Friday, May 11, 2007

Safety on rubber shoes for children

I've got this news through Jazzmint and it's really too shocking. Who will know that these little favorable shoes posses dangers to our beloved kids. The news was about children's toes being trapped in the lift while wearing these rubber clogs and the children ended up with serious injuries and there's 1 toddler lost her big toe due to this.

I think every parents should made known to this.

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cairo's mommy said...

yup, gave every parent the jeebies a while back in spore few months ago cos we werent sure how it happened, just heard dat the shoe was involved. not lift actually, elevator.

its cos the kid was standing way in on the tread. imagine the step as an L shape. now never let the kid get too near to the part the 2 perpendicular lines meet cos the steps flatten when it reaches the top n bcos its not 90 degrees but slanting slightly, it can "eat" the tip of the shoe when it flattens.

now most shopping centres has a photo showing that :p