Friday, July 20, 2007

Fun filled golf

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I've wanted to talked about the Chinese New Year trip for so long but dunno where to start coz there's too many happy moments to tell. So happen that digital freebies gave away this kit, I shall talk about the fun fair in Kota Kinabalu. My 'tai so' Sis in law had some coupons given by her boss, so we went for it, 1 whole family, all in the Invader 4 wheel drive. We thought it's going to be lots of food to buy but it's more like lots of games to play & to win prizes. Out of so many games, I didn't expect they came up with golf. So, happily my hubby went to try it out but their equipment is not up to standard. Anyway, it's just a game but in the real golf, you really need to get a nice set of
Golf Equipment. I know Gerald would love to get the Titleist set (vy expensive)

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gerald said...

titleist and callaway are one of the top brands in golf equipment. these are definately head-turnners at the driving range (where you practice hitting golf balls) and in golf courses. but it's not for everyone. it cost well over RM5000 to get 2/3 of the set. the drivers and putters comes seperately. even the golf bag is not included. i've yet to try them out, but i heard they are like clubs with traction control, ABS, LSDs and turbo charger... get the drift? i guess it's a set for the super rich. i don't mind getting a 2nd set in the near future.