see my marriage facts in purple. I wonder if it's true to other married couple or it's just some myth about marriage created by those seriously jealous bachelor out there *LOL*

Difference between Love and Marriage

Love is holding hands in the street.
Marriage is holding arguments in the street .
I still hold hands & all lovey dovey when we are in the street.

Love is dinner for 2 in your favorite restaurant .
Marriage is a take home packet.
We do go out for romantic dinner but once in a while, a take home packet is a good choice to enjoy more time together.

Love is cuddling on a sofa.
Marriage is one of them sleeping on a sofa.
Hmm, I think I do cuddle more than before marriage on the sofa ;p

Love is talking about having children.
Marriage is talking about getting away from children.
I am still on the talking side even though been married for 2 yrs *LOL*

Love is going to bed early.
Marriage is going to sleep early.
This is totally wrong coz the going to sleep early is when you're drop dead tired from work or maybe ... some lovey time during noon :p Coz when you're married, you live together and the going to bed can be any time you like *gigling*

Love is a romantic drive.
Marriage is arrive on tops curvy tarmac .
Mine is both coz hubby not here with me, so, when he is back, it's the romantic drive we got...

Love is losing your appetite.
Marriage is losing your figure.
I look better in shape after my marriage :p

Love is sweet nothing in the ear.
Marriage is sweet nothing in the bank .
He he... sweet nothing applies to both depending on what gound you were in ... in my case for now, I am sweet nothing in the eyes & ears *LOL*

Tv has no place in love .
Marriage is a fight for remote control.
We love movies & a movie before going to bed is a must even though we r still in love

Love is 1 drink and 2 straws.
Marriage is "Don t you think you ve had enough!".
Hmm, I think I am still sharing my drinks & food with my hubby coz I am a small eater ;p

Conclusion: "Love is blind, Marriage is an eye opener (to the new found love) yet blinding at the same time!"

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BAT GSD KL Staff day & BTA Graduation Dinner

Pheww..... I can't imagine driving into madness every morning & I really do not hope to do it again. Why I say that? This is because the BAT GSD event was held in KL Hilton & it was stated in the e-mail that the event will starts at 8.30am. So, there I was, waking up at 7.15 am & went out of the house at 7.35 am to try my luck in the 4ever madness of KL traffics during the rush hours. Dunno if I'm lucky or not, I managed to arrived at the hotel at 8.50 am.... just in time for breakfast *LOL*

As usual, we have some serious opening speach by Dominic (our BIG boss) before proceed to the fun part of the meeting. Today's theme was based on movies, so, we had 4 Acts that delivered Process, Strategy, Prioritisation & People messages that are the important ingredients in GSD. Beside the Acts, we had Games that were based on People, Cost, Volume & Quality. One thing good in our Zone Meetings, we incorporated the messages, informations & learning in the games. Hence, it's never a boring Zone Meeting ....

Lastly, the main event of the night was the BTA Wave 2 Graduation and dinner (another play done by BTA Waves 2). The BTAs even gave out door gift to everyone & also not to be missed are the boxes of cigarettes carried by BAT on the tables, nicely laid out for us to consume (smokers haven , but I will go crazy over the nicely designed box... hence, I took some back *LOL* )

I must say that I enjoyed it very much although it's very tiring. It's worse than working in the office coz today I started my day at 7.15 am till 9.30 pm, with no rest in between.

P.S. - I managed to snap alot of the photos & will post it up this weekend.... Do come back & have alook at the wonderful event done by BAT GSD ; )

BAT GSD KL Staff day

Well, today is the long awaited event for BAT staff. It's the KL Staff day and we are having it at KL Hilton (must be very nice since it is a new 5 start hotel). Not sure what's the activities but it's going to be another fun event just like the BAT Zone 3 Meeting that was held in Feb 07. I heard that it's got heme like Formula 1 *yeah*. Will definately bring my camera & snap as many photos as possible. I will be at KL HIlton from morning till evening and there're going to be the BTA Graduation dinner as well. So, if you want to know more about this, stay tuned to my post ...

I must say that working in British American Tobacco GSD is the best choice I ever make (^-^) & hopefully my stay in this company will not be a short one.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Preview of my Singapore trip

Okay... since everyone is resting (asleep) now (due to excessive exhaustion), let me preview the picnic that we enjoyed. There're a mixture of fun, laughter & strength of 4 grown up girls & 2 lil' girls during the picnic session of this morning. Details post of the trip will be up once I am back in KL.

We will be checking out from Woan Jiun's place at 12pm & head to Vivo City (our last destination) before saying bye-bye to Singapore.

Photo captured by Hui Shi using Jazzmint's camera

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A scrap by Jazz

If you are so into scrapbooking and suddenly one day you ran out of photos to scrap, what whould you do? Well, either you go dig out old photos and scrap again or you are so genorous, ofer to scrap for friends. I am so thrilled that Jazzmint did a scrap for me when sheran out of photos to scrap.

Since I am not free and too tired to scrap, and I do have lots of photos on the Q to be published, I pass a few to Jazz. Here's the masterpiece done by her within few minutes she received the photos (yup, she super fast).

The above photos were taken way back during Chinese New Year. Nope, we didn't go to a studio for this. It's just a rest place for customer in Tai Thong Restaurant while you were waiting for your take away. I am so happy seeing the nice set up & quickly seize the moment for some Couple shots while waiting for my Yee Sang *LOL*. Photos taken by my lil brother... You can see me so eager to take with my darling hubby Gerald :D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Singapore, here I come

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A drink that give you pinkish complexion

I got this recipe from Mdm. Jong when I went for a traditional chinese massage & treatment this evening. It's very good for people with bad blood circulation & people with pale complexion. It's very simple to prepare but a few notes to bare in mind in order for this to help you.


  • 7 red dates with seeds
  • 1 clay/ porcelaine mug
  • hot water
Use your finger or any non metal utensils to take out the seeds & put into the mug. Pour in hot water & simmer for awhile before drinking. Can be refill as many times until the red dates has no more taste.

Note : No metal utensils & cups to be used.
Must consume daily for 21 days non-stop. If you break the cycle, there will be no effect.

After 21 days, you can add some ginseng to the red dates to consume. The cycle can be repeat anytime when you feel like it but must remember to take it for 21 days.

PPP : A princess & her duvet cover

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My hubby are very phobia of me mentioning Bedding Fairs or Sales in major shopping malls. This is because he will know that I will eventually head to the bedding section and drool over the bedsheets & most importantly duvet covers. And those that caught my eyes are not cheap for I have skins like princess *LOL*. I must have high thread count for my beddings so that it will not prick my skins & have a very good night sleep that will wake up feeling refresh. Hence, I will make sure the fabric is of high quality such as offered by Terry's Fabric.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dragon Boat Festival

Please click here to see the card

Happy Duen 5 Chit to everyone. It's a wonderful time to celebrate not only just to eat the yummy-licious dumpling aka 'Chung' but also a time for gathering as well.

If you want to know more about this festival, you can go to My Love on Dragon Boat Festival.

As for me, I will be having chung with my hubby via MSN dating tonight at 11pm KL time .... This is the way on how we get to celebrate a festive season together even though we are miles apart ...

Will try to get some nice photo of the chung that Bee Li gave me... she say this year is super nice ... *He he* can't wait to try tonight.

PPP : My lovely Curtains

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For those who have step into my house & especially my master bedroom, you will be wondering why the developer put those not so standard windows. My window panel are formed in a U-shape with 4 panels & the height is not the usual height.This has made it harder to fix curtain poles & find a suitable curtain that suits my taste ( I am very choosy not just in color but also the fabric itself). The worst thing is, it's just 1 weekprior to our wedding. Luckily my hubby went to look & got me a set of simple yet lovely curtains & the best part is, he managed to get it on time.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Not fast enough

I almost have a heart attack when all my TV channel gone & just alot of 'snow' when I came back from dinner last night at 11pm. IOf all day, it happened last night & after nearly 2 hours of testing & asking neighbours, we came to conclusion that it is due to the antenna at the roof top. So, we quickly & frantically find a temporary antena to stick behind the TV & manual tune it to get RTM 1. Thank God that by 1am, it's ready & the race in Indianapolis almost starts.

Ferari didn't win the race but I am glad that Massa did his best & Kimi, dunno what happened to him on the start of the race... his car looks like no power & over take by 2 cars to 6th place. Anyway, I am glad that they manage a 3rd & 4th place in the end. Ferari must do something in order to win the constructor title again. Been 2 years since they won anything.

As for the race, generally, accidents only happens on the 1st lap and Sato was pinalised for some mistake. The best part of the race is where by Alonso tried to overtake Hamilton. It's so close but in the end, Alonso not successful *LOL* , Hamilton is just too fast for Alonso to cathc up and he's making no mistake in every race.... Looks like we got a new champion emerging in F1 and a very young one as well...

To know more news on the Indianapolis race, click here to go to the official site.


Backdated post

On the 1st night (01.06.07) of my hubby back to KL, we went to have porridge steamboat at Sri Petaling. It was one of the must visit places for food when he is back in KL. In the middle of our dinner, I caught this act of my dearest hubby... his utmost satisfaction of eating egg yolk (Gerald's way). I love the way he eat his food, always so delicious ....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My love on Dragon Boat Festival

It's the time of the year where every Chinese will celebrate the 'Tuen 5 Chit' also known as Dragon Boat Festival (which is the dumplings a.k.a 'Chung' or 'Bakchang' festival). The actual day of the festival will always falls on the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month (19.6.07 for this year). There're many version on the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival but the most famous of all (which I am familiar of) is in memory of Qu Yuan, a virtuos official of the Chu Kingdom from Hunan Province. I do a lookup in the internet and the story goes like this ...

As the king refused his suggestion and when the capital of his nation was occupied by invaders, Qu wrote his final poem beside Miluo River in today's Hunan and drowned himself on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese lunar calender in 278 BC.

People were sad over the patriotic poet's death. They tossed rice and meat into the river to feed the fish, which would protect Qu's body.To prevent the food from being eaten by dragons, they wrapped the meat in reed leaves and bamboo. That was the original glutinous rice dumpling. In later, wrapping dumplings during the Duanwu Festival became a tradition.

Ancient people believed rivers and the sea were both controlled by dragons. They were also worried Qu's spirit would be harmed by dragons. So they produced some boats with a shape similar to dragons and held races on the river to the thunderous beat of drums to warn dragons not to damage Qu's spirit.

The above clip is from China governement.

What I love about this Dragon Boat festival are the delicious Chung. My grandma used to made the Chung when she's still healthy a few years back. Since she is no longer able to to it (she's very sick), I have been hunting for good & delicious Chung. Last year I got a few from Bee Li (very delicious) but this year, no one to ask from yet ... Since I crave for it, I did the most natural thing every human being will do. I went to the wet market to get it. I was shocked that the price of a normal Chung (consist of salted egg yolk, pork & black eye peas) is RM 2.80 and as for the small 'kan sui chung', it cost RM 1. Although it's so expensive, I still bought a few home to satisfy my cravings. So, in total, I spent RM 21 for 4 normal Chung, 5 kan sui Chung, 2 'kunyit vegetarian' Chung.

Indianapolis qualifying session

I can't belive that I am up to see the qualifying session. Normally by now, I would have knock out & in slumberland. I guess the little nap that I took till my hubby buzz me at 11pm does help me stay awake. I hope I will be awake tomolo at this time, but I doubt I would. I need to keep myself busy in order not to fall asleep, hence, I multi task in between F1 qualifying race, msn-ing with hubby & frens & blog reading *LOL*

Ok, updates on the pole position for tomolo's big race (oops, already sunday now in KL *LOL*)

  • Maclaren 1st & 2nd (Hamilton, Alonso)
  • Ferari 3rd & 4th (Massa, Kimi)
Sad to say that it's not the other way round but it seems tat Ferari's car is quiet heavy with fuel(tat's wat I hope), hence the slower time. One thing for sure, Hamilton is really good... he's so fast in every run he tooks.

To know the full results of the qualifying session, click here.

PPP : Are you a survivor?

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Throw me into a situation and I think I will get out & survive it and in the end, I will turn it around to be in favour of me or I that’s what I hope so to do the best (So I dream & will only happens in dreamland). In reality, can I survive when I am faced with the worst situation? Where I am been deleted from the Earth (just like the USA Network's Burn Notice )… & worst of all, stranded in an unknown city with no money or resources. It the worse kind of nightmare anyone would want to be in & I pray hard that it will never happen to me in any point of my life.

Anyway, what will I do if I am in tat situation stranded in a new place with no money...

Let me see...if I am up to adventures, I would love my trip to turn to be like Mr. Beans on Holiday. Wouldn't it be great to get an adventure out of a misfortune?

So, I will find a way to earn money for food, shelter, transportation & money to call home. How to earn money, eh... let's see... I think will do street performance with whatever gadgets I have. It would a big experience for me to do it since I am note very good in singing, dancing or acting. But if Mr Bean can do it, I think I can humiliate myself to do it inorder to get money .... I think I will do anything just to get money beside stealing & selling my body ...

After earning enough of money for the day, I will try to get myself to the nearest embassy and report myself in. So, on the way to the Embassy, will hop on a train, bus or any kind of transport (pack with food & drinks) & try to mingle around with the natives & enjoy myself (better to enjoy then worrying myself, right?) Look at how Mr Bean's trip tat is full of adventures & suprises .... At the end of the day(s), I will reached a safe place with some good memories. Yeap.. that's how I wish I can do ....

In reality, I am not sure I can do it but will definately pray to God for help & go with the flow...So, I hope I am a survivor in the end.

Maybe I can get tips from the new TV series, Burn Notice that shows a CIA agents been deleted & cut off while he's in a mission.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A race full of suprises in Canada

Ok, before the race in USA start, let me talk about last week's race. I was supposed to blog about it but was too busy missing my hubby :p

The race at Montreal on 10th June 07 was an interesting race but I missed it. Have to forego the race coz Gerald is going back tat early morning to Doha and we have to leave the house by 3am. Sad to say, Ferari didn't get any podium on that day but at least Alonso also has his bad luck and only manage to get pathetic 7th place(me no fans of him *LOL*).

The race was full of accidents and all also at the same chichane and the worst of all is Kubica's car and thank God he only suffer minor injuries. You will be shocked when you see his car (practically smashed and only left back the driver part & 1 wheel). And because of that, safety car was deployed and Massa was given a black card (coz came out from pit during red light, new rules when safety car is being deployed, you cannot go to pit n refuel *stupid*). Sigh.... there goes Ferari chance and Kimi only manage a 5th place. Nevertheless, I am glad that Hamilton won the race. Click here for the results of last week's race & for more news on this race, click here.

Photos from The Stars online
Horrendous: Poland’s Robert Kubica’s wrecked car hits
the guardrail during the Canadian Grand Prix yesterday.
He was reported to be conscious and was flown to a
hospital in Montreal. – AP

Friday, June 15, 2007

Project Runway

No, it's not the super model Project Runway but Gerald's current project in Doha, Qatar. His project is the Airport and so happen that they do a test run on laying the runway for the airfield and he got his camera with him (HP camera). Knowing tat this wife of his will be very curious on his work, he snapped some photos to let me see.

This is the first time I see such a huge asphalt paver. The one I normally see are those they lay the highway here in KL.

Workers laying the runway.

The asphalt paver

The photographer, my darling hubby Gerald.

Behind him is the midfield tunnel where it cut across the west runway. This is for workers to cross over the runway without being hit by the airplane *LOL*

Note : Info by Gerald


I can't help but post this cute picture of a pair of twin girl that I got from my email. Aren't they cute. I am sure the mummy of these pair of twins are very proud and happy (If you're the mummy of these pair of twins, do let me know. I must appologise for not getting your concern first and publised your daughters photo here. they are too cute to resist).

Having a baby is considered a miracle but if you are having twins, you are very lucky. I have been dreaming to have my own set of twins but I dun think that wil be a reality coz no history in my family & also hubby's. And it's a miracle to me if I manage to have my own baby as well and I must really thank God for it when he's in favor of that for me & my hubby.

Photo courtesy of circulated emails

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A letter of gold from Gerald

Today I received the most expensive letter from my hubby. The story goes like this ...

He forgot to pass me something that is very important and have to mail back to me. Since it is an important stuff, he DHL back to me (it cost RM 140, that already discounted price coz using corporate rate) on 12.6.07.

I didn't expect a letter from him as well since he never hand-written one to me since we dated way back in 2002 till now. That makes the letter so precious to me and it's just like gold.

Thanks, my dear hubby. It makes my day from grey to flowery when I see that piece of letter in the box.

Note: Since my hubby give a nice surprise, I shall give him 1 back (Dear, please scroll down & look at the side bar, I got something for you).

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Revamping my site

Yes!!! It's done though not the best effort. Finally, I took some initiative to revamp my site today.

Been planning to do a new header and post it up after 7th June 07, my 2nd wedding anniversary but was too busy sticking to my hubby (You can't blame me for that, I get to see him for 10 days every 3 or 4 months).

Just the 10 days, I am Mrs Gerald Voo again *LOL*, other than that, I am Miss Cheryl Leong *Sob Sob* but I get alot of freedom and be independant when I am a miss.

Kota Kinabalu : Sutera Harbour Pt 2

Another spot of Sutera Harbour that provide a cooling & relaxing ambiance for people who want to escape from city life. Since they have 2 wings (Magelan & Pacific), you can assured that there're at least 2 pools for you to enjoy. Since I stay in the Pacific wing (prefer non resort style coz can't stand the humid weather), this is a shot from the Pacific poolside. You can see how clear the pool water are and the sandy beaches are just next to it.....

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Monday, June 11, 2007

10 days seems so short

Gerald is back to Doha today and will reached 3.10pm KL time. I already started to miss him yesterday afternoon. The 10 days that we spend together seems so short and it feels like just a blink and the time is up for our separation again today at 6am.

In just the short 10 days, we went to Melaka (fren wedding), Penang (2D1N) and family trip to Cameron Highland (2D1N) with my family and his sis's family. Will blog on the mini adventures that we managed to get in the future blog (after I get my sleep back, too tired now).

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Kota Kinabalu : Sutera Harbour Pt 1

It's been a busy week for me since Gerald came back on 1.6.07. We've been travelling to places in Malaysia and I just got down from Cameron Highland this minute ;) Will post up all the adventures that we both had later on. For now, let me share a beautiful place in Kota Kinabalu with you all.
For those who wish to travel to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah..... I would love to recommend this particular hotel resort for your stay. Sutera Harbour is really a great choice (besides 5 star status) because it's near town, have great view, nice beaches & beautiful yacht (they have a Marina Club as well) to see and drool *LOL*. For golf lovers, they have 18 hole golf course as well. And while your hubby gone for the golf session, you can enjoy a relaxing spa in Sutera Harbour ;)

Here's a photo of Gerald with all the beautiful yacht behind him.

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PPP : Discount with coupons code

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I love to shop and one thing I love is the so easy & hassle free of online shopping. What's more to that that there are
online coupons that will give you discounts on the item you order or free shipment. That's how easy & convenient of online shopping. One particular online store that I fav is the Dell coupon. Since I am looking for a replacement for my desktop, that's a great site to help me to get what I want and customised it to my needs with discounts given.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Wow... today is our 2nd wedding anniversary and nothing really has changed... Just that Gerald is working oversea & I thank God that he's back in KL to celebrate this special day.

We had a busy schedule since he came back on 1.6.07. Been travelling alot and we just came back from Penang on Wed evening.

I would like to wish my hubby, Gerald, a very Happy 2nd Anniversary. I love him alot, & more to go as times goes by. I thank him that he's so patient with me especially I throw my tantrums.

PPP : Star gazing

This is a sponsered post

Twinkle, twinkle little star.....

How I wonder what you are...
Up above the sky so high....

Since young, I have been fascinated by the beautiful stars in the sky and has been wondering how they actually look like. What I see is they twinkle & shine so bright at night. Sometimes, I can even sees some red shining stars in the clear black sky at night. So, there was once, my ambition is to be an astronaught, so that I can see the amazing stars up close. My dad also bought me a set of encyclopedia that has all the information on astronomy as well ... What will make it perfect would be a tools to see the star as well. Those days are impossible coz it would be so expensive. But now, with meade my sky (a fun, interactive, hand-held, point-shoot-and-identify multimedia guide to our universe that will guide you through the night sky better than if you had your own private astronomer standing next to you) it would be a perfect gift to anyone that has a heart for the night sky.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Kota Kinabalu fav breakfast spot

Backdated post

Every time when we go back to Kota Kinabalu, we must go to this dim sum shop called Foo Peng, somewhere in Luyang. It's a must for me because their Har Kow Wong is so big and delicious. They served the dim sum with hot mustard sauce which we don't get it in KL. My other favourite are their Fried Prawn Roll and the dessert Water Chestnut Kuih. Too bad that I didn't take photos coz I won't wait and wallop all the food :p

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This photo was taken by Wan Peng (Gerald's friend) at the Foo Peng restaurant when we were having breakfast back in Chinese New Year. It's really rare tat we have photos of us together. Thanks alot, Wan Peng.... for taking such a good shot!