Friday, July 27, 2007

Unexpecting finale for Harry Potter

Yes, I've just finished the last page of the Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows (manage to savor it for 5 days) & it's far better than what I feared (since the story had become so dark after the Goblet of Fire) for the ending. While I read the last 2 chapter, the images are so intense in my mind that I can really see it just like the movie & I do hope that when the final part of the movie is here, it will do them justice.
Here's my thought on the finale for Harry Potter:
  • The ending couldn't be better but I still prefer less people died (those that I knew off).
  • Dumbledore really out-do his character & at one point, I really couldn't believe what he did was true (coz it's so unlike him) but in the end, it's well explained (nearly felt the tears weld up, yeah I am very sentimental)
  • Snape is really unbelievable for the truth only revealed in the last few pages ( I think no one would think that of him, myself included)

Well, that's what I can say without revealing the whole story & I am dying to discuss the story with someone (now only I understand why Beatrice is dying to discuss it). If you would like to share your thought on Harry Potter , do drop by a comment or 2 .....


cairo's mommy said...

now u know how i felt last sat night.... dying to talk about it but everyone reading chapter 12 only hahaha

on the whole, a good story and a decent ending. i hope she retires and don't try to do a spin-off on the teddy character cos then it'll be pathetic oredi :s

then again, if i have 500 million pound, i would be shaking my leg n not risk my "good name" oredi :p

Cheryl Leong said...

True true... now can sit back & earn money only, no need work. But I dunno why Hermione is with Ron, Harry with Ginny :p

Malaika's mummy said...

I didn't like Snape until the saw the last few chapters.

I wish not so many ppl died too.

I actually can't imagine Hermonione with Ron,doesn't seem to click.