Friday, July 20, 2007

PPP : My Daily Vegies

This is a sponsored post

How many people actually love to eat vegetables... I really wonder about this because I see a very good example in front of me everyday (my brother lar :P ) To persuade him to take 1 serving of daily vegetables will be like asking the cow to jump over the moon. We all know that vegetables is the main source of fibers , mutivitamines & mineral but do we eat the correct portion? I know for me & my hubby would be no problem because I love vegies especially salad (minus the mayo please, I only take vinegrate).

So, for those people that want to increase their health but find taking vege is a chore to them, why not try an alternative vegetable supplement that is organic and prepack for the busy people (or people on the go) and most important is, you can drinkit. Now, do I get your attention? Yes, you read me correctly, because I found out about
Drink My Daily Veggies on the internet, Ain't that brilliant? Beside using it as supplement, you can include it into your camping food as well (no more worries on spoilt vegies & save alot of space). Now, I really must go find out where to get it and give to my brother & Gerald (very hard to get fresh & cheap vegies in Doha).