Friday, May 18, 2007

PPP : Last Gem in the Mediterranean

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When talk about Europe tour, we will always go to UK, Germany, Paris & other more commonly know destination for tourist in the East. Why not try to go to North Cyprus, the Last Gem in the Mediterranean.

North Cyprus is the last idyllic region of the Mediterranean that enjoys over 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine, clear blue seas & the beauty of an untouched landscape. Northern Cyprus has always been a British favourite becuase it offers relaxation, water sports & exciting esploration along its beautiful coastline (medieval castles & archeological sites). *I shall make it my destination when I am going to Europe for holidays... *

With these irrisistable surrounding, why not have your own place to stay when you are there? North Cyprus Property offers you affordable real estate choices such as apartments cost from £30,000 and detached villas with pools can be bought for less than £100,000.