Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mid Autumn Festival

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival, also known as Mooncake Festival. This is the day for family reunion and to enjoy the night, eating mooncake, sipping tea and enjoy the full moon scenary. Since Gerald is back to Doha on Sunday, we had our 'Tang Lung' session on Saturday. It was a last minute idea to have the lantern set up, just for the feel of the festive mood. I even bought alot of moon cake this year *LOL* but the most memorable mooncake that I ever had were these little piglet mooncake in the cage aka 'Chu Cai Yuet Bang'. It used to be very cheap but now it cost about RM 1.80 per piece.

So, here I wish everyone a very Happy Mid Autumn Festival. I will have my cyber celebration with Gerald tonight (having mooncake together while chatting *wink*)

Monday, September 24, 2007


We have been searching high & low for the best option in getting a MRTA / mortgage life insurance (since I know that Gerald has not gotten 1 for the house). Beside the conventional insurance that comes with the housing loan package, are there any other type of insurance that will give us a better deal ? (hopefully one that will give us back the money we invested when we dun utilise the fund, *choi* coz this is just incase, by playing safe). If you know a better way, do let me know.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Seizing the moment in KLIA

As the title say, I am taking every minutes available to get online even in KLIA now while waiting with Gerald for his check in to Doha at 12.55am. Yup, he's flying back tonight and that means 12 days has passed & today is the last day we spent together before another separation. I have managed to snap alot of photos and definately will take ages for me to blog it coz no internet connection yet *sob sob*. I wonder when I will have my internet at home.....

This is how we spent our last moment at home - packing & snapping photos of my heart-gift to my darling hubby to bring to Doha.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

PU2B : Seeking help

Getting drug treatment is not an easy go doc & get medication to cure an ailment. In fact, it is like fighting a battle within your body coz the 'invader' will definately want to conquer the body & mind so that they can stay there. Hence, it is important to choose a reputation & homey center to get help. Conclusion is : never touch drugs in any form if you want a healthy fruitful life.

Mini house revamp

Yoooo hooooo....... finally today is the day that my toilet is getting a new WC and also a new sink. The work is carried out by Fai, Gerald's uni fren. I can't wait to see the new toilet and also the other improvement when I get back to KL tomolo nite. Hope it's a nice surprise coz the vessel sinks that I love won't fit to the constrained size of my toilet, so, I opt for a more contemporary style. There're more thing to add but will do it slowly. Once everything is done, will definately invites frens & family for a house warming *wink*

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Swiss Army

Swiss Army - a trusted brand. Quite a handy tool. Small enough to fit in your pocket. Always ready to be used with just a flick. Never leave home without it. I’m always amazed with the blades. If you use it as instructed, the blades will never require sharpening. On second thought, it is designed so that you will never need to sharpened it. I guess its their trade secret. Find that out and you’ll be rich. Nowadays, gadgets like this are considered dangerous to bring onto a plane. So remember to take it out and put it into your luggage to put into the cargo bay. If not, you’ll loose a very expensive piece of gadget or worse… denied boarding a plane.

'Modelling' in Coffee Bean KK

Gerald has been back for 1 week and we didn't manage to take any photos or go out dating while in KL (coz I work till Fri). So, I suggest to go Coffee Bean (Damai area) tonite for some US time and thank god that I brought my camera along. We got this cozy sofa corner with a display cabinet that is great as base for my camera for photo snapping. I went crazy snapping at every single corner available *LOL* and when I checked on the camera, I snapped more than 60 photos in just 1 hour .... vy 'tai sau wok' until Gerald got the blind spot ..... & I bet all the people around us thought this lady is crazy coz take photo like there's no tomolo :p

Tomolo I plan to go Sutera Harbour or some nice place to take more photos before we leave KK on Thursday evening. Hope the weather permits & also time permits. We still have alot of stuff to buy back to KL & Doha and not to forget my pedicure session as well .... some pampering while in KK (^-^)

Safety in a knife

Knife is a very dangerous tool. If it is not handle with care, one will cut oneself or might put someone's life in danger especially small children. I am very scared when the knife is super sharp & nearly always lost my heart whenever I see people handle it carelessly. But then, I saw this safety utility knife on the net and I think that it is very cool. It is a must have for faint hearted people like me and also for family with alot of young children & old people. This smart knife really give you all the safety feature one needs in preventing cut.

Romantic lighting

Lighting plays a very important part in creating the ambience in a room. With proper design on the location of the track lighting / lighting points and also the use of downlights, it will transform a boring room into one that is warm and romantic room just like those we saw in the sample house. The next major house improvement will be the lighting in our house. My ideal lighting will be those romantic ambience in the room n living room with some hightlight on the framed masterpiece on the wall.

Inflatable animals

If you have nieces & nephews like us, you sure will manja them whenever you got a chance to see them. It has been a habit for us to buy gifts for them whenever we go back KK and esp nowdays, most of the gifts are from Doha. We almost run out of ideas on what to give them esp for Ariel (beside clothes & soft toys) & then I saw these animal inflatable. It bring me back to WJ's 'dog'. I think will get that for little Ariel when I get to Singapore.

Beautiful jewelery

Talk about jewelry, my eye will sparkle and I will automatically grin ear to ear *LOL*. Gerald know me best and no matter what he buy, for sure I will be extremely happy (who won't right?). So far, I have receive a few pieces from him and I have added some with my own money. One thing for sure is that big rocks dun suit me well. Maybe I'm too small to carry the big design or maybe my character dun bring out those bold design. Nevertheless, it is my favourite, be it real or costume jewelery.

Temp internet connection in KK

This is my 3rd day in KK and am I glad that I get the internet back (though it's just temporary but it's better than none, right). The next thing is to get the Photoshop software today and my scrapping can start and by thursday, I can upload everything to my blog and digital freebies site. I took so many photos of Gerald's little niece, Ariel that I can't wait to scrap it and upload it. Ok, now back to blog reading and some serious msn chat session after deprieve for so long.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Mini Trip 3 : Cameron Highland

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It's been years since our last trip to this highland and we love the weather so much and the away from city air. Since Gerald is back and the Brinchang pent-house is available for use, I planned this short family trip to Cameron Highland. I extend the invites to Tina & the brats (Rachel, Annabelle & Joshua) *Gerald's sis family* since the kids love the highland as well.

1st Day:

We leave KL around 9am and head toward the North South Highway towards the new road up the hill (was told that it's wider & easier than the old road) but I dun feel like using that road again. Maybe because the Wira is so under power when climbing up the hill. It feels like a tortoise man ...... & since I am an impatient person on the road, I practically grumble all the way till I reach Brinchang. By then, we were all starved and head to Tanah Rata for lunch and check into the pent-house at Brinchang.

Since it's cold (coz raining), we decided to have steamboat at Tringkap where we found this restaurant that serve good & reasonable priced steamboat from our last visit. All we need is just call them and order in advance. It's such a yummy & warm dinner (^-^). After a heavy dinner, the best things to do is walk the night market and buy somemore food as supper *LOL*.

Here's the must try food:

2nd Day:

The next morning, I go for the hunt of the yummylicious fried pumpkin balls while the rest just enjoy the bargains for veges, fruits & dried products from Cameron. After the morning session (no breakfast), we packed our bags & check out from the hotel. It was raining zoo then & cold but we must leave the place before 1pm, else, the road will be heavy with traffic :( So, we berave the rain & made our way to Tanah Rata for quick lunch before going down the hill. The journey down the hill was fast & we reach KL in no time.

Attractions in Cameron Highland:

  1. Strawberry Farm : There're too many farm to choose to go & buy the fresh strawberry, strawberry jam & dried strawberry in honey (new additions).
  2. Cactus Valley : It's just located opposite our place (Star Regency) but we never go there. Instead, we went up towards Tringkap to see the cactus for sale :p
  3. Night Market : It's just below our place as well & I love to walk this night market. I can get alot of food to eat & a good place to shop for fresh veges & fruits. I managed to bought the strawberry jams & some fried vege for supper.
  4. Bees & Butterflies Farm : Bee Farm is free entrance and a good place to visit if you're interested in looking at the busy bees & buying the bees products. Butterfly Farm is almost the same as those in KL, so, we skipped that this round.
  5. Pasar : There're a few market that sells fresh veges, fruits & flowers along the Brinchang - Tringkap road. All you need is to lookout for the stalls in your left & right.

Here's some photos from Cameron Highland:

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Trendy Maternity Fashion

Have you seen the beautiful maternity clothes available in the malls & in the online shopping site and wish that you are pregnant now? Well, the designer definately never forgot that pregnant ladies also needs to look goods with the maternity wears. So, gone are the days of dull & baggy clothes and hello to sexy, trendy & cute maternity wears. Good news for my SILs and close friend coz they are mom-to-be again (^-^)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mini Trip 2 : Penang Food Heaven

This is the Gastronomical Discovery during our Penang Trip back in June. We have sampled too many good food in just 2 days & 1 night until I need to separate the food from the sight seeing post :p

1st proper lunch : Asam Laksa at Kek Lok Si pasar area

Why I say proper? Coz the asam laksa that I ordered at some stall as lunch (also near Kek Lok Si) doesn't taste nice, so, I went back to the old stall that my friend brought me to. This Asam Laksa just satisfy my taste bud like it always does. The soup is just the right balance of sour, sweet & hot filled with the fish flakes and the 'Lai Fun" mee *Yummy*.

1st dinner : Baked Crab & Prawns at Tangjung Tokong
We met up with Catriena (my ex-colik) at our hotel and she ferry us to this place that serve the most tasty baked crab I ever eaten (though Gerald say they never clean the crab of it's organ). The prawn is so fresh and it's just nice to eat it without any sauce dipped.

2nd dinner : Lok-lok @ Pulau Tikus
What else is better to do than feast in Penang. We were brought to have another dinner session at Pulau Tikus for this Lok-Lok. It's actually steamboat that we can get in KL but they serve it in a table instead in a van where u need to stand & eat. There're a variety of food you can choose from (meat - vege) and Gerald just eat his heart out *LOL*. When we call for the bill, wow, it's not expensive at all (at least compare to KL price)

After that, I wanted some desert and what's better than the "Ang Tau Bing" - Ice Kacang (shaved ice served with cream corn, red beans, grass jelly). I was very full but Gerald's stomach still have space (so he thought) for popiah & char kuey teow (they use charcoal to fried, which is very tasty) and that's the last food hunting before we made our way to Gurney Drive. We just walk around coz Gerald has not been there before but heard about it alot. I have warned him of the 'cut throat' & not nice food that is specially target for tourist (I am not a supporter for Gurney Drive).

We agreed to adventure out of the hotel for breakfast where we were armed with a piece of paper noted with the street name to go for breakfast (given by Cat) and hope for the best. Which is not bad coz we manage to find the dim sum restaurant that served the best char siew bun (long time no eat). After that, we went for the morning market that sells a variety of goods (very nice to walk & good place to get exotic ingredients such as crystal chicken feet, jelly fish, sea cucumber, meat crab & many more). Definately a good place to shop for food.

Next, we continue our adventure in hunting for the best chendol in town (Gerald's fav), which is just a few street down. This was recommended by the driver & Puah Chu Kang even came here for it. The chendol is superbly delicious and Gerald even go for his 2nd bowl & nearly the 3rd if I dun get hold of him. Look at how happy & satisfied he is at the below scrap. Another chendol moment for him (^-^)

Last but not least, we managed to tapau another charcoal fried kuey teow for lunch (before we depart Penang) and this was another recomendation from the taxi driver. I must say that though they charged us not by meter but they are very helpful in detouring to help us get what we want to eat (you must asked them on this).

So, that's our little adventure in Penang. Though we spend quite alot on the transport in getting around Penang but it's really an adventure for us. Good memories as well coz we ate all we can & it's the best food in Penang.

Note : Since it's a short trip, we just bring our
Samsonite luggage bag.

Here's some photo that we took on the adventure we had:

House Improvement

This is a sponsered post
Me & Gerald has come to an agreement on getting our house a little improvement or you can call it some replacement for the defective area where we neglect it previously (deem unimportant to my hubby). The first thing to be upgrade is the WC in our room coz it's defective & dun work wat it should. Second to go is the white ant attack bath door at the ground floor & I am hoping to get those foldable door. We need to install the gutter coz everytime it rains zoo, it's like mini waterfall with the impact of Niagara fall (imagine ur car is the lake). Thats about it, so far. Oh, has anyone heard about Double glazing ? I found this trustable Home Improvements in the net that provide your every need. Good for my friends in UK. As for us, we are getting Gerald's friend to do all the above improvement.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bye bye internet

As of 27th Aug 07, I am without internet connection as I moved back to my own place (the apartment has been sold officially). The only means of internet conectivity is while I am in the office though no msn or yahoo for me. Right now, I am desperate to upload my last digital LO for a contest hence, I'm in cyber cafe (too noisy to concentrate on blogging though). Ok, gotta go now... m having headache nad times up already.