Thursday, May 29, 2008


yeah... tat's wat I am this whole day.

I had the worst nite sleep ever in my life due to some 'fung sap' (I think that esplains my sudden & sever upper backache) and I toss & turned whole nite until 3am. Tat's when I decided to juz move to the living room to sleep on the sofa & on the aircond. It works coz no fan to blow the wind into my body (so I pressume coz tat's wat my popo told me when I am still young), but I have cool ambient in the room. Too bad that I got to wake up at 7am to go work (coz scared jam & should have taken MC) and with clocking not enuf sleep... I really look like a zombie & feel like a zombie...

When I reached home, I just on the computer & drop dead at the sofa, ZZZZZ until 10pm. Now I feel more like a human after the nap. I hope I will never ever have this zombie like day .... really terrible, man... and lesson learned :

  1. Remember to eat painkiller when feel the body aching. Dun juz tahan & wish the pain to go away
  2. Do not on the fan to sleep with the thought of saving electric bill. In the end, will juz suffer on my body
  3. Must 'boh' my body and let it rest & sleep early

a LUXURY gift



partially from Gerald (^-^)

Well, I was so bored one day and my fren told me about her fren going to USA and she's so into Coach.... so, I tot why not.. go surf the net and see wat is available and I saw 2 things I love... The one tat caught my eyes was this Coach Hampton Signature Optic... vy nice, yet quite girly (not to aunty)

So, that night, I just show to Gerald and he also say nice and asked if I really want it *he he he* of course ler I want ... and he's so genourous that nite... he sponser half the price ...

Hence, I got my 1st Coach bag in March 08

(credits & details here)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my wiShes 2 U

Happy Birthday DEAR DEAR ......

This year didn't buy anything for you (thought of getting 1 vy playful card for u but then..... no use if mail to u also), just make 2 cards for you. It's almost the same, just that the colors are a bit different. Can't decide which one is nicer, hence, u get 2 CARDS + virtual kissess *muak muak muak*

Card 1 is something very neutral with ur name in it (^-^)

(credits & details here)
Card 2 is something bright and more details but it's more personal (^-^)

So, here I wish my dear dear a very Happy Birthday. May all your wishes comes true and by next year onwards, we can celebrate all the important dates together...... & last but not least, a birthday poems for you.
Happily Ever After

On your birthday, my dear Gerald,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.

On your day I wish for you
Favorite people to embrace,
Loving smiles and caring looks
That earthly gifts cannot replace.

I wish you fine and simple pleasures.
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life’s best treasures.
I wish you happily ever after!

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

juz an OrdiNary day...


I woke up as usual to prepare to go work and then I got this message from my taman-mate. The road is super jam, stuck at Sg Long for 20 mins. The BMC road has closed. Hmm.... the main toll free road is closed again 'unexpectedly' so, there's no traffic polices to divert the traffic at our trunk road... With these news, I have to delay my journey to work unless I want to join in the jam & burn away my petrol....

Ok, off to work now... hope the issue will be resolved soon, if not, petrol is going to be expensive to me again.... and with this, I do wish I can work from home
coz really, I dun see the point of wasting time, stuck in the jam...

PS: Got to clean my house after work... lots of dust (dunno where it came from). Wish I got those Sebo vacuums where it definately suck in all the dust.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a special day ...

As you notice that my blog banner has changed to something special .....

Today is the day where we had our KL wedding, though not officially wedded but it's a day to remember. I think I am the only lucky bride that had 2 'weddings' with the same groom.... 2 wedding gowns .... and 2 different ceremony (traditional chinese 'chut moon' in KL and 'church ceremony in KK' for 1 lifetime journey.

Happy Anniversary, Dear .... Love you always ....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a BIRTHDAY celebration

KK March 08 trip

(credits & details here)

We were quite lucky this time coz we got to celebrate Mom & Dad 'in-laws' (finally) brithday. Though it's a bit early but this was the best timing we had in the 4 years...

After we got down from KK park, we rested for awhile and when everyone came home from work, we drove down to city center for this very good dteamboat dinner. They have all you can eat or ala carte. Since we are not a big eater, we choosed ala carte, which is a wise choice when the bill arrived.

The food there is very nice and my favourite (Arial's too) is the special fish noodles and the scallop 'siew mai'. It's quite different from KL because here, you can enjoy it in a/c place and yet, you got the freedom to choose wat you want from the serving trolley. And how to know the price? He he, here's how they used the sushi system... color coded tray... smart eh ... And not to forget there's 1 long table where the customer get to choose the sauces, the toppings & oils to have it with the steamboat.

At the end of the dinner, we took out the green tea cake which was bought by my 2nd SIL, Natalie. It's so delicious (Arial finished 1 pc by herself) and just nice for everyone. I wish we have that cake here in KL now... so refreshing.... So, that ends the celebration and our 2nd last day in KK.

PS: More photos & scraps of the event will be show later.. having some artistic block for the scrap :p

Friday, May 16, 2008

our KK Park photos

(credits & details here)

Finally, I have finished resizing the KK Park photos and uploaded into slides... phew.. it's really not an easy task to resize and choose the 'better' photos to upload. There's really alot that I loves but then, not all are presentable coz some is quite blur especially those shots where we attempt to capture the sky and the green grass (us jumping up) at the Golf Club at Mat Silau. My favourite will be those captured in the 'meadow field' as shown at the above scrap. It really reminds me those places in fairytale books (^-^)

And here's our short trip up to the park :

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my very own CAMEL

Was supposed to post this up after the HOT post but there's always some other things to post ... hence, the delayed in showing my very own camel.....

(credits & details here)

Sometimes back, I asked Gerald for a very unique and local souvenier from Doha. I never expect that I will have my vy own camel (figurine made out of REAL camel skin) and it does really look like the camel photo that was shown in the previous post.

These unique gifts (camel & aladin lamp) are my Christmas presents of 2007 which is yet to be displayed in the house.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The chronicles of Bandar Mahkota Cheras

Recently there have been a lot of news to BMC and it really has become well-known area not because of it's location ( really a good place to stay) but because of the closing of the main access road by the Grand Saga.

For those who has been spared by the tragedy of the residents in BMC, let me tell the battles that each of the residents are facing each day.

It has been years since the main road that lead the Cheras Highway into the BMC been built. It should be a happy things for the residents but then again, we did not get to enjoy the main access road. Why?

This is because the residents has been denied the usage of the road which is very near to the Cheras Highway and instead, have to pay toll to use the trunk road that will lead into Sg. Long and then to BMC. If it is a shorter road, I am sure the residents dun mind paying, but it's not. Can u imagine that u need to pay toll and yet u got to drive additional 4 ++ km to reached ur own place? I bet u can't believe it but it's TRUE!!!

Not only that, but each morning, the residents of the BMC got to battle with the heavy traffics (jam) to exit their trunk road to the Sg. Long trunk road and then to the Cheras Highway!!! On a normal hour, one only need 5 - 10 mins to get in or out from the 2nd toll into BMC trunk road. But because of the heavy traffics, it took 20 - 30 mins to just get out from the BMC trunk road to Sg. Long trunk road & do you believe that we need at least 3 traffic police to direct the traffic?

I must say, the traffic police did a very good job ( double thumbs up) coz without them, it is impossible to get out (can really patah balik and go home have breakfast & try the luck at a later time around 9.30am). This also happens during the peak hour of getting home from work. It's really a battle to get in and out from BMC during peak hours.

When the BMC main access road was 'open' for use, the traffic at the trunk road has been reduced to none (but I'm sure it damages the pocket of the 'toll' people coz they can't earn BMC money oledi). The 'opening' of the main access road is another battle between BMC residents & the 'toll' people. They really got to stand in vigile (salute to them), so tat the road remains open though the road has been damaged due to many 'poking' & meddling (which is a sad thing to see).

There's constant battle going on now (can see in youtube) & the latest news on these (read in NST) was that the barrier built by the toll people is legal... hmmm.... why leh? That you got to ask the judge lar.... or u can let ur imagination run wild *LOL*

Oh, the best part is, the address registered in the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (can seefrom IC) set by default that BMC falls under Bt 9 1/2 Cheras, Selangor & also Cheras Perdana, Tmn Megah falls under Bt 11 & Bt 9 Selangor. So, u think BMC main access road is belong to the federal? I for sure dun think so but I'm no land surveyor.... only they can tell....

That ends the story of BMC... wheter the BMC main access road will be open to the residents to use or not, it's another part which will comes later.... it's not available yet coz the movie has not been made, still in casting *ke ke ke ke*

I do hope there's a good ending with this chronicles.... coz we do pay taxes and also road tax (to use the road, kan?)...

P/S : Oh, does anyone know the procedure to get the traffic to sync with a new flow? Coz if the road is closed due to safety, I think with the adjustment of the traffic lights, I'm sure this will be solved....

Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother's day

Mother's day is nearing *this Sunday* and I did a simple banner to wish my MOM and all the mummies out there a Happy Mother's Day. You can see the credits & details here.

Our plan for this weekend is to go Puchong to have 'Yim Gok Hai' - Salted Crab (special request by my mum). The perfect day to eat is Saturday but my school fren, Li Li is getting married this Saturday. So, looks like Sunday got to rebut table with the rest of the world and searching for best buy gifts (I am sure all the daughters & sons are doing tat for their mummy)....

Thursday, May 08, 2008

RAK for my cousin

(credits & details here)

I just know that my dear little cousin (still little to me) just loves my blog coz lots of scrap *paiseh coz mine not really good lar as compare to others*..... so, I did this for her blog, which is a great blog coz she just blog on what she believes -> Appreciate, Respect & Love. Hope she likes it ... It's just a small RAK for my dear cousin (^-^)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

*St Martin Vacation*

Having a relaxing vacation is a dream to me. This is because with so little time and so much to pay for a vacation, it is always a dash n rush kind of holiday that we had. If one day, I have more than enough time and money, I would really love to go to this St. Martin Island for a vacation. St. Martin has influence by the French and the Dutch cultures which makse it a place full of flavor discover tantalizing cuisine and also beautiful architecture for those photography lovers.
If you're interested in this little island, u cna go to St. Martin villa rentals to book yourself in.

* Knowing Foreclosure*

FORECLOSURE - such a big word to me. When it came to big word, best is to look it up and learn it. It might came in handy in times to come.

So, what is foreclosure? Well, according to wiki, Foreclosure is the legal proceeding in which a mortgagee, or other lienholder, usually a lender, obtains a court ordered termination of a mortgagor's equitable right of redemption. Normally it happens when we are not able to pay back the house loan due to some financial difficulty. Luckily, there's
foreclosure help that's provided by a certain company to help out those who need to save their home.

it's so hot !!!

OMG... it's so HOT !!! It has been so hot for the past 1 week and I dun think I can tahan any longer if the sky does not open up soon.... My house used to be a cool place but now, it's like oven. What makes it worse is my study room is without aircond and there's no proper ventilation as well. I even took cold shower and while I am doing that, I can feel my sweat coming out from my skin ( I dun sweat easily, so, this is something unusual for me )...

Weather so hot, it reminds me of the below photo, taken so long ago by my Dear Dear.

It's the camel in Doha and I really wonder how they survive there. And look at how the natives dressed there... it's all white and with head gear to protect from the harh sun. If the rain dun come soon, I think I will definately opt to dress white and avoid going out during lunch time.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Lately, I have been obsessed in getting my hands on the digital scrapkits and challenges. Maybe it's NSD or maybe all the kits are too nice to resists *LOL*. Hence, I have abandoned my photo resizing of my KK trip & did the below scraps while downloading the kits I bought earlier (which I added 1 more kit to my purchase at Oscrap & stumble upon this challenge by Paislee -> create a LO using cropped photos and her freebie).

I have chosen this photo, taken way back in Sept during my KK hometrip with Gerald. I love going for a date to the Coffee Beans at Damai during the nights coz we really have nothing to do beside sleep :p

My favourite drink is the Morrocan Mint Latte whereby for Gerald, he prefers Sunrise. And the little Mango Cheese cake caught my eyes coz the colors are so bright !!! It's like calling me "eat ME, eat ME" and I couldn't resists the temptation (which ended up Gerald finishing the cake for me *he he he*)

(credits & details here)

Pstt: I have another temptation that I can't resists (which I am sure lots of people also the same as me)-> bedding sets. I'm a big fans of luxurious beddings especially those from Aussino in particular. Their sateen cotton is really so smooth and soft to the touch and the designs is vy pretty as well.... There's another brand that is of vy high quality but the price range is really out of my budget (*_*).

Saturday, May 03, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day + my aDDiction ...

Finally, the big day has arrived. I have been waiting for this day for so long until my neck is long *LOL*. Today is NSD and in the Scrapbooking World, most of the shops are giving discounts on their beautiful kits. There's some kits that I have been eyeing on at Weeds & Wildflowers *have gone crazy over their stuff for the past few months* and it's really a good day to shop online (exercise my virtual $$) to get more of their stuff. Here's what I bought today to add to my existing collection of WW kits *GRIN*

There's another grab bag that I got from two little pixels shop (shown above). Stumble upon it and just decided to grab it. No preview though coz it's a grab bag, can't wait to open it ans see what's inside the bag (how I love NSD, ke ke ke).

Here's another kits that I have been eyeing on that is selling at Catscrap. It's such an Enchanted kit to use for scrapping. Shall check it out tomorrow with Jazz to see if she got it or not, if not, I will grab it *ke ke ke ke*

PS: Not to forget to SHOUT that my CT designer, Marianne's kit is now having 50% off at Elemental Scrap . Do check it out.

After my shopping spree, it's time for me to search for some information search on drug rehab.

Friday, May 02, 2008

~Sweet tReat~

My holiday turns out quite good except some little turning around like a maze when trying to find a parking at Mid Valley. This will tell me never ever go out to the mall at such a late time (after 11.30am) coz getting urself a parking is crazy ....

People in MV also alot, it's like sales everywhere but I didn't se any good one though except this.... I tried the Fish Spa with my mum. A treat for her and on I forgot the most important thing.... my CAMERA... *slap head*. All I have is my old K700i hp to take and I am having a hard time extracting it to my pc *arrrghhhh*

Anyhow, the experience is quite good. At first, it's kind of ticklish and scary to see so many fish nibbling at our feet but after awhile, we sort of get used to the ticklish feeling and enjoying ourselves. My mum even enjoy it.... she dun mind coming for a 2nd time though the price is too exp wor -> RM 38 for 30 mins.

So, tat's my 1st treat (^-^).

My 2nd treat is Cupcakes from Jazzmint. I left alot of my stuff at her place after the little trip we went coz by the time we came back, it's near to midnite (*-*). So, Fayhte keep reminding Jazz to bring back my stuff or ask me go collect (so cute of her)... So, they came to my place last nite with a box of my fav cupcakes (Faythe fav also) & of course, my stuff.

Here's the cupcakes that I got (thanks alot, Jazz) and featuring the Chai Cheeze that I had that night.

(credits and details here)

PS: With all the sweet treats, I must make sure I dun over eat and over weight (got people comment I gained weight liao). So, I think my exercise regime must quickly kick in and also to get healthy eating or go on a diet .... hmmm, I wonder if this generic Phentermine is good and safe?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

labour day, holiday , MY day ....

It's May 1st and it's holiday .... yippie.... This is the only day I managed to sleep till 9.30am and am so glad to find myself waking up feeling refreshed. I guess the 'pai suen' treatment that I went yesterday evening helps my aching body and also detoxing it and not to forget to mentioned that I slept early around 11pm....

On normal May 1st, I would have stay home but today, I might go out to see what's on offer in the mall. I heard from my coliks tat usually on May 1st, they will be having special sales.... hmmm, hope it's true..

Anyhow, I think this LO fits for today. I did it using mt CT kit, Chasing Rainbow

(credits & details here)
Got to go now... Happy Holiday everyone and Happy Holiday to you, my dear Gerald. Dun overeat today yah ;)

Updates on my little outing :
1. Got myself & mum some treats (details on the next post)
2. Went to the HSBC promo fair. Lots of goodies but not enuf points to redeem though it has been slashed to vy low. Oh, mum did a cataract instant check-up & she's free from cataract and they also promotion for HSBC card if I were to do Lasik.