Friday, May 25, 2007

Scrapbooking for families & friends

Hmmmm.... when come to scrapping photos for friends & families, I loves to do it... especially for my darling dear dear & also my vy close pals... But I must say, it's not easy to satisfied everyone...

So, I just want to let you all know this :
All the scraps I did is the best for every photo and no 2 scrap are alike due to inspirations at that moment and in my eyes, all the scrap also I love .... If I dun like, wat for I waste my energy scrapping and admiring it for such a long time *LOL*

Yah, I got this crazy self-work admiration .... I can sit there and admire my master piece and brag to people about it & most of the time, the victim is my youngest brother, Wen Wai (coz he is graphic designer mah *LOL*).

1 comment:

cairo's mommy said...

never say not nice la your scraps, just d photos of us r terrible kekeke

i never put up pics or frens n family w/o first asking for their approval, not all r comfortable w their pics splattered on www. so u see my blog nearly all also cairo solo one :p

sp says u spoil her sexpot image cos u used one w oily forehead hahaha