Friday, November 30, 2007

Gearing up for Treasure Hunt

It's friday and after 1 whole week busy with work stuff, I'm finally gearing up myself for tomorrow's treasure hunt. One thing good in my co. is that we have this yearly hunt organised for the staff. We just need to pay some registration fee which is around RM200. It's really a good deal coz after you divide into 4 people, I just pay RM50. What I get back from there is a night stay at a hotel, enjoy myself and the chance to win the hunt - prizes....
This year, we are heading down south to Johore and it's a driversity hunt - a combination of diversity, driving and treasure hunt. But the worse part of this hunt is to wake up early in the morning ..... have to be at office by 6.30am and will flag off at 7.30am and it takes 9 hours to complete the hunt. What differ this year is that it's a combination of amazing race, fear factor and treasure hunt *Whoa!!!!*. I hope I won't pengsan by the end of the hunt.... and also not to get dark coz now I got 2 tone arm *sob sob* (thanks to my Langkawi team building and also Zone Meeting).
Ok... I shall cross my finger to win the hunt....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ariel is a big girl now

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Our little niece in Kota Kinabalu is a big girl now even though she is just 19 months. She can walk and talk and drink finish half cup of Yoyo Ice. Look how she enjoyed the drinks... Yummy.....

The above photos was captured on our 2nd day back in KK during our September trip. We had our usual Dim Sum breakfast at Foo Peng and then headed to Palm Square and Warisan Square to have some window shopping together (Big BIL family, 2nd BIL family and both of us).

Ariel enjoyed so much of the big empty place at the Palm Square coz she can walk around it. This is all trained by her mummy, Natalie who always make sure to bring her out during weekends (so that she won't scared of people, which is quite brilliant and then, next time, can go shopping together *he he he*).

Friday, November 23, 2007

Dreaming of Cupcakes

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I think I am addicted to cupcakes already. It has been in my mind since my first bite of it way back in August (my birthday cake). Then I ordered 1 box to take back to KK and another box for Gerald to bring back to Doha. My last order was back in Sept for my company Sept Birthday bash (yet to be posted). My fav is the belgian chocolate cupcakes.... Yum Yum...

But then again, I got addicted to it when Jazz show me this lovely cupcake photo in the internet and it really look so yummy. So, what I did to satisfy my hunger is to do a LO of it so that I can see it when I want *The lovely cupcakes above was by Cupcake Momma in SG*. And finally I got to taste her cupcake in Nov coz of Cairo's birthday * I wallop 4 regular cupcake, 4 mini cupcake *. If I don't mind to carry some small hand luggage, I would have tapau 1 box home from Cairo's party.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

KL Live & Loud Concert 07

I heard about this concert on MY FM and never knew it is such a big event until my colleague asked me if I am interested in going. Then only I go search about it and whoa.... it's a 10 consecutive days event and the ticket is so expensive!! But then, having a look at the performing artists, it's really great, especially the Chinesse All Star Concert this coming Sunday.

You get to see • Zhang Hui Mei (A-Mei) 张惠妹 • Michael Wong 光良 • Fish Leong 梁静茹 • Victor Wong 品冠 • Andrew Tan 陈势安 • Zhang Zhen Yue 张震岳 • Claire Kuo 郭静 • Vincy Chan 泳儿 • Kenny Kwan 关智斌 • Thor Luk •Jerry Ooi • Huang Qi Shan • Winson Voon.

And that got my little heart interested in going.... and then she told me the good news! It's free if I am interested to go. Sure I am.... who wouldn't, right? And I am interested in going to the Turn on the Pop Concert on 1/12/07 but I will be away for my company Treasure Hunt.

So, is there anyone else going to the KL Live & Loud Concert 07?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sayonara to iCute, Irashaimasu to HP

After saying bye bye to my Internet, now it's time to say bye bye to my iCute (my PC of 7 years). I am not sure what happened to it coz it was fine the last I used it. Only this Friday my bro complained to me and I went to check on it, and it's dead *sob sob* but then it's the chance of a lifetime to ask Gerald to sponsor for a new PC *evil grin*.
So, there I went with "Oh, PC ko liao, can't help it. If motherboard rosak, sure no hope (coz mine is P3 500, dinosaur era). I will go to Low Yat to search for a new PC tomorrow."
Hence, my Sat plan of scrapping turned to PC hunt. Got a few quotation but this HP really stands out coz almost the same price as the DIY, just a hundred bucks diff but then, I got Vista and warranty by HP. This is also because it is an old model, they just upgrade the parts and sell off. I dun mind as long as it is wat I wanted and we bought it yesterday and also upgrade the graphic card & RAM.
Here's what my new PC spec is like:
  • Centrino Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 250GB Hard disk
  • DVD RW lightscribe
  • DVD RW (additional)
  • Nvidia GEForce 8500 256 RAM (additional)

All the above is for RM 2002 and the most important part of this is, Gerald is sponsoring RM 500 while the rest will be share between me and Ah Wai (my lil bro). This PC should last for another 5-7 years.

Now all I need is my Internet connection to feel the difference of old and new pc.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


When it comes to watches, I am very choosy in getting the right one for myself. It must be reliable, trendy but evergreen and most importantly, stainless steel or genuine leather material. The later part is due to my skin sensitivity to metals, hence, no fashion watches for me, no matter how nice it looks. When come to reliablity, there're a few Watches making brand in the market and I am sure that you have heard of raymond weil watches, Rolex and Tag Heuer (my dream watch brand).

Friday, November 16, 2007

My very own Dim Sum Chef

It's Friday and it's weekend for Gerald. Let me help him to blog about his new found hobby here...
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Dim Sum making, my hubby's new found hobby in Doha. He was left with no entertainment (tv spoilt & internet connection is on & off - thanks to the Bandwidth Hoggers), so he found a way to entertain himself and killing time during his weekend by cooking. Cooking has always been in his blood but I never thought of him making dim sum from scratch *coz you can't get the skin there, so, he uses flour to make the skin*
Let me treat you guys to some homemade siew mai here :p

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Checking Account

Having a checking account for me is easy coz my last job is with HSBC, so, all I need to do is give them my details and just RM 10 to open my account with them. All this is done in the comfort of my office in Cyberjaya, very hassle free. And I really love the convenient of the all in 1 account that I have with them.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Going wireless

If you're living in a double story house and you're so into internet, you will definately opt for wireless router than the conventional router. Me and Gerald are looking forward to get one of this but then, I must get back my internet connection at home. It has been almost 3 months since I apply for the phone line and internet, yet, it is no where near my house. Hence, the few blogging post coz I am still without internet connection now *sob sob*

Christmas in Singapore

When comes the time for Christmas, I will enjoy the walk at Orchard Road. Why? This is because the street is deck with beautiful Christmas decorations. I must say, it is the only place in this part of the world that have the Christmasy feel. Hence, this year I am going down again for Christmas *fingers crossing coz Gerald feel it is too rush*.

Oh, not to forget that during this time, there're lots of sales going on. Sales on all the clothing brands, shoes, bags and not to forget diamonds, esp the
diamond rings. They will be on half price!!! So, for those people tat want to get wedded, it's a great time to hunt ;)

Friday, November 09, 2007


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Does your hubby sleep earlier than you? Mine does and sometimes it is not a good thing coz he will start his orchestra. He really snores very loud and with rhythm some more :S

The worse was during our latest KK trip in Sept 07 where he snores very loudly until I can't sleep. I kicked him, slapped him and even tried waking him up so that he can change position to ease the snoring but it won't help at all. In the end, he has to sleep on the floor or I have to sleep terbalik (reverse).

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

BBGS - Nisi Dominus Frusta

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It's been 12 years since I left my alma school, my beloved BBGS. It has been my other playground and can be consider 'family' beside my own home. Here's where I met all my close friends, friends that can be trusted with little gossips of my life and also to share the ups and downs of my life. Some even share the blogging community (^-^)

Sad to say, BBGS is no longer exist in the world, just in all BBGSians memory. The vast land of our beloved school has been changed to the posh Pavillion ... can't imagine that our school is so huge...

Anyway, I did this LO to just give a shout out to BBGS motto : Nisi Dominus Frustra when doing my DNTS way back in August.
The cupcake was special ordered from Happy Belly Bite just for a small reunion of BBGSians on 26th Aug 2007. Don't the uniform and the school badge look too good to be eaten!! If you want to know more of this gathering, hop over to Jazz's site to read about it.

Luxury Home

My favorite TV channel in Astro is the Discovery Travel & Living coz it always shows all my dream holiday destinations and also all the luxury homes in the world especially those by the beaches. Someday, I really wished I can own 1 of those houses or at least, let me stay for 1 year to enjoy the beautiful landscape and decoration of the house. Can you imagine yourself waking up from a soft huge bed, then walk into a beautiful spacious bathroom and then go down to the huge kitchen facing the pool to have breakfast..... *Day dreaming again*

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Langkawi Teambuilding Trip

I am back from my teambuilding in Langkawi and here's the updates of the wonderful and tiring trip. I really lack of sleep during this 4 days but managed to recover during the weekend. Here's what I did during the 4 days.

Day 1 : 28th Oct 07

We took the 11am flight to Langkawi and reached around 12.30pm (AA didn't delay, so, that's really good). Our first activity of course is to fill up our tummy, so, we head for the Orchid Ria Restaurant in Pantai Chenang. Food is good but we make a mistake on ordering the Tiger Prawn coz that is really expensive!!

After that, we went to the airport again to get the 2nd batch before we start our mini tour around the island. We only stop by 2 places and the rest is just looking tru the bus window :p.
Here's our first spot : Cable car ride at Oriental Village to Gunnung Mat Cinchang. The cable car ride is scary (drizzling & wind) but thanks to the group, I dun feel the fear of height during this trip. I totally enjoy the run to the Cable bridge (suspension bridge) and posing for special effect photo (being blown by the strong wind as shwon in the bottom photo).

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After that, we stop by Pantai Pasir Hitam (Black Sand Beach) but the beach is not as beautiful as during 2001 visit. It look a bit polluted and only my colleague dare to touch the balck sand while I snap photo for her and my other colleague captured this photo.

Day 2: 29th Oct 07

This is the day for serious stuff such as meeting, presentation and brain storming for the 2008 goal (it's a very long day as well, more tiring than physical activities). Though it is serious by day but during our lunch and dinner, it is another light & easy mood for everyone. Do you notice our nice baby blue t-shirts? It is custome made just for our team building *wink*

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Day 3 : 30th Oct 07
After a day of long meetings, today is a day for physical challenge coz we are having Andaman Sea Pirates Challenge. Sad to say that the weather is not on our side (we have to face the heavy rain and the rough sea in a small boat and also not able to capture the photos of the entire challenge).

We are divided into 2 group, Yellow and Blue and are given 4 task to complete while we did island hopping. It's quite fun (minus the rain) and I enjoy the ride and the sight seeing. I get to jump into the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden (a wise choice coz the water is very warm), fishing in the last island (I caught 2 fish) & lastly, soak in the sea water while waiting for the storm to go away so we can get back to land safe.

Here's the task that we need to do :
  1. Quiz challenge, Charade
  2. Hunt for 'Turtle Eggs' and Chicken Egg and cook the Egg in 15 mins.
  3. Find the fishing bait in the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden (Pulau Dayang Bunting)
  4. Fish as many fish as we can to win the challenge.

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After we set foot on land again, we had our lunch and some light games that brings the kids out of everyone of us. The games that we played came with interesting name such as Harry Potter Race and Mad Bull Race. In the end, we are very happy and even enjoyed a few games of beach volleyball before the BBQ Dinner.

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Last day : 31st Oct 07
We have to check out at 12pm and catch our flight back to KL at 2.15pm. So, I had a short morning to do what I want & I decided to go for a dip in the swimming pool with 2 other colleague before packing our stuff.