Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Long Holiday

Well, it's been a long time I am missing from this blog. Been busy with nothing, just that I have no time to blog.
For the past few months, been to 2 friend's wedding dinner, 1 friend's gave birth and it came to my mind that time flies. Now is already November and 1 month to go and we will be going into year 2006, and more weddings to attend as all friends getting married soon. Not young any more.

Well, past week is a long holiday but I still need to work on Wed and Sat. What I did on Monday was bringing out Gerald's 2 nieces out to KLCC and also visit Bee Li at HUKM with Hong Eng & Fai Mei.

On Deepavali, can't remember what I did. Short term memory loss and maybe because nothing special to remember.

Wed: drove to work. For once, on a normal working day, no jam at all, thanks to people balik kampung. Ka ka ka ka..... Went back early at 4.30pm and stop by at U Parkson to get Breast Pump (Wah! It's not cheap man, to get those things, prices starts from 200++ to 300++). My quickest park, shop, go back, all this in less than 20 minutes. Then went to fetch my bro from his office and head to Bee Li's house to give her the pump.

On 1st Raya, went to 1U with SIL and her kids & Gerald. First time in a long time since we go out like this. Loiter in 1U till 4 something. Had a walk at the rainforest coz Annabelle & RAchel love the place so much. Instead of feeding the koi like the others, we were at the otehr end where there's no fish but fishlings. Only we knew about this. And we capture lots of happy moment in the man made river with our camera phone. (Must really save up and get another digital camera). Then, we went back, drop dead tired.

2nd Raya, supposed to hang out at home, watch VCD and cook but ended up Gerald went to Putrajaya with his friends as I was too bored to go out with the guys that day. Instead, me went to visit Bee Li and see her baby girl. Was there till 4.30pm, time flies while u r with friend. Her baby girl, Venice, slept tru the day till Mommy wake her up to bathe and milk. She's really a vy 'si man' baby coz she cry vy softly.... Then go back home and cook spaghetti for dinner.

Sat, ai, need to drag my feet to work and went back early also. Nothing much to do for me ;) Rest of the day, cook DVD....

Sun, went to curch since it is holy communion and went back to my parent's place to online and also cook DVD and feast coz my bro, Wen Jye's b'day.

All this while, was trying to catch people online to chat especially Jasmine and Sin Pei, but both of them not in.

Conclusion is, time flies while u enjoy it and especially with baby....Love them when it is not my responsibility. Dunno later when I really have, will I love or hate them..... A questions to ponder and to find out later in life.