Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Meaning of Cheryl

It's been a while since I scrap for myself. Can't find the suitable kit and also not much nice photo of mua to scrap *LOL*

Since I posted on the meaning of my hubby's name, I might as well post 1 on my own name. So, what does Cheryl means?

When I read it from the name magnet that my MIL gave me, I was amused by the meaning of it. I am soooooo Little & Womanly :p

My name also suggests a lady who is cute, petite, sweet, friendly & pleasant (^-^)

Wah...... hope I can keep to my namesake lar ;)

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mom2ashley said...

nice LO!

cairo's mommy said...

wah, cant think of wat's nicer...

the meaning of your name, or your mil who got you such a meaningful gift :p

next time i come back, ask her to gimme one magnet also leh... good luck w finding a "wj" magnet though hahaha

karenyiau said...

nice meaning what... :)

Cheryl Leong said...

mom2ashley : 10q 10q... took me quite awhile to do it

cairo's mommy : haha, my MIL really super nice. Couldn't ask for more already.

karenyiau : 10q 10q, hope i can be as sweet as my name lar ;)

gerald said...

everything looks nice on this picture... i think i'll download it into my palm. perfectomundo!!!

Cheryl Leong said...

Dear dear : (^-^) Glad that you love it ;)

Hway^ said...

ya suit you to the perfection. cool name..wonder what is the meaning of my name? hmmm..=p