Monday, July 23, 2007

Transformer The Movie

Most of the people have watched it but I have not got the chance of getting my eye on this adrenalin packed movie until last Saturday (and that is me compromising the cinema, only I get to watch it earlier). I have tried in vain (3 weeks, can you believe it?) to booked the tickets online (no available seats) & ques up to buy the ticket in advance only to be disappointed in the end by no tickets available till .... So, I gave up hope and just wait ... until my brother bug me to watch at Leisure Mall.

So, I woke up on Saturday just in time to buy 2 tickets and sit in the not so comfortable chair (for me only coz I have weird posture) and empty stomach. I bought a large set popcorn with 2 drinks & a corn in cup for the movie but ended up not finishing the food. Why? That' because my eyes are glued on the screen from start till end. This is the only movie that give you full adrenalin on the start till the end of the movie.

It starts with Decepticon blasting at the USA military in Qatar dessert, (but it's not so real lar coz Gerald is in Qatar & where got so outdated for the people, they are richer ler) & later on, Autobots are so funny (coz they try to squeeze into the house trying to hide from Sam's parents *LOL*) but the ending is so 'kan cheong' whereby Optimus Prime fight with Megatron and also Starscream blasting the fighter jets & in the end, we see Starscream escaping (as usual)

Anyhow, I can't believe the character from one of my favourite childhood cartoon came alive in front of my eyes (who will foresee this in the 80s?). It's really great and I hope they will have sequel to it. I hope to see Optimus Prime in the new look as well but some Autobots got some face lift though & I wonder if they will show the dinosaur robots....

For those who would love to have a glimpse on the movie, click here.


cairo's mommy said...

overall good movie but too long n dunno why i puked throughout (into daddy's empty potato chip bag :p)

gerald said...

the bit about qatar desert is correct. there is a US military base here. if you go to and search for doha. southwest of doha there is an air base. you can see the runways and airplanes. qatar is the launching plateform from operation "desert storm" during the gulf war. the US forces are still around. they are so out in the desert that we almost never see them.