Friday, July 13, 2007

The secret of my diet

Alot of people don't believe that I was once very fat (63kg ++) few years back during mu uni life. Thanks to rich diet of fried calamari & malay food, I manage to put on 6 kgs in just 3 months, from size L to size XL. But I am proud to say that, the 'fat' chapter has been put away for good. How I did it? Well, first of all (like every other girl), I went on a diet but not those meal replacement diet. I took some pills for 2 months just to reduce my weight. After that, I just cut down on my food intake (vy small portion, but frequent meals) and that works for me. I am proud to say that my weight is between 51kg to 53kg for the last 5 years. For those who would like to try, maybe you can try ionamin to help you reduce your weight.