Sunday, May 13, 2007

Therapeutic Shopping

Well, after last night stress session, this morning I went to do some calming shopping. Since I have Metrojaya voucher to spend and was thinking of getting something to reward myself *Shopping is de-stressing*

Besides getting the monitor, I got some aromatherapy products from Culpeper ( Metrojaya , Time Square ) to help me destress myself. I must say, their price is not cheap but I love the smell of it. It's more natural & you dun get headache after smelling those essential oil ( tat's wat I called naturale ).

Oh, for those people with backache or just gave birth, you can try getting Comforting Wheat & Lavender Pillow to help ease the backache. I got 1 to share with my mum since she got backache.

And to relieve winds especially if you got digetive problem, try their Culpeper Ginger Juice. These 2 products are on sale now, so, it's worth to buy.

On top of that, I got a free massage from the sales manager, Jenny coz I complain shoulder vy stiff (tat is before I purchase their stuff). I must say, I fell so relax & my mood have been lifted up since then ... (^-^)

That's why I called it therapeutic shopping *LOL*

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Health Freak Mommy said...

Shopping is my no. 1 stress theraphy too.. instant stress relief that is. So shyiok!