Monday, July 09, 2007

CPR, First Aid & Real Human Skull

Today I touched a real human skull during my training provided by my company at Palace of the Golden Horses. After watching CSI, NCI & Bones, I would say that it's really cool to see one that close & touched it. Back to the CPR training, I must say, lucky I get to go because it opens up my eyes on the importance of it during emergency situation & I learned how to help choking people (yup, big, important stuff I got into my head today) & it's such a simple step that everyone should learned or shall I put it this way, it should be teached to every children in school. Well, for those who would love to know how, I will share with it after I completed my training tomorrow. Now, a little homework to do for tomorrow's lesson on first aid & also a test (arghhh, I dun like exams...)

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jazzmint said...'s really good u have such a chance.

and sorry just now i was dead tired, got sore throat again arghh..