Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tag : I'm infected by Blogitivis

This is a long overdue tag from Jazzmint. Well, since it take such a long time for me to do it... I think I am not seriously infected but just at stage 1.

Here's what the virus has done to me:

  1. Scrapping - Yup, since I stumble upon digital scrapbooking, I can just sit here & scrap till my eyes too tired & my brain hit the artist block. I feel extremly satisfying when some one look at my beautiful scrap (especially my hubby)
  2. Personal post on daily life is a must for me or at least I tried to keep an update since my hubby is so far away. This also affect my darling hubby coz now he have to read my blog every other day when he's free.
  3. PPP - This I must thanks Jazz for introducing to me. With this, I can earn some side income for my spending. Infect I will stay up late to catch some PPP and this is incentive for me to chat with my hubby as well.
  4. Increase my circle of virtual friends.
  5. Chatting, talking, gossiping via email with mybst pal that blog coz we share the same topic now *LOL*

Hmm, I think that's all since I am only at stage 1.

Ok, now I have to pass the virus to 5 person but I can only think of 1 person that has not been infected yet.

Just Cheryl - you're being passed the blogitivis

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