Sunday, May 06, 2007

Meeting Up

Sin Pei is back in KL for the weekend and it has been ages I have never meet up (ok lar, it's just since last christmas but it seems ages to me :p). So, I quickly booked her for the Saturday afternoon for lunch @ 1U. He he, some of u must be wondering why I always go there since I am living in Cheras area ... The reason is, Mid Valley hike up their parking fees to alot !

We had lunch at Delicious coz she & her sis ( Pei Sze) just want to have drinks & Chillis is too heavy for them. So, this is my 5th times there. I ordered a Duck Confit spaghetti this time while SP ordered a Chocolate Brownie (so sinful :p)

After some shopping in 1U, we head back to her house & chit chat till 9.30pm. Time really flies when one enjoyed themselves & it's already 22 years since we met during our school days.


cairo's mommy said...

u should send a copy of the scrap to sp since she looks good there :p

btw, is that where you guys left my bottle of nando sauce behind?

Cheryl Leong said...

Well, she can download it here :p just save it .... The Nandos session is much later, so, I think might have left it somewhere.

Alex Lee Sin Pei said...

ah..... my face is so super duper oily.... must charge royalty for using my ugly photo... if good photo, it's free coz good photo = good publicity. ;p

jazzmint said...

aiyo..i really miss the session :(..wuahh and it's delicious!!!