Tuesday, May 08, 2007


For the above scrapbook, I used paper background, staples, flowers, ribbons and paper clip by FafBr's Ouhlala Cherry Freebie.

Since I can't sleep last night, the best things to kill time is scrapbooking. I manage to dig out this photo which has been taken on my trip to Singapore in 2005 just days before I got married. I met up with Woan Jiun & Sin Pei for a Marche session. This time, we manage to have dessert which is long over due*LOL*. It was sooooo nice untill I forgot to take the photos of it.

*Note : Out of request from Woan Jiun, I will just mention that she is heavily pregnant that time, but I think she looks so lovely & not like a beach whale at all *LOL*


cairo's mommy said...

oi! at least have the decency
to mention that i was HEAVILY pregnant at that time u took the photo la!!! I look like a beached whale :p

now quick, go edit your post!

Cheryl Leong said...

*LOL* You dun look like what u described. U look so lovely (u must agree with me) than the Christmas photo, right?

karenyiau said...

Hi cheryl, I've just tagged you!! :) It's in http://kazyiau.blogspot.com/

jazzmint said...

kakaka..wj, no worries, she mention oredi LOL

wahh..i still havent got a chance to try the crepe..grrr

Cheryl Leong said...

Jazz : He he... the crepe & other dessert really nice ler... We should go 1 more time. Maybe can organize it during Raya? Go down makan only