Friday, May 25, 2007

Busy like a bee

I thought today is going to be a relax day for me since it's Friday. But my work seems to pile up after lunch, thanks to meeting after meeting.

The 1st meeting is about recylcling and my team is going to initiate it for BAT. Since my team is mainly guys, we were expecting the turn up of guys to be quite alot ( only 4 girls )..... and we guess wrongly.... all girls turned up and none of the guys *slap head* . Since all girls, we chat like girls lar... & came out with lots of good ideas and I am going to help out on the designing part... Hope I can do it lar... so far, I only do for my own scrap :p

So, after that meeting, got anohter session for handover task and I just sit in to 8 only *LOL* ... Pheww.... a busy day & I ended up going back at 6.45pm to catch the last shuttle to get my car...

Can't wait for weekend now... Now set to grab PPP post & scrap.... & chat with Gerald *LOL*

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