Saturday, May 19, 2007

Birthday gifts

Working in BAT is definately a good choice. In BAT, the people work hard & play hard. Why I say that? This is because my team (EUS KL) have come out with this birthday bash that we celebrate every month on the day of the last person's birthday of the month.

This started in March with simple celebration in Chillz @ 8 (our company lifestyle center) with cakes, pizza & drinks.

Then, on Friday, the idea of giving a gift to each birthday babies of the month arrives to us. Since our team have more than 30 members, we thought of getting something around RM 50 per gift.

I am having some trouble on getting gift for the guys (girls, very easy lar). So, I need some suggestion on this area. So far, the suggestion is letter opener (they rarely wear ties).

Any ideas, anyone? I am going to grab the presents later today or Sunday.

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