Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween & Happy Birthday Shaun

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Today is Halloween day and it's also Gerald's nephew birthday. Shaun is officially 5 years old today and we would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday SHAUN VOO , the Halloween Boy.... May you grow up to be less naughty, less mischievous, less of a little monster and more lovable, thoughtful, caring and whole lot more of a good stuff.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Homey Helper

If you plan to buy or sell your home, you will definately need a real estate person help. It is not as easy as A B C coz I have went tru the whole process recently. I really appreciate the service, expertise and advice that I could get from the real estate agent so that all I need to do is just provide them the information, the price that I prefer and wait for the buyer to show up. Unless you're very into this whole buying and selling, it's really a wise choice to let the professional to do the job.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pop Up Blocker

Won't you feel dislike or more to anger when you open a window and what you find is another few windows popping up with useless information such as advertisement or worse, the p*rn stuff and you accidentally click it. Next you know, your computer has gone into a slow motion mode, trying to load the advertisement of that site or you might get a bug. Well, if you really feel that, you might want to consider getting a popup blocker install to your computer. It will definately help in minimizing the pop up windows.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Off to Teambuilding in Langkawi

Just a little note to all my friends..... I am off for the weekend till Wednesday for Team Building in Langkawi ... Yup... Langkawi.... Will talk about it after the trip... vy excited now

Snack Trekking Saturday

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I had a wonderful lunch date last Saturday with Jazzmint and another school friend at this deli shop at OUG area. I had wanted to go to this shop since Jazz showed me the yummy Mango fettucini months ago but no chance till last Saturday. It was well worth the effort to find it and it's so near to work (can go for lunch with my colleagues)

Here's what we ordered : Manggo 'Fettucinni', Taiwanese Minced Pork with Tofu & Salted Egg Rice, Crab Sticks Rolls, Chocolate Banana Roll, Steam Egg with Milk Custard, Curry Fishball (all shown in the photo above) and lastly, we top it up with a rice vermicilli coz we are too hungry *LOL*.

The verdit : Superbly fulfilled my taste bud and I even tapau the Mango Fettucinni home for my family to tried.

He he, not to forget to mentioned the place for you to try:
Shop name : Sweet Deli Station
Location : Behind Citrus Park, OUG
Operation hours : Closed on Tues

To know more, you can visit Jazz's site for the details coz this shop is opend by her friend, Peter.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Party till 'bewitching hours'

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One thing about joining my current company and team is the chance of partying till the wee hours. We believe the motto of work hard but play harder. So, if you see me partying in one of the pub or disco around town (hardly will go with frens or by myself), you know that it's time for us to break away from work and just have fun.

This photo was taken way back in June during one of our colleague farewell party at Hard Rock Cafe. When you say it's a party, what must not be missed is the never ending flow of beers - you can see that we have 2 towers of beers next to my picture. But we are sane enuf to know tat it's a night of no driving for those who love to intoxicate their body that night.

PPP : Theme Park

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Holiday seasons are near and I am sure that everyone is planning their last holiday of Year 2007. Since in most northern countries are stepping into the winter seasons and also Christmas are near, I think most people in the tropical countries would love to fly over there to enjoy the cold experience and also the Christmas feel of it. However, for those people who want to try out a different kind of holidays while in Northern country such as Uk, you might want to make a trip to the famous and oldest
Theme Parks in Pleasure Beach, Blackpool. This is indeed a good place for anyone, be it young and old.

Here's some exciting photos to tempt you for now *wink*

Monday, October 22, 2007

2007 F1 World Champion - Kimi !!!

Yes!!! Kimi won the race and the world championship title. It was very narrow for him and frankly speaking, if Hamilton has not suffered the lost in the start of the race, I dun think Kimi got the chance to grab the world champion title. Anyway, me & Gerald are way too happy for this.....
More over, the race in Brazil are dominant by Ferarri from the start. Massa & Kimi's car are practically flying throughout the race and because Kimi's car got more fuel than Massa, hence he overtake him during his pit stop and it's really a good strategy by Ferrari.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Around the world with PANCAKES

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He he, after donuts, it's PANCAKES *LOL* .....

Well, this is actually the 1st outings from Gerald's 3rd Home Trip back in Sep 2007. Since the brats (Geralds's nieces) didn't get to hang out much with us when he's away, we decided to bring them out on Sat to The Curve area to window shop and also later on to get the stuff to bring back to KK.

I had tried this Paddington Pancake House alot but to them, it is totally new. They got quite excited when I told them that their entrees to desserts are all made from pancakes (got meat n stuff ler ). Since they are 4 of us, we ordered one each from different part of the world to try. I had Amsterdam ~ full of cheese and hams ; New York ~ pannekok with hams, cheese and sunny side up, another pancake dunno from where but got mushroom & sausage and lastly, the special linguini made out of pancakes *WHOA*

We enjoyed it very much and was very full by the time we finished travelling around the worl with the pancakes :p

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Talk of the town - 'dOnuts'

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After cupcakes, here's my another hunted down dessert - DONUTS !!! Yup, it's donuts and not just any donuts but J.Co donuts that are only available in the newly opened Pavillion in Bukit Bintang. The donuts are so tasty and soft that after 1 bite, you will want more!

They have lots of flavor to choose and I only manage to try 6 - Heaven Berry, Glazzy , Alcapone, J.Crown Oreo, Choco Mocca & Tiramisu. The best deal is to buy 2 dozen donuts coz you can save about RM 21 ( I manage to share with Bee Li and Kek Yee, so it is only RM 8.70 for 1/2 dozens of donuts).

For those who want to try it, do be prepare for long que if you were not there when it opens and especially on weekends and public holidays. I que for 20 mins yesterday but lucky I got kaki to chat with and drool with so the time seems ok for me then.....

Walking = Exercise

Do you know that by just walking, you are consider doing exercise? Well, of course it is not the normal pace walk but to walk at a pace where our heart beat a bit faster than usual so that we can burn the excess fat.

Gerald is just doing that in Doha and he really can walks quite far. His way of walking is to set a target mall around his neighbourhood and he will walk there with his trimming belt around his waist and a bottle of water in hand. I am amaze he can do that but when come to walking in shopping mall, he cannot tahan as long as me *muaha ha ha ha*

For people that do not like his way of walking, maybe can try
treadmills coz it is very convenient and you can do it anytime you like, rain or shine.

Popcorn anytime

I am sure that everyone enjoys having popcorns when they are watching a movie be it in the theater or just at home, sitting down (or lying down) enjoying our favourite shows ( I know my lil bro loves popcorn & he must have it everytime we watch a movie).

Well, let me introduce you to this home theater popcorn machines that is great for popcorn lovers and especially for family that have kids. You can just make popcorns the way you like it.

Information on Celine Dion tickets

Do you know that you can get Celine Dion tickets by juz a click? This is definately a great idea for fans that are busy and no time to que or for fans from around the world.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Results of the Wedding winner

Ta dah..... the result is out .... We have found the package that captured our heart and of course, it is more to their gowns and shops captured our hearts rather than the package at first sight (no you know how important the first impression is & to all the bridal gallery out there, please make sure ur bridal gown are displayed generously in a clean open concept room). Though the gowns are important, the service and the packages they offered are equally important. Hence, the best bridal shop that wins this hunt is De Casamia. They met all our requirement and to tip the scale, the sales person knows the bride's mum..... Now we only wait for the bride to confirm everything to seal the contract.

My new sunnies

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Look at my new sunnies, I got it since dunno which month during the mega sales at 50% discount and now only I got the chance of showing it to the world *LOL*. It was a really a bargain coz where can you get a Gucci at that discount on a normal day (lucky my hubby didn't ngi ngam me when I sms him *phew...*).

Real Estate?

Real estate franchise is so hot now. It's selling like a hot cake coz people want to have extra money in their pocket and what's the best thing to do than trying the real estate. People now can afford a better living standard and hence, the demand of new houses are there. It's really a good way to have that big money earned in an almost effortless try (o, not effortless, you need to be familiar with what u selling and give good customer service but then, it's easier than hard sell something small, right?)

Lingerie Diva

Wink wink .... I am sure a lot of people will be captured by this title esp you know who *LOL* I wonder who invented the word lingerie ..... well, I know if I want to know, I can google it but lazy lar .... I am sure it's the French since it sounds so french & they are well known for their romantic nature. Hmm, sexy lingerie sounds so romantic and of course it is definately so sexy.... a gift for your lover (or your wife, mind you).

Accessories for TV

He he, tv also need some accessories to go with it so it will look better (not just us tat needs it, you know). Well, I am not toking about the necklaces or some frills & ribbons when I say that. It is the stands or the mount for the tv and stereo set. Have you consider plasma mount for your slim plasma tv? You can have it anywhere you want it ;)

A sundays of yesteryears

As I woke up this morning, it makes me think back of the Sundays that Gerald used to enjoy. Those were the days where he loves golf and he's very eager to go when there's opportunities. Those were the days that he will go to the golf section to look at the clubs and tell me wat is good for wat. I wonder if Cleveland golf clubs are one of those that he mentioned. Well, those were of yesteryears.....

Sunset Malibu

Dun you just love the name of this place? Sunset at the Malibu... such a romantic place to be.... but then, it's actually a drug rehab . When I virtually visit their place, it WOW me ... the place is really perfect for a holiday and you won't feel that you're stepping into a world of misery. You feel welcomed instantly and your mood will turn very light and ready to embark a new adventure of a lifetime.

The hunt begin...

Yes, today is D DAY...... d day for the wedding package hunt around SS2 area. You will see me showing my sweet & innocence side when doing the bargaining with the hard sell ladies in the bridal shop.... My goal is to find the best deal within the budget and the toughest thing is, next week is the gown fitting and photo shoot session ..... may the best bridal shop win my heart...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PPP : How I grow my money

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Some of my readers would be wondering why I have some post labeled as PPP. Well, this is because those PPP post are the blog reviews that I did to earn some pocket money and my pocket money piggy bank has grown a lot since my first payout by them. I will continue to grow my money in this piggy bank for my dream holiday to Europe (or the least, made it to UK with Gerald)

I can still remember my first reaction to this news brought to me by Jazzmint in April. That time I am still very blur on the facts about PPP and how to sign up and get paid (most importantly are the GETTING PAID by just doing some reviews in my very own blog). I can’t believe how this can be so true until I signed up for it and being paid 1 month after my assignment was approved via Paypal. Since then, it has been a routine for me to grab some post that I love and trust me, you really learn a lot from those post that you write. I did get a lot of information on those blog reviews that I did especially for health & traveling information.

Well, after a few months of seeing the money, I can’t wait to share across this cool news of PPP to all my friends who blog and some did really sign up for it (who dun want money, rite?). With PPP as the topic, I manage to get connected to some bloggers who are on PPP as well. Quite a cool way for blog hopping & growing money, dun you think?

Wedding Hunt

He he, not my wedding hunt but it's a hunt for my best pal. She's so far away that she got no time to do the planning in KL, let alone getting the perfect gown for her big day. So, what I offer (very eagerly) to help is to go hunt for the perferct wedding packages with her sis this weekend. Basically I have narrowed down to those few bridal galleries in SS2, PJ area coz their gown are far much better than those conventional bridal studio in Lokw Yew Road or Bukit Bintang area. I have a budget to meet also, which is about RM3000 for everything, so, the best choice is still SS2. Will post an update on this so that it will help those who are planning for their wedding.
I am so excited now that I can't wait for Sunday to come and next weekend as well.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Pampering in Kota Kinabalu

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I am not a nail person but will always have my nails done when I am back in Kota Kinabalu. This is because of Gerald's good friend (Joey) has a profesional nail saloon. It's sort of a pampering session for me cum reunion session for them as well. I must say that her work is superb and I have 100% trust in her service & customer satisfaction (not to mention that she always gives us discounts). I can't stop myself in admiring my beautiful nails after that pampering session by her.

Here's her shop and if you do happen to be in Kota Kinabalu, do have your nails done by her.

Name : De Nail Place (O.P.I products used)
Location : Palm Square, Kota Kinabalu
Business Hour : 11am - 9pm (no walk in available unless they are empty slot available)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Essential Lighting

Do you know that with proper home lighting, a room will transform from a boring room to a beautiful room. Of course you need some furnishing but with just the lights, it plays the big role of it. There're lots of types of lighting available such as pendant, chandeliers, wall mount and the most common one are the recessed lighting that we use when we decided to do plaster ceilings.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cupcakes + aeroplane

I think I caught the cupcake bug coz I am so in love with cupcakes after trying the cupcakes from Cupcake Chic. It's juz not enuf and I kept wanting more especially the belgium chocolate cupcakes that I had for my b'day. Since Gerald also loves cupcakes, I made another order and this time, the cupcakes get to sit in the plane and fly to Kota Kinabalu *wink*

But an unfortunate event happened to my lovely & delicious cupcakes *sob sob*. It didn't survive the trip to KLIA (dun want to point finger here) *sob sob* and I was so mad and it ruined my flight. Anyway, though it doesn't look as lovely as it should be, it still taste as delicious as ever be.

I thought I will never have the chance of showing the photos of the Home Sweet Home cupcakes until I saw Joanned uploaded it to her site. Here's how my cupcakes looks like. The Home Sweet Home is glitter gel (100% edible).....

Detox Programme

I really need to detox my body coz my skin especially my face are showing signs of intoxication. I dun usually have acne problem but since the pass few months, it has been popping up every other day & it refuse to go away *sob sob*. Then my beautician told me tat those pimples that pop up at the chin area meant that I have irregular bowel and those appears at the forehead is due to late night sleep (so true!!!). So, how to detox? Beside eating just fruits & drinking lots of water, I think I need more than that. There're so many detox programme available but most of them focus on colon cleanse. Anyone tried before?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My wedding band story

Getting our wedding bands are not easy coz I want it cheap & pretty (well, the cheap part is Gerald). So, it left me no choice but head South to Singapore with Bee Li to hunt for the perfect wedding bands. There’re lots of choices available & mostly are platinum or white gold set with diamond. I nearly got carried away (over the budget set by Gerald) until Bee Li showed me the pair of Rose Gold wedding bands with a small diamond for the perfect setting. I must sat, it’s really very pretty & the best part is, it’s on 50% discount, so, I got it at SGD 600 for a pair of wedding bands *smirk* and it is from the Aspial collection in Lee Hwa ...... But getting the ring size right is a bit tricky coz he's not there physically, so, I must follow my insticnt & finger size to judge *LOL* (lucky the size is correct) I feel so satisfied with the wedding bands when I showed it to Gerald, he love it.... nothing is better than a genuine compliment from hubby. But sad to say, the rings is sitting in the box now coz both of us dun wear rings... can't seem to develop the habit of wearing something on the fingers.

Me, lil bro & PS2

Me & my lil bro share the love for PS2 games especially the Final Fantasy series. We actually started with the older version of tv games and move on to PS then now it is PS2. I must say that having a brother that are so keen in playing games are great coz I no need to fork out to buy the games but just sit & wait for him to buy the latest one *evil sis* but then, I dun mind to share to buy once in a while especially those RPG with nice graphics. But since move back to my house, my tv cannot support PS2 but I have the old PS (thanks to my bro again), it has been a long time I have laid my hand on the FF10 (the FF12 is not nice to play with & way too complicated in battle mode).