Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Majestic Redwood Trees

What do you know about Redwood Trees?

Well, before today's preaching , I don't know what is redwood & how wonderful & mysterious these trees can be. After today's preaching by Rev Wan from California, I would like to share this little facts with you & hope it will bring some meaning to you as well.

The Redwood trees of California
The redwood trees can only be found in North Califronia and it can grow as tall as 350 ft and above and the trunk can be very huge and tough. Redwood can withstand fire & strong wind, hence, the lifespan of redwood can be up to 2000 years.

How does the redwood trees grow to be so majestic & strong? Well, it's still a mystery but some facts had pointed out to the unique root system & recovery features in the tree itself. First of all, to grow so tall & strong, the redwood have 2 root systems. The surface roots systems only going 4-6 feet deep but spreading way beyond the tree, 250 feet in width. These roots will search for the next nearest redwood and intertwine with each other, so, they can stand together & support each other when natural disaster strikes, such as strong winds. The 2nd root system will go deep into the soil in search of nutrients so that the trees can flourish and bear strong branch & leaves.

What we learned from Redwood trees:

1. We need to be together in order to be strong and withstand every trouble in our life. Hence, we need good networking in every aspect of life. With strong networking, we are able to win through every battle ;)

2. We need to have good & strong basic knowledge (food for the soul) in order to have a good, purpose driven life & to be able to bear good fruits (in Christianity point of view, evangelism). In our life, in order for us to climb the corporate ladder, we also need to have good knowledge hence, absorb & learn whenever we can.

I hope we can learn from the great & majestic Redwood tree & will be known to the people around us as majestic & great in the deeds we did in our daily life.

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