Friday, May 11, 2007

Staying Up Late

Some of you must be thinking why most of my post timing is during midnight. Well, this is because I am on 2 time zone (GMT +8 & GMT +3).

Why on 2 time zone? *Giggle* Coz my darling hubby is not working in KL, that's why. In order for me to catch up with him, I have to tune my time to his, which is 5 hours behind KL time.

So, the best way to stay up late is to blog. That is why after so many months, my blog is suddenly so active with lots of scrapbooking & post on my life....

Some might think that my blog is way too mushy which I dun think so :p but this is how I keep everyone inform on my life back in KL ... all thanks to internet ;)

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