Monday, September 19, 2005

Working late??

Yup, I'm still in office, not because a lot of work but because no transport to go home. So, I have to follow my uncle's car back today. So tired, and it's been raining the whole evening, perfect to sleep.

This Wed is Isetan presale, hopefully I will have transport going back coz I want to stop by Isetan KLCC to some skirts and sandals if it's cheaps.

Last nite is Mid Austumn Festival, had dinner with family & granpa @ my house and manage to get some photos of my tang lungs :D. Will post it later when I fixed my pc @ home.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Working - no time

It's been nearly 2 weeks I've started working @ my uncle's office in Sg. Buloh. Didn't drive there, follow my uncle's car back to work ... Have to wake up early to follw my dad's car to Puchong, then nite, follow a coleague back to Leisure mall and wait for people to fetch me back, Heee Heee (my lil bro or hubby)....

House pc 'kong' again. Start up vy slow, dunno kena virus or my hard disk is dying....

So, now m at office writing this while waiting for my uncle to go home....

So far, it's ok with work coz eat also no need spend, no need petrol but have to sacrifice time since Sat also work half day.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

A blessed Sunday?

It's the 1st Sunday so, it's holy communion today!! Woke up at 8am today so won't be late for church as it will be packed with people. Today is the first time my senior pastor, Bishop Philip Lok preached as bishop of LCMS. Sigh, gonna miss him and his preaching. Love to hear his preaching...

Anyway, after tat, went back to my mom's place coz tonight will attend EMCLC Church building extension fund dinner at 7pm. So, as usual, I will online and chat with people. Today really not my day as I try to help a fren and instead of helping, I lost a fren. Lesson learned : never jaga tepi kain orang lain and don't be a matchmaker. I feel so sad and awful and sorry , I was baffled by it, stunned as well. I hope God will help me mend the friendship as I cherished her very much.

Anyway, we went for the dinner @ Hei Loi Deng in Serdang. The place is very nice, food boleh tahan and suitable for wedding also. Coz they newly renovate the hall. Looks n feels like a hotel ballroom and with lots of JVC plasma tv. The dinner r quite successful with nice performance. Hope they can collect mroe fund tonight.

Tomolo i will work in my uncle's office. Have to wake up at 6am, follow my dad's car to my uncle's house at Puchong, then follow him to work. Ai, so mah fan coz I got no car and dunno how to go to his office. And it's at Sg. Buloh. Really east n west.

The photo above is my pastor/bishop Philip Lok and his wife taken during our wedding.