Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tag : SAHM or FTWM

Hmm, this is an interesting tag from Jazzmint to do & I do ponder for quite awhile to think what will I favor if I have kids (soon, very soon). Since I grew up with SAHM ( Stay at Home Mummy) environment, I know the good side of it but my hubby's mummy is a FTWM ( Full Time Working Mummy) and she raised all 4 of the kids into fine & successful persons. So, given a choice, what shall I choose?
I know that I would love to be SAHM but if my working environment is with my current company, I would choose FTWM. The reasons are almost identical to Jazzmint with a few twist as below:
  1. My hubby is quite money minded so, he would not have me spending his hard earn money on things that he find unnecessary. Hence, all my beauty products & clothings are of my own hard earn money.
  2. My current company practise freedom through responsibilities motto. Hence, I can have quite a relax time at office if I have completed all my task. If in need of working from home, I can log in to my office server & work like usual. That is also if your boss trust you to be working at home and not 'lepaking' at home or some where else.
  3. I believe that if I work, I will not be like those drama series of the 'wong min po' a.k.a yellow face women. I can't bear if I turned into one ugly housewife with nothing to do but just worry on just daily house-chores & cooking. I am not such person coz been too pampered from young till now ( I can't keep my house tidy now, not to think of when there's children around). So, if I work, I can keep up to the trend of the ever fascinating , high-tech world.

Well, the above situation can be changed to SAHM if I am rich whereby I can afford a maid. So, I will have some freedom so that I can join in some activities that will benefit myself & also the family.


  1. If you are given a choice, SAHM or FTWM? Give at least 3 reasons.
  2. Include your name in the thread below
  3. Tag 3 person


  1. Immomsdaughter prefers to be a SAHM
  2. Miche prefers to be a SAHM.
  3. Msau prefers to be a PTWM.
  4. Everydayhealy prefers to be a SAHM.
  5. Jazzmint prefers FTWM.
  6. Cheryl prefers to be a FTWM but will consider SAHM.

3 persons to tag:

  1. Just Cheryl - I know you will have ur own family in no time ;)
  2. Karen Yiau - hope you have time to do this tag
  3. Woan Jiun - i know Jazz tag u already but I got no one else to tag in my list :p

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karenyiau said...

No problem I can still do it b4 I pop. :) Btw, you have also been tagged, check out my blog. Hehe.