Thursday, May 24, 2007

Diamonds 'R' 4ever, so does Friendship

Although we are in the same school but never in the same class, yet we met through Woan Jiun. I am greatful & very happy that GOD has bestowed me with so many good friends that can share my good & bad times, giving me support when I needed. I hope our friendship will be forever, just like diamonds.

I would like to introduce another great pal in my life, Kwai Fun a.k.a Jasmine / Jazzmint.

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jazzmint said...

wahh...that's a nice scrap of me and u, no wander u ask me for photo..but i only shared ur photos LOL...blur me.

it's really nice to meet u, should have met each other long time ago kekeke

Sean Carter said...

This is really cute. Nice to remember old friends and dedicate posts to them!!:)