Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little or big?

A little voice from my hubby when we touched on business opportunity:
Who doesn’t want to be come a boss, or exceed the threshold of employee pay. In our quest to make more money, business opportunity seems like the perfect vehicle. But the big question is how do we spot it? Opportunities are right in front of us. But most of the time, we’re crippled by financial aspects and the stigma of "will it work" syndrome. Unless we have minds of Howard Hues, opportunities will continue to present itself and slip pass us every day.
Hmm, that's not what I think, coz I think that we don't need to start big. We can always start something small and see what it goes from there. You never know unless you try ;)

Bed & breakfast

They are quite handy when you’re doing some of the country side sight seeing. No reservations, no waiting list, simple and convenient. Bed & Breakfast are normally a local industry. Providing households side income and driving the tourist industry in the rural areas. You check into one of this bed and breakfast, usually families who has spare rooms in the house and spend the night there. They will normally ask you your preferred time to server breakfast. And they do feed you well. If you’re in the country side, and wondering where to spend the night, try one of the local bed and breakfast, and enjoy the local hospitality they have to offer.
*I wish I can have an experience of Bed & Breakfast during my dream trip to UK soon*

Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME

It's my birthday today and I am having cupcakes as my birthday cake this year. A little special things that I get for myself from Cupcake Chic on Sunday (though I ordered it way before that). Since Gerald is not around, I just get this for fun & the very obvious reason of it looking good in my blog *LOL*.

Part of my dream house

* Voices from my darling hubby's mind :p *
I have a thing for glass. In the not so distant future, I hope to get my dining room furniture is made from glass. But I can’t make the chair from glass can I? The more traditional would be to combine wood and glass. Basically creating a wooden top and topping it with a tempered glass top to protect the wood. Then match it up with wooden chairs. You might think its old fashion, but check out your local furniture show room.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

BBGS tea party : a sneak of the event

BBGS cupcakes by HBB : Look at the cute pinafore & badge

It's really a busy weekend for me coz I got another gathering for today(organised by Marisa) & it's the event of the century (coz we never met up after Form 5) and all BBGSians are scattered all over the world but me still very much in KL *LOL*.

Since it is such a special event, I ordered 1 box of mini cupcakes from Happy Belly Bites with the theme 'BBGS Class of 95' & provided her the school badge (vy proud of it) to be made into edible cupcakes *wink*. The masterpiece is so pretty (look at the cute uniform & the badge) and too good to be eaten & everyone was so awed by the great art. Hence, the cupcakes made its way into becoming the center piece *LOL* of the table.

This is just a bit of the much awaited event and I need to gather all the photos before I made the full post of the event (hope it won't take a long time).

Opps, forgot to mentioned that Jazzmint bought this fabulous cake for me & the gang sang a b'day song to me during the gathering (coz she mentioned to Marissa about my b'day is tomolo).

My birthday cake : Chocolate Pavlova thanks to Jazzmint.

A mark of excellence

Trophies now comes in different shapes and sizes. I can still remember my school days where all the trophies have more or less the same shape. Only the ribbons and the word plates are different. Nowadays you get to chose from a variety of materials such as acrylic (clear plastic), glass, tin, brass, and my hubby's favorite is the crystal trophies. But as for mine, I love those given out at the F1 race.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Girls Nite Out - a pleasant surprise awaited

I had such a good time on Saturday with my gang (all girls *wink*) in Marche and the above photos are the end of the good time. We went for dinner at Marche Movenpick in the Curve and eat our heart out. We ordered : Cheese Fondou, Rosti with veal sausage, Seafood risotto, Vegetarian pizza, Sauteed mushroom, Seafood spaghetti, Salad, Salmon steak, Lamb chop, Mushroom soup, Mixed fruit Crepe & juices. Can you believe that 6 girls can eat that much? By the end of the chit chat & makan session, we were so full but very satisfied. We made our way out to pay the bill around 9.30pm and the dinner cost RM 314 (baru we realise we ate a lot)....

This gathering was all thanks to Hong Eng coz she actually gathered everyone and gave me & Kek Yee a pleasant surprise. It's a birthday treat for both of us & it's sort of our gang's tradition to do it for everyone *Smilling from ear to ear*

A very big thank you to Bee Li, Fai Lai, Fai Mei & Hong Eng for the wonderful & joyful birthday treat.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mini Trip 2 : Penang sight seeing

Backdated post

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Initially, we planned for a 4days 3 nights trip to Penang & Langkawi but due to time constrained, it has been shorten to just 2D1N to Penang coz we have bought the free ticket from Airasia. Why Penang? Coz Gerald has not been to Penang before and he insist on getting back by bus coz he want to see the Penang Bridge *LOL*

We fly to Penang on 5th June 07 early morning and reached Penang International Airport around 8.30am. Transportation was pre-arranged tru phone (thanks to Catriena) for the private tour around Penang (we chartered a taxi @ RM 25/hr). Photo taking is limited coz I forgot to bring my charger with me *slap head* but I managed to snap alot also *he he he*

1st destination : Penang Hill
We bought the ticket for the 11am tramp ride up to Penang Hill but thank God that we managed to get into the 10.30am tramp. It's really an experience not to be missed coz the view is awesome (though it's a bit cramp in the tramp) & I think you will never get this anywhere in Malaysia. The ride took about 1/2 hr to reach the top coz we need to hop on to a 2nd tramp that will continue its journey up the hill. Penang Hill is a great place if you love to walks but to us, there's nothing much to do and it only took us 30 mins to explore and head down the hill again (the tramp system got me puzzled and out of curiosity, I observed the tramp when going down hill and took some photo of the tracking system *LOL*).

2nd destination : Kek Lok Si Temple
We went up to the Kuan Yin Statue first before heading to the pagoda. The Kuan Yin statue is so huge that I barely manage to snap the whole of it up close. The statue is very impresive and although this area is still under construction, tourist still can visit & make donation for the construction of the pillars. Once it has completed, we must really visit it again. After snapping some photos, we head down to the old section where the pagoda is located. Since this is the 1st for Gerald, we climb up the pagoda to catch the spectaclar view & also to count how many story are they (silly activity) and can you believe that I got so scared when I reached the top floor. I practically have to walk around the pagoda sticking close to the inner wall & gather my courage just to take 1 photo with Penang view behind me *giggle*.

3rd destination : Khoo Kongsi

By the time we finished the Kek Lok Si, it was already 2pm and I am rushing time to complete the tour in 5 hours coz dun want to pay more *stingy me*. Since there's nothing much we want to see, we wanted to just go to get the famous tau sar pheah (green bean biscuits) but were detoured by the taxi driver to a place that's quite historic, Khoo Kongsi. It's a great recommendation by him coz the building is so well maintained. There's lot of carving and I was like (^0^) all the time when I was there. This place was like a club house for the Khoo clan in Penang and according to the historic writings, they are very powerful and rich in Penang. They even have special privilege (imagine that).

4th destination : Golden Temples

Yup, it really does looks like gold from far & near. We went for a quick snap & run photo shooting in 2 temples that housed the longest Sleeping Buddha (Siamese Temple) and tallest sitting Buddha (Burmese Temple). I don't really like the Siamese temple coz got lots of thsoe weird & scarry figurine which will definately give me nightmares if I stay any longer. As for the Burmese temple, it's very educating coz they got painting with the whole epic of how Buddha came to be (good for tourist & non believer).

After that, we head to get the Tau Sar Pheah and check into Copthorne Orchid and refresh ourselves before the met up with Catriena for makan-makan session & also bring Gerald to Gurney Drive (my personal thought of this place is not very good coz it's a place with overly priced food).

That's it for this sight seeing post. Will post the gastonomic tour later (full of good food photos *wink*)

Here's some photo that I managed to snap

City that never sleeps

Las Vegas, a city that offers people dream. A city that I only know through CSI and other tv shows. If it's possible, I would love to add this place to my near future place to travel since my colleague (she just came back from there on a business trip de-tour) told me that it's full of cool places to visit and fun, of course :p in the casinos. If you were there, and dunno where to stay, why not try the Orleans hotel Las Vegas ? Saw some review on it on the net ....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I wish .....

Outdoor kitchen in my opinion is quite a cool concept. It brings you closer to mother nature. Of course, outdoor kitchen won’t give you the convenience of a modern kitchen such as a gas stove and running water. But I have friends and relatives (old timers) who still insist that a meal cooked from firewood still taste better in comparison.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vacation home in Orlando

Have you ever dream of getting away from your familiar surrounding and escape to somewhere new so that you can explore. Or would you just want to invest in something that will let you have freedom to manage. As for me, I would like both but when I'm bored with it after some time, I can turn it to some cash milking cow *oops, home*. I found this vacation home Orlando that I think it would be nice for the above little adventure plus good investment :p

Travelling companion

Luggage nowadays are cheap and easily available. Even until today, whenever I go to the local departmental store, there is no short supply. Some of the materials used are so durable they are willing to do on the spot test. The most familiar ones are a cut out of the fabric hanging on the handle. The labels say "if you can tear it, don’t buy it". Doesn’t sound convincing to me. I wish they would say "if you can tear it, we’ll give you one from our rivals free of charge".

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mini trip 1 : Melaka

Backdated post

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We went to Melaka on 3rd June 07 for a short getaway cum wedding dinner. The main purpose to go down to Melaka is to feast. Yup, it's more like a makan makan session. We aim to cover the famous chicken rice ball and while we were there, we saw lots of people having cendol as well. So, we went to hunt for it. And we found the famous Nyonya Cendol.

Armed with the cool nyonya cendol in hand, we continue our walk at the Jonkers Street and found some more food (Teng Teng candy & home made dodol) and suddenly, this caught my eye.

It's actually a Hokkien Huay Kuan aka Hokkien Society Club House. Very nice antique looking place, I must say. After that, I found one shop selling nice baju and I got myself a pair of short pants (Gerald pay for it *LOL* ). Ok, we are done for the Jonkers Street and head to look for our hotel, Equatorial (we dunno where it is though). Took us awhile to look for it and found out tat it is just nearby the A Famosa.

After checking in, there's still some time left before the wedding dinner and we made our way to A'Famosa and also the new mall. Nothing much to wow about hence, we made our way back to the hotel to refresh ourselves for the dinner.

We head back to KL the next morning and I managed to reach office at 9am. Not bad for a short trip ;) but it's a bit tiring coz we will be flying to Penang on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My very own Daemon

What do you think of my Daemon? I took the quiz for my personality profile and assigned an initial Dæmon form. Before my Dæmon form is fixed to make sure it is a true representation of my inner-self, I need to get people who know me best & also my Dear Dear to help. I only have 12 days before it is fixed. All you need to do is click the picture and help to answer some questins that you think best suits me.

Update at 9.37pm: My initial daemon form is a crow.

Building rocket as hobby?

I am sure everyone have thier own interest and hobby. My hobbies (yes, I am a bit greedy) are to read story books or novels, watch animation & science series while my darling hubby read comic book & playing his gadgets. Our hobby is quite normal and nothing much interesting as compare to building model rocket. I am sure my brothers in law will be interested in this 'canggih' stuff. I would love to try it also, who knows, maybe I am the next brilliant engineer (*LOL* In my dream). Building model rocket and other stuff such as airplanes , helicopter & other more hi-tech stuff will definately in every guys dreams (not a cheap hobby :p ). I wonder if my hubby like stuff like this or not ... hmm... must really ask him this.

A story worth of gold

People that know me wells know that I can't wear any metal jewelery coz I got this highly reactive skin to unstable ion in metals. I can consider myself a bit lucky coz for I can still opt for more stable metal a.k.a expensive metals such as platinum & gold. One of my all time favorite is gold bracelets. I have a few (gotten during wedding) that is very nice and I love it very much. However, the one I love most is the one my Dear Dear gave me & also the one that my Granpa & Granma gave to me when I was very young. This will be my keepsake & hopefully I can pass it from 1 generation to another though its not worth alot.

A long awaited WEDDING

I just attended my senior's wedding last Saturday at Concorde Hotel. He's more like a friend to me than a senior, a very good friend during my uni time. People often misunderstood that we were together coz I always hang out at his place. But he's the only people from KL that I know well & were from the same Form 6 school (St John's Institution), whch means, someone that talk cantonese or English with me. I have known him for so long and have been waiting for his wedding since my graduation (already 6 years) coz his wife is my junior.

The wedding dinner is sort of like a uni reunion but the problem for me is that I dunno all the people there coz I dun hang out with alot of mandarin speaking people (me banana) and most of them are couples from uni. Nevertheless, I enjoyed snapping photos and the food, which were plenty (only 5 people at my table).

Here's some photo that I love from that night of Jeffrey & Serena's wedding.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My choice of furniture

When come to furniture, I have most say on this. It must pass by my eye scanning before it can even be considered. Maybe this is because I am very choosy when comes to choosing stuff. It must be nice to see yet comfortable to use and durable (must have quality). So, most of my furniture is not cheap (yet not too exp lar, I am not rich, you know). So, I normally choose furniture from reliable shops such as Lorenzo or Ikea or for US citizen, you can try Bush furniture coz they really cater from A-Z and very nice also.

Monday, August 13, 2007

What's your view on Life Assurance?

To some, it might be an important thing but not to others. I used to be not bother to get any insurance coz I never saw the importance of it until I met Gerald & some life incidence in my circle of friends. Maybe this is where it hit me that I really need it as an assurance to myself (if I am still alive) or my family. Since then, I realise that alot of my friends tends to be an agent for some brand and my exposure to the variety of assurance / investment products available. Then, it occured to me that they need to sit for exams to work in that line. Hmm, I wonder if there're some life insurance no exam kind of work. If yes, maybe it can generate some side income for myself.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cupcakes for my birthday?

Don't they look delicious & pretty to you? I fall in love with the idea of cupcakes as birthday cakes when I saw this at Trish CupcakeMomma's. But sad to say, it's only available for order in Singapore *sob sob*. So, I ask my best pal, Jazzmint for any good recommendation in KL, she gave me Cupcake Chic & Happy Belly Bites.

Cupcakes by Cupcake Chic

Cupcakes by Happy Belly Bites

Both looks super delicious but I dunno whom to place the order *having a dilemma now on whom to place the order*. I need to decide by this coming Wednesday, to be on the safe side. What do you think? Any comments on which to order?

Oh, by the way, I am not celebrating my birthday coz my hubby is still away in Doha, so, I thought of getting the cupcakes to take photo and just eat it with my family on my birthday that arrives soon, in August.

Captions for your video

After the holiday, it's time to get some interesting stuff to share. Since I managed to video some snips, I thought that it would be great if I can get it edit and add some caption to the video to make it interesting. Hence, I searched the net if there're such things available or any software that allow me to do that. Well, I found a site that help to do some closed captioning not just for home use but also commercial as well. Hmm, it would be great to get it for my long forgotten wedding videos that are sitting in the drawers at home.

Mini Holiday to Genting : Part 2

Backdated post

This is the last part of my mini trip to Genting 3 weeks ago with my dear cousins. After the b'day celebration (just a simple ice cream cake makan-makan session), we prepare ourselves for the main event of the night - Hacken Lee concert (sponsered by my cousin BIL). The night was so cold (very windy), and I just had on a very thin cotton jacket that provide me with little warm (lucky we detour back to take the car, else, I won't even have my jacket coz forgot to pack it). We walk to the Arena of Stars which located at the outdoor them park and all the way, I saw girls with mini skirt and boots (can u believe that? It's cold yet they can wear that, for me, I sure became an ice cream stick liao).

The concert was great. He really sang over 40 songs from 8.15pm till 10.45pm. He even came out to shake hands with the audience. Lee Ying was the first to spot him out and shake hand with him. Then, my this 'biu jeh' rush down to shake hand with him (she's a fan of him) and came back on cloud 9. As for me, I just stand where I was and look and snap photos. So, after that excited round, he have his encore session and that was the end of the concert. People started to leave but there're half of them in the stadium shouted for more encore.... and giess what? Hacken Lee came out after 10 mins coz he so excited that people want more of him. He came out, say that no more song coz he just prepared for so much. So, he grab some music sheet, chat with the band and sang 2 song (un practiced) and thanks all the people. Ok, by then, I am in front of the stage and manage to snap this close up photo of Hacken Lee for my cousins.

After that, we went to look for supper and call it a night. The next morning, I woke up very early for breakfast at Coffee Beans coz that's what I wanted to have beside the mee. The tree of us had the sausage and egg set with coffee or tea. I had my rounds of nice english tea while the 2 of them had coffee and hot fresh milk.

After the healthy breakfast, I had more shopping session with Lee Ying while my 'biu jeh' went to the casino to try her luck with the jackpot machine. I bought a cropped jeans, a mini skirt & a hotlink phone card on my 2nd day shopping spree in Genting. If my 'biu jeh' don't meet us soon, I will spend more money on stuff I dun really need.

So, the mini holiday ended at 2pm or so, and we head back to KL. A great trip for 3 girls (^-^)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Inspiration for Wedding Album

Today is really a busy working day for me and I already planned to chat with my Dear Dear and also watch my favourite TV series (on dvd) and enjoy the rest of the night. However, it turned out to be a scrapping night as well, thanks to Maria Weekly Challenge @ Digital Freebies. I saw the post of a beautiful advertisement to be used as inspiration. So, here's my masterpieces of 3 scraps (the 2 page LO inspire by Jazzmint's idea) done within 2 hours.
Click here for credit

Click here for credit

Click here for credit

The layouts features my wedding photos which were taken before my wedding dinner at Sutera Harbour Resort, Sabah on 7th June 05. I love my actual day photos so much and I hope that I can scrap a whole book by next year and do a Shutterfly album.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Connaught Pasar Malam

It use to be (corrected by my hubby request : Still is our favorite dating routine) me and Gerald's favourite dating routine (even after married, though lessen coz we moved so far), but since now he's so far away, I rarely go to the Connaught Pasar Malam. Since tonight's weather is great for walking (actually my target is to get the fruits) and Gerald is not around, I ended up I dragging my mum along.

My first stop is actually to get the 'Smelly Taufu' but no luck today coz it's not in business. So, I went on to get my fruits , which is located at the head of 2nd part of the road. Though it's just 8pm, it's already pack with people (which is natural coz this is the longest pasar malam in Cheras & also housing variety of goods - trendy clothing & shoes, accessories, dvds, vcds, cds and as for food, you can find the best rojak in town, cakes & pastries, fresh fruits, fried chicken, pandan apam cake, shark fin soup & asam laksa, just to name a few *wink* ).

Phew..... after wading trough seas of people, I smelled something nice ... hence, I follow the smell & I found this:

He he... it's fried cempedak, and I bought RM 5 for 10 pcs (should have eaten some while walking the pasar malam coz it's a bit soggy when I reached home).

Ok, a bit detour from my original plan, and with 1 bag of food in hand, I continue to wad tru the traffic and I found a stall selling dvds and I'm in luck coz they have Criminal Minds, can't resist it and I parted with my money to get that set at a bargain price *wink*. Ok, enough of detour, must concentrate now to get my fruits which is not far already. Once I reached there, wah ... it's like a heaven to me (used to be heaven to my Dear Dear *giggle* but since he is not here & I crave for fruits, I have to get it myself) and here's what I got from the fruit stall :

16 plums for just RM 10. That is so cheap ..... and the below crystal pears are 10 for RM 10. Whoa, can't resist it, so, I grab and paid for the fruits.

Ok, done for the fruits & suddenly I saw a stall selling kuih & I bought the blue rice with kaya & some sponge cake for tomolo's breakfast (another unplanned buying *LOL*). Now, the last stuff to buy is the fried chicken for my brother. Suppose to just buy 1 chicken wing & 1 drumstick, I ended up buying 4 chicken wing, 2 drum stick & 2 'kai 2 dou' (part above the thigh).

Last but not least, I managed to grab a water bottle (those that can withstand heat) before I cabut from the pasar malam. Not bad for an hour pasar malam trip with my mum and I spent RM 50 or more ..... later only go count money *LOL*

Note : For my Dear Dear to look & think of it *LOL*

Monday, August 06, 2007

A scrapping weekend

Long gone are the weekends whereby I will go out to shopping mall with hubby or friends and here comes a new hobby that I embraces with love. A hobby that doesn't requre spending money and yet very satisfying and rewarding. My new hobby, introduced by my school friend, Jazzmint ( I know her by other name then :p ) is the all new digital scrapbooking. Well, I must say, it's one way for me to kill time and challenge myself with some nice layout.

All I need is a pc that is installed with Photoshop or any photo editing softwares and internet, of course *wink* to download my freebies. Since I am already addicted with pretty illustration such as Stila's graphic (their brochure is full of pretty graphic generated girls), and has laid my hand in doing some for my wedding album (too kiam siap to pay additional money for wedding photos I dun really like, I decided to do my own design and include to the wedding album to add a touch of personality), scrapping is not hard to grasp (coz I always got a graphic designer bro to bug *LOL*).

So, last weekend I did 5 scraps & out of that 5, 3 were of my wedding snapshot. If I can manage to scrap 20 or more, I can compile it for Shutterfly. I can't get enuf of my oh so pretty wedding photos *ke ke ke ke* coz I really look so pretty in my wedding gown (come on, every bride is the most beautiful girl , u know). The best part of scrapping is, you can do what ever you like with the photos you have in hand. Can turn a not so interesting picture into an art *giggle*.

Here's 1 of the scrap I did on Sunday morning (woke up late & wrong side of the bed, so didnt go church, hence this scrap was born that morning). I love this photo alot ;) and with digital scrapbooking, I enhance it more with pretty papers & meanigful words.

Click here for credit

So, for people who are interested in trying their hand on digital scrapping, you can visit some of the site at the side bar. These are the site that I frequent most for some freebies and inspiration. You also would want to go to Jazzmint's blog for some photoshop & scrapping guide that she blog not so long ago and also all her lovely scraps.

Warning : You might get addicted and glued to the pc and developed upper shoulder ache or tingling sensation on your hand *LOL*

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hungary Qualifying

This is the latest news from F1 for yesterday qualifying. I gave up hope but then Gerald buzz me awhile ago if I have read the latest F1 news. Whoa what's so good in the news that I need to feed my eye on... hence, I went to the official site and although Ferrari doesn't get pole position yesterday (Massa's car having problem and Kimi's is just at 4th place), this is indeed a good news to the Ferrari fan (esp me coz I don't fancy Alonso so much, he's too cocky previously).

Alonso has been demoted (yes, you read correctly *smirk*) by the steward to 6th place coz he's found guilty in impeded Hamilton during qualifying. Dunno if it McLaren gave instruction for Alonso to say in the pit longer (which the steward dun buy the excuse) or he did it on purpose (who want to loose to a rookie, rite?), McLaren will not be eligible for constructor point (they are appealing now).

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mini Holiday to Genting : Part 1

Backdated post

Although it's a mini trip (2D1N) but there's alot of things to write, so I separate to 3 parts.

Last week today I went up to Genting with my 2 cousin sis, Yue Wan & Lee Ying. It was not as planned but all wells, ends wells. We started with the plan of taking the KTM to KL Sentral to board the Genting Bus at 9am. Not knowing that there're a lot of people with the same plan in mind, the earliest bus available is 1pm, yet we buy the tickets & head to Mc Donald for breakfast.

In my mind (since 1 week ago), I don't understand why we need to take bus coz I can drive up to Genting (not with my old Wira though) so, I voiced out my mind. After a long discussion (more to laugh), Lee Ying volunteer her Kenari for me to drive up. Ok now, we got 3 bus fare to sell, hence we go look for our victim (manage to sold 2 off only, still rugi). So, I called my lil bro to fetch me at Bdr tasik Selatan and head back to get the car. By then it is already 12.30pm. But I am proud to annouce that it took only 1 hour for us to reach Genting (with a Kenari, mind you :p ) plus all the giggles of the stupid plan *LOL* that we get to tell people.

The 1st thing to do is check into the hotel and head off to satisfy our hungry stomachs *LOL* and plan to get a surprise cake for my cousin Yue Wan (it's her b'day & her hubby's treat for the trip plus Hacken Lee concert). Here's what we got for her, a Baskin Robin ice cream cake (my 1st ice cream cake *yummy*) and she love it ...... That's my 1st part of Genting (^-^)

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Bit and pieces of my family

Since the beginning of my blog, I only dedicate it to my darling hubby or things happening around me. I never realise anything missing until a few weeks ago, while I was cleaning up my C drive, I found the below photo, taken just days before my wedding in KL (thanks to the convenience of digital camera, I never really develops any of the photos I've taken). It was taken during a family trip with my in-laws visit to KL for our wedding ceremony.

I love the photo a lot coz we seldom got the chance of taking a family shot (this also not complete coz my other brother , Wen Jye was not in the picture) and more over, my lil bro (Wen Wai) hate to be in the photo as well (hence the cool look *LOL*) which is totally opposite of me ( I want to be in every photo possible, which is hard coz now I am the photographer :( )

Click here for credits

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

My 1st Blog Award

Wooo hooo.... I got an award from my best pal Woan Jiun on Monday and was over joy at that moment ( I saw this award in alot of cool blogs & really wish I can have 1 too). I can't believe she gave me this coz I pour out my love to my hubby here *wink* (no other way coz he's thousands miles away) & my 'not so pro' scrap (it's decent enuf for presentation according to my standard :p ) while other people jot down the happy moments of their darling children.

I must say that it's not easy to start a blog and keep up to my ever busy working life while balancing long distance love with my Dear Dear in Doha & keeping in touch with my circle of friends . I must say that I am quite proud of myself coz I always think of ways to keep our love alive *perasan*. Ok, enuf of bragging now.

I must pass this award to :

  • Jazzmint coz she really rocks. She is the motivator for me & WJ to start blogging & scrapping & she is so super in juggling work, children & friends all together and still got time to scrap & blog.
  • Karen Yiau coz she just gave birth not long ago to a darling princess & can blog about it at the 2nd day after delivery and also she can get lots of information to share with us.