Monday, December 31, 2007

A busy day to end 2007

We're back and it's the last day of 2007 and when I ponder upon what I did for this last week of 2007, I can't remember it well. All I know is that the time just flies. One moment we were in Singapore for Christmas and the next, it's already last day of 2007.

We did manage to go down to Pavillion to snap some photos (planned to upload some but I can't find my cable :S ), go to Low Yatt to shop for gadgets and yesterday, managed to go to Ikea to survey the list of furnitures to add to the small-room-turn-into-walk-in-wardrobe. Plenty to fit into my lil wira tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Later today we got year end party (Jazzmint, WJ and a few school frens) at Aud's place. It's going to be a mellow party, just some time chatting and eating yummy food cooked by Aud's mum and also Kepong crab.

So, Happy New Year to all and also to myself. May the year ahead be a prosperous 1 exp to us.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Subtitling : is it important for you?

Whenever I watched a show, be it movie or series, I must not have subtitle to be shown. It is not because I am very good at listening or wat. It is because with the subtitle flashing through out the show, my attention will be on the subtitle instead on the show. Yeah, my focus is word then picture but I do appreciate subtitling . Especially when it's hard to understand what they talk especially those Korean & Japanese shows. I really appreciate the English subtitle.

Some good deeds

It's the end of the new soon and we will begin a whole new year... why not we give something good to someone that's in need of need. Since it's the season of joy, we should spread some joy to those really needy people so they can feel the joy as well. As for us, we donated our clothes (some vy new one) to the charity near our place. You can try donate something useful or maybe you can even do a car donation to this Car Angel company ( a special non-profit organisation that uses car & other donations to make videos for kids and teens. So far, they have given away over 2.4 million videos. To see a sample of the video, please click here. ) Why wait, spread some loves to other now...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Second Home?

Have you thought of having a second home , a place that allows you to break away from work and pressure. A place meant for relaxing the mind with beautiful scenery.... it can be anywhere in Malaysia or somewhere far, like New Zealand or Switzerland. Yeah, I won't mind having that kind of home.... a place to retire.... maybe not that far away but if it must be Malaysia, beside KL, I will choose KK :)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ouch *_* massages are welcome!!

Time is really not enuf and I am stealling some lunch time today to blog. Yes, I am still working and the office are quite empty. Infact, I on my Christmas Songs now to light up the mood in the office (my corner only 4 people working)

I am trying to tidy up the house before Gerald arrive tomorrow morning & at the same time, going to malls to shop for presents to bring to Singapore for his cousin's daughter & son. So, what I did yesterday was mad dash here n there. Managed to get 2 presents, few more to get by today and I didn't manage to clean the house :S (Sure kena nag tomolo). Then tomolo got wedding dinner at Sekinchan at 5pm. Can you believe it? It's 'goh tong' tomorrow but now tak jadi to have dinner with family but must have the tong yuen nevertheless! The yummy chocolate tong yuen by my dad (He did this for my pre wedding dinner & everyone loves it)

So, I thought that year end is going to be leisure days for me but then again, it's not. Preparing for Christmas + Financial Year End (work) + Gerald coming back = busy + aching upper back for me. Maybe I should get my exercise routine back on track (
exercise equipment are provided in office, must really make myself to use it next year) .

Anyway, I managed to set up the Christmas tree (finally!!) at the lil corner of the living room but a few piece of decos are still MIA (must wait for Gerald to come back & look for it coz he bought it from Doha last yr). So, here's the lighted up Christmas tree :

Our lil christams tree is finally lighted up and decorated.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When time is not enuf

The month of December comes and goes by very fast. I am not sure if it's just me or everyone does feel the time is not enough for this month. I goes to work and finished work in just a blink of time and then it's one week and then another... Now it is already nearing Christmas (No time to do my paid post as well).

I still remember buying the christmas cards early of the month and wanted to set them up but up until today, it's still sitting at the corner of my house. The only early stuff that I managed to do is hanging the wreath at my front door and that was doing it in November (just in case I have no time in December, & pheww.... lucky I did that.... else, it will sit somewhere in the house as well)

Only yesterday did I manage to set up the christmas tree (half way, still missing the lights) & that also thanks to my dad & mom to bring the tree out from the store. Tonight I must go back and complete the decoration and light the tree up... After that, I need to clean the messy table, clean to sofa, move all the junks back to where it belongs before Gerald is back this Sat & he surely will nag me for that (for I am a very lazy person).

This Thursday will do all the remaining stuff & also to meet up with Kwai Fun.... wah... really lots to do but so little time (that exclude work stuff).... I haven't even mall hopping finish to see all the beautiful Christmas decoration this year..... Sigh.... I hope they will still be up till new year coz I won't be around this Christmas...

Monday, December 10, 2007

When our car throw tantrum ....

Sigh..... 6th Dec 07 is really a day to remember. Not a good day but the worse day of the year. Here's what happened : Half way driving to work, I heard this funny sound from my car and suddenly saw the temperature shoot up till nearing the HOT. So, dilemma of pulling aside or keep driving coz vy near to office already and thank god I make it to office and call for help from office. To make it worse, it's a rainy day... sigh ....

So, what's wrong with this little missy of ours? Got all over heated and I running up and down during lunch time to check on her after feeding her with water. Finally, found out she's leaking somewhere.... got to call tow truck to tow her to hospital in Balakong to be fixed. Told my boss and off I went to fix her.

I am so happy that MAA cover part of the towing fees ( I just paid RM80) and they provide the latest towing truck (look below). So, off we go to the hospital (worshop) and diagnose her real problem. Got some good news, just the metal pipe leaking, so, just going to cost RM 190. Got it fixed by end of the day.

Then, on Sat, my worst fear came true.... this lil car of ours broke down again and this time it's major... radiaotor burst and casket might be having problem.... so, now sitting in the workshop pending to be fixed. Sigh..... what a way to end 2007.

Stair + Lifts = Stair Lifts

He he... what you get when you married your stair with lift? *LOL* Stair Lifts is what you will get :p Funny ah or cold joke?

I got affected with the current Ribena advert on TV ... the one with Ms Lemon met with Mr Ribena in Indian music enhanced background. This particular advert really caught the attention of my lil niece of 9 months. She will quickly turn her head to the tv once she heard the music....

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Health Concious

People is getting very health concious (even though they still continue to eat those not so healthy food) and I can notice that most of my friends are doing the same. I even know that a close friend of mine just purchased 1 fitness equipment and she's so eager to try it out. As for me, I rather go to the gym or at least, the yoga center and exercise :p This is because I know I will be lazy at home, watching TV *LOL*

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hidden Treasure at Old Klang Road

Backdated post

Back in October, I had my first dinner date with colleagues in this very hidden Japanese Restaurant in Old Klang Road. It's really like a hidden treasure of Old Klang Road coz if you're not told about it, you wouldn't know about this great place. It is well hidden at the parallel road just before the 1st Shell station from Mid Valley Direction.

This place even have private room that is fully tatami furnished ( vy Jap feel) but you have to book in advance, a great place to enjoy good food and small event esp if you're armed with a pro camera, snapping all the time. As for the photo below, it's taken by my slim Sony T10 and my colleague's DSLR camera.
So, what food is good? He he, everything but most of us prefer the cold soba (green tea or tempura set) and also the Ocha ice cream served with red beans.

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HDMI - so canggih

When I heard about HDMI, I was like "huh.... @_@ what is that?" So, thanks to google, here's what I know about HDMI cables -> High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a licensable audio/video connector interface for transmitting uncompressed, encrypted digital streams. Sounds very canggih, right? I still am not very sure of the use of the cable but I think it is some cable tat connect the pc to some recording device (for music production, I guess)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

BAT BOB Dinner

Backdated post

Year end is always pack with fun activities and dinner party. These year is the same for my company. Just 2 weeks after my teambuilding in Langkawi, we had our final Zone 3 Meeting and annual Best Of the Best Award Dinner. What's different for this time was the event of the Zone Meeting. Instead of indoor activities, our organiser decided to do a twist and had it outdoor and the venue is out of KL but not too far - Bangi Equatorial Hotel.

For people like me, the outdoor activities really burn all my energy and also my skin.... you can see the 2 tone arm of mine here and 1 of my colleagues face is as red as cooked lobster!!! I had no photo of the activities coz am too busy with participating and not getting electrocuted, wet and concentrate in doing the best Mexican wave railway station; not to mention being the protoplasmic hand of the amoeba. It's fun but it's too hot.... we didn't manage to finish the games coz rain decide to join in the fun at 4pm.

So, we check into our day use room, rest and prepare for the BOB dinner. Though it's not as posh as the year before (we had it in Sunway) but the people do make the difference. We manage transform ourselves from sporty look to gala dinner. The food is ok only so, we decided to go out snap photos. Here're some photos of that night......

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Monday, December 03, 2007

The Driversity Hunt

I am back from a very tiring treasure hunt - Driversity Hunt. Not only am I tired but I faced my fear and also got sun burned on a very hot Saturday. Meanwhile, I am still collecting all the photos taken during this event and post it up (with some thoughts of mine) later of the week. Here's the final product of our treasure hunt - palm prints of all participants....