Sunday, May 13, 2007

My new monitor

Finally, I took the initiative to get a replacement to my old & battled monitor of 7 years. Yup, my monitor is 7 yrs old now.

It has been working very good till end of last year. The screen suddenly became small (no problem to me) but then, around Feb 07, it became big (that's the problem). The start buttons & the time setting side was not viewable. And just recent;y in Apr, it decided to play 'Now U See, Now U Dun' game.

So, it's time to retired the old & get the new. I have been thinking t0 get the HP monitor (thanks to Jasmine) but then, I have to wait at least 2 weeks to have it delivered. In the end, I got myself a Samsung 19" Wide screen LCD monitor (cost share by me & lil' bro).

I thought I can used it tonight but...... the power socket is not meant for Malaysia *Sigh*

Anyway, here's the photos of my new monitor. I hope it can last me at least 7 years as well *Finger cross*

Photos coutesy of samsung website


jazzmint said...

wah nice one..i'm soo tempted to get one

cairo's mommy said...

wah nice wor. i got the 19" hp one, not as nice kekeke :p

Cheryl Leong said...

finally today my bro bought the cable, now it's up.

Too bright for me though ... glaring :S